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  1. Clearly fake. There aren’t 20 months in a year.
  2. Is furlough not based on the average earnings over the last 3 months? If so the pay cut would affect it at all.
  3. Can we get this thread back on topic and start discussing Girls Aloud again?
  4. I did but some angry woman spoiled it for me.
  5. My bad. I hadn’t read through the replies before posting.
  6. It does sound like a pane in the arse.
  7. At least he will see the police coming.
  8. What is it you do? If you don’t mind putting it out on a public forum.
  9. When they say “facilities” I presume they mean Mexico.
  10. MLS has been suspended so you must have been watching a repeat from last weekends game.
  11. As soon as UEFA postpone the Euros everything will be suspended for a month I reckon.
  12. Rab is going to bring the corona virus back to Scotland and cause a severe outbreak isn’t he? If he actually goes the games that is.
  13. Absolutely. I’m sure another argument that could be made that since the home team for the second leg topped the group they should get the advantage of extra time without away goals but I don’t think it’d agree with that. Not that any of this matters in respect to this game.
  14. I do agree somewhat. It could also be argued the home teams get an extra half hour to score in front of their own fans which would be an advantage so it balances out?
  15. They still count. Liverpool are out as it stands.
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