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  1. The Syrian Draft Constitution Thread

    Geneva Talks On Syria Ended With No Surprise http://syrianconstitution.com/2017/04/03/geneva-talks-on-syria-ended-with-no-surprise/#more-1654
  2. General Politics Thread

    Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson discussed Monday the conflict in Syria, and other regional issues. http://syrianconstitution.com/2017/03/28/qatari-us-top-diplomats-discuss-syria/#more-1543
  3. Westminster stabbing/shooting

    Syrian opposition member said that intra-Syrian negotiations on Friday in Geneva are likely to start with discussions of governance and anti-terrorism issues, followed by the constitution and elections. http://syrianconstitution.com/2017/03/24/geneva-talks-on-syria-likely-to-start-with-governance-anti-terror-issues/#more-1471
  4. The Syrian Draft Constitution Thread

    http://astanatimes.com/2017/03/astana-process-guarantor-states-reaffirm-commitment-to-strengthening-syrian-ceasefire/ Is it possible to establish the Constitutional Commission in the framework of the Geneva?
  5. The Syrian Draft Constitution Thread

    Unfortunately yes..but i think it will be a real success in Syrian peace talks in Astana. The rebels indicated they wanted the talks to focus on releasing of prisoners, but I believe the Government wants to unite all Syrians to fight against Daesh terrorists. And it's important to be noted the draft new Syrian Constitution could do that, because includes necessary elements for the citizens' association.
  6. The Syrian Draft Constitution Thread

    Agree with you Syrian draft constitution just an invitation for a conversation between opposition, so-called moderate opposition, kurds, Assad. This draft constitution is not a Russian or Turkish or Iranian blueprint for Syria's future and these countries did not intend in that way. To my mind this draft Syrian Constitution was designed to prevent ethnic conflicts within a multi-national state by offering national minorities constitutionally guaranteed rights.
  7. The Syrian Draft Constitution Thread

    Of course, they know it. This is rather a complex situation with different stakeholders having different agenda in Syria. Saudi Arabia is widely supported by the US financially and militarily. They have supported ISIS in fight against Assad in Syria and so did Turkey although they shift the blame on Kurd's intrusion into Turkey. Russians and Iranians are fighting the rebels and militias supported by Sunni Saudi Arabia to protect President Assad. These policies are multi dimensional and need to be looked at objectives. Bottom line a stable Syria with a proper constitution serves nothing for these stakeholders. You could argue that at least Russians, Iranians and Turks are clearer in their objectives evident in their meetings in Kazakhstan....It's regrettable but it seems the West mainly US arming the ISIS and Russians protecting Assad is only gonna create chaos and mayhem and prolong the war.
  8. The Syrian Draft Constitution Thread

    Do you think direct talks between Damascus and the Syrian opposition are possible? To my mind the international Astana meeting on Syria with representatives of Iran, Turkey, Russia, as well as of the UN, the US, Jordan will help to solve some political aspects of the Syrian conflict and will let Syrian people to reach consensus about the contents of the new Constitution.
  9. The Syrian Draft Constitution Thread

    Nobody takes Daesh into account since IT IS NOT AN OPPOSITION SIDE which is also endorsed by the West. Reconciliation talks in this case may come along with operations against terrorists.
  10. The Syrian Draft Constitution Thread

    Assad and Putin are able to write text of new constitution. I don't think opposition, kurds and other sides will agree with it. Only Syrian people are able to decide what Constitution they want and they will vote for it in a referendum.
  11. The Syrian Draft Constitution Thread

    It seems to me we have to discuss such a problem, cause it's very interesting and may help those in Syria and around to solve the conflict!
  12. Since the peace talks in Astana ended, meaningful progress has been made towards the settlement of the Syrian crisis. The guarantor countries managed to do impossible – to make Syrian government and the armed opposition sit down at one table to discuss the current situation in the country. http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-syrian-draft-constitution-is-only-aimed-at-improving-the-situation-in-syria/5573860 Do you think the new Constitution is necessary for syrian citizens?