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  1. Championship Sunday

    Where is this available to watch?
  2. The Highland Derby

    Rinse and repeat of the last game in Dingwall. Might as well not bother
  3. Inverness v East Kilbride

    Can’t argue with that. Can’t believe the difference in Austin. Was scoring for fun at the back end of last season. Thought he’d be a big player for us but he has been rotten
  4. Inverness v East Kilbride

    Normally I’d agree but no point going for it playing against Part Tome jobbers when we have proper challenges coming up in the league.
  5. The Grand Tour

    I enjoyed it but I was a bit disappointed with the main feature. Could well just be me but it felt like they didn’t really do much with it. Around half the program for a couple of drag races and a sound test. Also really annoyed me that they were making out how they could drive how they like on “public open roads” when you could clearly see the road blocks/cars blocking the junctions, mainly in the clarkson/may drag races
  6. Robertson must GO!

    Can’t wait for about 10 years time when someone seriously suggests getting Foran back in.
  7. ICTFC 18/19

    Not just aiming this at you but the hype that surrounds MacKay is ridiculous. He had a great couple of sub appearances at the end of last season but in reality he isn’t very good. He may well become a good/very good player for us but he is not ready to play just now. His control is poor, far too lightweight and his finishing seems average as well. Needs a loan away to Elgin or somewhere to toughen him up.
  8. ICTFC 18/19

    If we do pretty much the opposite of what Caley Shaun says every time. That’s the way forward. Will be champions by April.....
  9. Robertson must GO!

    Our previous chairman had no idea how to run a football club. During our fantastic spell of finishing 3rd winning the cup etc, he signed up a lot of our players on massive 3 year deals with no clauses in them. Even some of the new players had some stupid contracts, Jake Mulraney. He then, rightly sacked John Hughes, which wouldn’t have been cheap and then dishes out a 4 year deal to Foran to be our manager when around the club, apparently, he was probably the last man who should have got it. As it turns out he was utterly useless and we end up getting relegated with a lot of our key players on £2k plus a week with no relegation clauses in them. We still haven’t been able to get rid, see Owain fon Williams. This has left us with barely a pot to piss in. Graham Rae has come in as chairman with a total shitfest to try and sort out. I don’t think it is perilous and we can salvage it so he is being sensible but our fans need to realise that our budget is and will be for the foreseeable future one that will see us kicking about mid table in the Championship and maybe to odd play off place where we might get lucky (we won’t)
  10. Inverness v Queens

    I was in the section behind the away fans and thought it might have crossed the line but it was impossible to call from our side due to the keeper and two others being in the way. Linesman has a good view and as you say no great appeals from the players. Though a that would fit with the theme that nobody gives a f**k in our team. Also fair play to the QotS fans. Great turnout considering the time of year and distance to travel.
  11. Inverness vs Ayr

    The issue with 3-5-2 is playing Brad McKay when all he is good for is a trip to the glue factory. Rooney is also still suspended as far as I’m aware.
  12. ICTFC 18/19

    Can guarantee I will be in the minority with this but I would have him back. The pace he has will frighten defences which can help to create space in between the opposition defence and midfield. He also may have improved while at hearts though I do accept how frustratingly wasteful/lazy in his first spell
  13. ICTFC 18/19

    I haven’t read CTO at all but it also seems to me that they don’t realise how little money the majority of our players are on. OFW excluded of course and Doran I imagine but nobody will be calling to get rid of him. Even if you could get rid of them willy nilly there is no chance you are getting a better standard of player in to replace them
  14. Highland Derby

    They weren’t singing about 10 in a row at all? Well not in the stadium at least. There was a lot of very cringeworthy behaviour, from both set of fans, in the Mallard when the Old Firm was on though so maybe it happened there.