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  1. I wouldn’t go that far. They were decent but we put in some horrific performances against them, especially at home.
  2. That does seem a bit of an extreme way to protest against losing *checks notes* 3 league games in a row.
  3. I am getting pretty buzzing for Finals Day on Saturday. Forecast is looking dry so hopefully stays that way. This will be the first time I’ve ever actually gone to watch a game. Hopefully will manage to get some tickets for one of the tests next summer, when they are available.
  4. I am pretty gutted I am not able to make this. Watching a “mass walkout” and hopefully picking up an easy 3 points sound like a right good laugh.
  5. Probably for the best. It seems you don’t need another player to moan about!
  6. Yeap, I’ve desperately tried to think of reasons why we shouldn’t be confident but I don’t think there is any.
  7. Easy away win etc etc. I would be pretty disappointed if we don’t win this considering the job Peter Grant has managed to do. We were great in the second half on Saturday so hopefully that can carry on next weekend. Dunfermline 0 ICT 8.
  8. You say this… I know we have changed manager as well in the summer but Grant had us sussed last year. We didn’t beat Alloa last season. 1 defeat and 2 draws I think it was. We are flying just now though and after today’s second half performance I would be very disappointed if we don’t get all 3 points. I didn’t think I would be saying that at the start of the season that’s for sure!
  9. I just don’t see how Grant will be sacked after 4 games. I’m not saying all the fans are wrong, normally they are always bang on when it comes to this sort of stuff, but I don’t think the board will do anything until the end of the first quarter at the earliest. No matter how badly it’s going.
  10. I’m not normally that bothered about our highlights being released but I am really looking forward to seeing that strike from Doran again.
  11. Wait… so you’re saying I shouldn’t already have the champagne on ice?
  12. We were awful in that first half and Partick did look decent going forward. Their goal was such a weird one as it seemed to go in near the middle of the goal but Ridgers was nowhere near it. Not got a clue how Graham missed that chance, great save from Ridgers but the striker should never be missing that. If that goes in I think it is game over. Fair play to Billy Dodds, whatever he said at half time it clearly worked. Thought we were brilliant in the second half. That Broadfoot goal was ridiculous. It seemed that the crowd was more laughing than celebrating. An absolute howler from the Partick keeper let Sutherland in for an easy finish to take the lead and the third was a belter from Doran, fantastic strike and we were comfortable for the rest of the game. Another well deserved win. That partick number 7, Tiffoney looks like a decent player and he gave Carson all sorts of bother, especially in the first half plus on a few occasions in the second, but he doesn’t half fall to the ground easily. Three or four times in the second half he was on the ground looking for fouls where he was barely even touched. Brian Graham got away with an elbow into Carsons face just before he was brought off too.
  13. I’d say he plays a very pragmatic style of football. We have played some lovely one touch passing moves keeping the ball on the ground but we will also go more direct needed. We’ve got a good mix of “technical” footballers and Duku and Sutherland can both do well in the air. I wasn’t at the Killie game but we apparently did a bit of a job on Burke by putting some tough challenges in. Which I am all for. My main worry coming into the season was how we would be defensively and so far we haven’t conceded a goal, in the league, so as far as I’m concerned I’m happy with the way he plays. ETA - other people might think differently to me but as long as we continue winning games I don’t really care how it is done.
  14. The explanation that he was given the biggest ever budget in the clubs history spunked it all on complete dross and then went moaning that the board wouldn’t give him more money? No idea what you are talking about with the “Inverness way” stuff? His football in the season we finished 7th was awful and to go along with all his moaning and wasting a lot of money it was time for him to go. I don’t think you will find any Caley fan who isn’t grateful for what he did in the season we won the cup and came third but every Caley fan will quite rightly confirm that he had to go when he did. The fact we made an utter disaster of an appointment to replace him doesn’t mean it was a bad decision for him to leave.
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