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  1. This. The Irish and Welsh teams give the opportunity for a wee jolly away, which is fine by me.
  2. Any team in the Championship not beating a highland league side within 90 minutes in nothing but embarrassing.
  3. Lisa a well deserved winner. Glad Danny didn’t win. I didn’t take to him at all throughout the series.
  4. Certainly didn’t think it would be a Dundee fan who would be the first to bring up the 2009/10 season.
  5. Train strikes for the weekend have been cancelled so will be heading down to this now. God bless the Queen.
  6. England doing the Queen proud here.
  7. Thank f**k this won’t be getting cancelled and ruining my Sunday evening plans.
  8. This won’t be the last time rangers fans watch something getting fucked tonight.
  9. Thank god the sweet nectar that is the Gazprom is back.
  10. Did he not hand it to his daughter in the first episode as well? When he was telling her the story that needs to be passed down to every new heir to the throne I think it was.
  11. Hilarious that they have included that first half penalty “claim” in the highlights.
  12. Aye, there were no complaints from anybody so was sure it was the right decision.
  13. Couldn’t really tell if it was a pen from the camera angle but what a stupid place to slide in on an attacker. Great pen and somehow we are winning.
  14. Rested I’d say. I think the teams in Europe are playing twice a week from now until the World Cup so we will see a lot of that.
  15. Thanks! Will definitely be planning on going to Disney. Would like to do Universal as well but that might be a bit expensive. Going out with my mum and dad so they will be sorting out all the flights. We will be staying in between Disney and International Drive. Won’t be looking to be going to any fancy places to eat. Just to kid friendly places that hopefully serve something half decent. Will go out for breakfast a couple of times but I imagine we will mostly do that in the hotel. Will be eating out for lunch and dinner most nights I’d say. Hopefully me and the mrs will get a night out without the kids but f**k knows if there are any decent places to go for drinks etc.
  16. Have John and Gregg never heard of a Macaroni Pie!?
  17. That will have been true as he told me during COVID when he was working in the club shop that his wife was still staying down the road.
  18. Looks like I might be going to Orlando for 2/3 weeks in a couple of years. Not been since I was a teenager and will be taking the then 9 and 3 year old Bairns with us. Whats the best way to go about getting park tickets etc and how much spending money would be a good amount? Presuming you’d be eating out for most of the meals?
  19. https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/news/inverness-caledonian-thistle-concert-company-in-jeopardy-aft-285872/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook The good news keeps on coming… What a shambles.
  20. Penalty was given for handball and I thought it was the correct decision. His arm was up by his head and it has hit his arm. It was completely unintentional but the way the rules are these days it was the correct decision. We we’re absolutely dreadful and while I don’t think either team would have complained about it being a draw we can’t have any complaints about losing that. I’m struggling to think of a clear chance we had. A couple of half chances from Samuels and Boyd but that’s about it.
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