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  1. She’s absolutely gorgeous!!! We got enzo ( my boxer ) a K9 harness and it made no difference! He’s all pull from his chest, the wife can’t walk him because he is too excitable and wants to run..... would get one if they work!
  2. dogs are f[emoji190][emoji190]king awesome!!!
  3. Anyone got any good Mexican recipes for steak??
  4. The no rematch clause baffled me... or was he overly confident?? I would love to see Lopez v Tank but looking more likely to be Haney! Loma never looked comfortable when he was caught and especially to the body, out the first 6 I maybe gave Loma the 2 and a few pick Um rounds later on but 9,10,11 was all Loma he just couldn’t get started and that was down to Lopez being excellent! Yup that’s exactly who I compare to him and angel is a horrid wee person! Both fighters are likeable but as soon as they are with their dads they become complete arseholes but Americans buy into all that nonsense!
  5. I listened to a Hearn interview this morning about his disgust of the result! I love Lopez as a fighter but his dad is a fud!!!
  6. Well can’t argue with the result but 119-109 was outrageous... I fancied a Lopez win to be honest but it was a close fight in the end! Took Loma 7 rounds to get anything out the fight but credit to Lopez as he never let Loma get in range but I think he was concerned about the power Lopez carried! Would we be interested in Taylor v Lopez if Lopez moves up?
  7. Think East Lothian never even got to Open, there’s a load of older folk there so it makes perfect sense. Crazy times but I think it’s something we need to live with unfortunately
  8. I like it because it helps me understand what I’m trying to achieve rather than people just telling me... my issue for the last week was spin rate which was generated by my angle of attack, I was hitting down creating more side spin which creates a slice! I managed to get it down from 5000+ to 2000/2500 which has given me more distance, better flight and more distance. My instructor broke it down from 50 yards to full swing and he worked out I was far to steep into my down swing... my mates give me it tight about getting lessons but it’s really paying off!
  9. Had another trackman session today, focus was club path and attack angle. Was having a slight issue with hitting down on the driver but the lesson seemed to have laid off! Bloody love trackman ..... when I’m swinging well not so much when I’m toiling 🤣
  10. Played yesterday, 3 over front 9 back in 8 over total!!! Used the driver for the first time in a few weeks, changed my offset and loft which seemed to have worked. Playing again on Friday so hopefully driver holds up!
  11. Superb, to be honest I thought itv may have shown it but very disappointed sky / BT never picked this up!l!! Very intriguing fight, may have a wee punt on a Lopez stoppage!
  12. Loma v Lopez not to be shown in the uk?
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