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  1. Leafa

    What was the score
  2. Boxing Thread

    Yeah i get that argument i do but seeing them at the end or the fight is awful. These precautions ie gloves etc are put in to make it safe no???
  3. Boxing Thread

    The bare knuckle stuff is horrific. How this is ever sanctioned is beyond me.
  4. Your favourite ever player

    Ronaldinho.... for 3 years he was nothing short of spectacular. Zidane Henry Bergkamp R9 That would be my top 5 in any order! Torres in his prime was unbelievable.....
  5. Summer Transfer Window 19-20

    Pep away to Juventus???
  6. Leafa

    Thats them mate. Got mixed up lol
  7. Leafa

    Whats the Sunday team that have sandys players in it?
  8. Leafa

    Is it no just a sandys sunday team?
  9. Leafa

    You can't deny a few posters on here are totally dismissive and arrogant to anyone who isn't a sandys player or a salvy player...... even tho tranent finished above them? I stated that imo kiddo wasn't a great CB in a back 3 and Jules would play in that sandys team and some boy started a thread about it..... utter desperation!!! There is some bang average players in all top leafa sides, with better players in lower leagues but don't get recognised because they play in a lower league.
  10. Leafa

    Think have improved on what they already had Chris and toye will strengthen them at the back. Honey is a cracking player, played with him with at haddington and tranent along with Jerry but they wont be playing. I hope they do well as a local laddie and to dismiss them was sheer ignorance
  11. Leafa

    I've just had a look at the twitter page, toye and the lad Gordon. See honey Jordan mack are taking over along with jerry Draper. Toye and Chris will be good sigings and honey would stroll this level if he's playing as well as managing.... Jordan was pish [emoji23]
  12. Leafa

    Who have they signed?
  13. Game of Thrones

    As shite as the last season has been the ending for the characters and where the ended up was really fitting. I called brann ending up on the throne a few weeks back in a post. The way they've went about putting people into these positions was actually really clever just a bit of a poor ending.
  14. Leafa

    To be honest mate it says more about the players than the boy trying to sign them...... all they have to do is say no!!!!

    Poor wee chihuahua