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  1. I’m using cinema hd now bit buffers like mad need to find a better one
  2. Last pair I bought for my last season about 3 years ago cost £230 but were perfect. First ever pair was the original predators that I remember getting. The laddie has some bright coloured pish ... he’s a centre half which makes it worse !!!
  3. Anyone been to the basement bar in Edinburgh for food? Quite fancy it.
  4. Neither but very unlikely he will fight twice in 6 months. Never ducked anyone so hardly going to start now.
  5. I’m hearing he has to fight both within 6 months so vacating one is a dead cert, so undisputed isn’t going to happen anytime soon.
  6. Played billy mellors tonight again 9-8 lost a 6 last end [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] cheers for the game lol
  7. Be very hard to get consistent with so many different sets, especially indoor l. Must just be naturally gifted lol. What’s the s on the old grooves??? Are they tighter?? I’m going for a tiger 2 for outdoor as I play lead but keep to a tiger indoor. You playing!? I thought they all had to be a minimum and maximum? I know Falkirk has two sets of re spots but that’s for Scottish events I believe
  8. He will be ordered to fight pulev
  9. Haha well tell him to change them as they are horrid [emoji23][emoji23] he struggled early doors but came onto a very very good game, he was their standout imo. No we’ve still got 2 games left 1 against the co-op ( Tranent store ) full of international players and Tranent , that’s like John McCRorie, Dee Hogan etc so hard games lol. Agh I see l, we run different with 3 up 3 down but my team is being changed about a bit as I’ve told a couple of the youths I’d have them in my rink so entering another team
  10. I don’t honestly think we’ll see Wilder v Fury 2. AJ v Pulev is a sure thing but if the top 3 don’t fight there’s not much left for any of them, in terms of massive fights! Need to see how Usyk does against a top 10 before he jumps in with the big boys.... hoping he’s a threat.
  11. Yeah they decisions he got in the Olympics were questionable but how many fighters have been given the benefit of the doubt because of being the home fighter??? Hundreds!!!! AJs footwork last night was a exceptional, spinning off to the sides and not going back in straight lines, quite clearly you’re a Fury fan!!! 2 performances Fury has been brilliant, rest piss poor..... I’ll also throw in Chisora too actually so 3 at best.
  12. I 100% agree with you, his boxing and ring craft was excellent and it was something that people said he couldn’t do, it was a mature performance from AJ, you don’t win an Olympic gold with zero boxing ability and he has been more concerned about the physical aspect which had made him lose a bit boxing. You look at his fights against shorter fighters, he has always struggled and last night should have gave him so much more experience. I just don’t get how people can praise fury for wins in a similar fashion then slate AJ, same with the people who said Ruiz was a far superior boxer and now he’s all of a sudden shite.
  13. No way Fury has the power to concern AJ, I do think wilder beats AJ because like you say he’ll land and AJ beats Fury. Fights won’t happen anyway
  14. Ruiz is far far better than the 2 lumps in Fury’s last 2 fights. AJ is boring now because he actually used boxing ability to win a fight.... the hypocrisy from people is unbelievable. Credit where credit is due, he was great tonight.
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