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  1. Cannot understand why arguably the best left back in the league can’t get his game just so Murray can fit his boyfriend McKay into the team. Full team lacks any sort of spine, would happily see the back Thomson, McKay and Kerr, they bring absolutely f**k all to the team
  2. Today must of been one of the most difficult games to watch in ages, not one player (apart from Robert) that looked interested in getting anything from the game. Surprised at how much Fordyce struggled today aswell. Still not fully impressed with Connell either. There’s been a lot of dead wood signings this season that i feel this money could’ve gone elsewhere but maybe that’s why i sit on my arse n watch the games instead of being a manager. Next Saturday is a big game, both teams having roughly the same start to the season, can see us losing again tbf after today’s performance. I’m seeing a lot of Murray out posts which i’m still 50/50 on but say he leaves tonight, who would we even get in to replace him?
  3. Very happy with today’s 2nd half performance, just too bad the ref was a tadger. Was surprisingly impressed with McKay, i’m probably one of his biggest critics but thought he played well today. We still need to work on free kicks and corners because Kerrs set pieces were mince, but canny complain. #TeamTam[emoji815]️
  4. Honestly baffles me how Millar (in my opinion was our best player last season) doesn’t get a new contract but a diddy like McKay does? All he offers is his throw-ins and we’ve only scored once from it from what i remember. If Connell can take these throw-ins, McKay in reality doesn’t have a place on the park. Starting today with only 1 changed player from last seasons starting 11 is crazy aswell, can only assume Murray sees something in training that we don’t. Can only hope McKay and Thomson get dropped for next week and Sab and O’Reilly come in in their place. Was surprised at Sean today aswell, arguably the best CB in the league on his day seemed completely lost. Can only hope for wholesale changes on their performance next Saturday.
  5. Anyone here a part of Club 1924? I’ve been paying my membership fees for a couple of months but have never received any emails with the rewards, interviews etc. Don’t know if anyone else is having the same issue
  6. Away day to dumbarton is always one to look forward to! Swally on the train up, a 3-0 win for airdrie n a swally on the way home
  7. you’re then biggest pish talker in the full of this thread, you must not be watching the same games as anyone else hahaah
  8. What people need to remember is that our players are playing in league one for a reason. The people slating Nat obviously weren’t watching the same game, he changed the game when he came on, much superior player to McKay, hopefully he gets a another chance to prove himself in place of Paul.
  9. His long throws don’t even make it past the first man, just stop playing him and bring in Nat just to try it out it can’t be any worse
  10. Murray made an arse of the tactics today, he changed the formation just to fit ryan in, as much as i like him don’t mould the full team around one player. Please drop McKay for next game he’s worse than a man down, go back to the same team and formation when we were actually winning
  11. n did anyone see the dick on facebook saying that our season over cos lost to hearts hahaha, fud
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