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  1. Yeah a beginner, I’ve spoken to my mate and he’s giving me a shot of his old clubs in a couple of days as he thought it was mental.... as I only like the look of them, he’s of 3 and plays with blades but I’m getting normal irons and he also uses a sim driver so I’ll get a blast with that.
  2. Looking for a bit advice here folks, decided to take up golf this year.... played a handful of times in the past and I’m looking to kit myself out. Looked at Taylormade sims irons driver and woods with Taylormade putter coming in about £2400 or do I buy a package set for £600?? I don’t know how I go about testing clubs etc ( especially with this lockdown )
  3. Pastors and sausage rolls look exceptional
  4. It’s horrible but my wife loves the stuff. The crisps are unreal tho
  5. Mother in law sending over my favourite snacks from oz
  6. A lot of clubs are going to struggle to come back from this, losing kids from 15-18 at the best of times is high but I’d imagine trying to get them back after a long lay off could be testing. Hopefully we are all back to some form of football in August but I’m a bit like yourself I don’t see it happening this year.
  7. Well played!! As shite as rocky 5 is, the flashback to Mickys scene when he’s speaking to rocky is emotional
  8. A few years ago we were out as a family for dinner My sister was reading the menu then proceeded to ask me what I was ordering My response ‘i think I’m going to order the veal’ Her response ‘i don’t really like fish’ This is also the same girl who asked if dolphin friendly tuna was made up of dolphins [emoji15]
  9. Ghost Big Daddy Fruitville station Forrest Gump Patch Adams My Girl The Perfect Storm A Man on Fire
  10. Raise you rocky 3 when auld micky dies was bubbling
  11. We are doing up signs for all the guidelines set by our bowling club and benches are off limits so going with ya cannae park yir jeer here
  12. The spelling of the word jeer ( slang for arse ) how do you spell it?
  13. Love this film, one of my favourite Bruce Willis films. Good wee plot twist also
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