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  1. The one place I didn’t look. Thanks. I can’t imagine they will be close to selling out so hopefully they will be available.
  2. Does anybody know if you can pay at the gate for the Scotland game on Sunday?
  3. Still trying to figure out if there was actually a run there. Lees took an age to get going.
  4. And now lees has been run out. 109/3 They will need a massive partnership between Root and Bairstow now to have a chance.
  5. Pope gone after 3 balls for a duck. India right at it just now.
  6. He will do just as much shagging though, the dreamboat that he is.
  7. I liked Oakley when he was here last but he was nothing more than decent. He might work well with McKay though. Not one to get overly excited about but not totally against it either.
  8. Stokes is an absolute idiot. Fantastic catch but he is taking this aggressive game plan too far..
  9. Got to admire the audacity for someone who wasn’t at the game to correct someone who was based off of an Instagram page
  10. Anybody watched the third series of this? Ive just finished it.
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