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  1. Yeap. Straight to extra time and penalties if needed. I don’t really know much about St Mirren these days as I haven’t seen them play but I’m surprised about how worried the fans on here seem to be. We’ve been on a great run of results but I can’t think of a game in those where I think we have played really well, I include the County game in that as they were just awful. McCann seems to have got everybody doing there jobs properly, which is great, and we have not been bad by any means but we just seem to be grinding out results and I think St Mirren will just be a step too far in quality compared to us. Apart from getting the prize money from the next round and the TV money, I presume all 4 games would be shown live, I’m really not arsed about the result. Trying to get into the playoffs has to be the main aim for us and adding extra games is something we could really do without. The thought of potentially getting to a quarter/semi/final and not being able to go also really kills any buzz I’d normally get for the cup.
  2. Yeah, I wasn’t being serious. I don’t expect people to pick him as he isn’t even close to being our best player. Storey is also utter dog meat. I like Keatings and hope he does well for Raith but he really flattered to deceive. He’s hardly been involved since the PCA was announced and he hasn’t been missed at all. Carson, Allardice and Welsh, when fit, are our best players. MacKay has been brilliant recently and I really hope that continues but before McCann was involved he was another who just wasn’t great.
  3. Do we keep him at right back, where he has been excellent recently, or start to try get him back into midfield, where he was also very good for us last year.
  4. He was brilliant that night. Absolutely ran the show. Didn’t think there was too much between the teams over both games in that cup tie but he was just far too good. Dundee do worry me as they have a group of players that should be well equipped for a great go at promotion but they have a total shambles of a manager which means gives me hope.
  5. Take him. Unfortunately, injuries have pretty much finished him and he really doesn’t contribute much anymore. Maybe if he was able to play every week for 6 months or so that would change but I can’t see that happening. It’s a shame as he would have been excellent at this level.
  6. I’m not sure if they would still be typing messages into it if they hadn’t had a response in nearly 18 months. Though, to answer you’re question, I don’t think we have seen anybody receive messages from it since.
  7. This is probably our biggest game in the run-in. We’ve one 6 in a row but I’m not sure I can say we have actually played that well in them, I didn’t watch our games against Raith or Buckie so I could be wrong in those ones. We seem to be doing just enough to get the win which is fine by me. If we can win this one then we have two home games left, which I’d fancy our chances in, and one away to Hearts where they will hopefully have nothing to play for. Morton and Queens were my biggest worries before this week and our finishing was great last night and we had a terrific 20 minute spell in the first half where Allan ran the show. He will be massive for us for the rest of the season, obviously, and if he can stay fit I fancy our chances against anyone.
  8. We have a dishwasher and the mrs still leaves her empty dishes on the worktop instead of putting them in, which is arguably even worse.
  9. Well, the mrs is one of those weirdos who has it well done so I aim for medium on my one. Depending on the thickness of the steak though, I’d imagine another 2-3 minutes on each side, maybe less, would do the job. I flip it over every minute too. Edit - oh and no butter burning. I make a bit of garlic butter which is excellent.
  10. No idea if what I do is right but I have it on a high heat for about 30 seconds to a minute on each side and then turn it down to medium heat. I’d then add the butter once the pan has cooled down a bit.
  11. Is he going to the Aunts because you need someone to watch him? If he was going round just because she was off but now wants to play with his pals then that’s absolutely fine IMO and they really shouldn’t be getting annoyed at that.
  12. But it don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk.
  13. They’ve really taken the hump since the perfectly called decision from the ref then.
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