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  1. Then they chuck him out the very next round. Don’t care if the food was shite he should be going through.
  2. As long as we give the ball to Keatings whenever he is close to the goal rather than scoring actual goals I can’t see anything other than 3 points here.
  3. Considering he scored it quite clearly wasn’t the wrong decision.
  4. He scored. Doesn’t matter if he was lucky, trying to suggest he should have done something different is bizarre.
  5. How? Suggesting that storey should have passed instead of putting the ball in the back of the net is very odd.
  6. Thought that as well. Looked incredibly nervous.
  7. No worries. Reading back I could have worded it better!
  8. I’m not on about something like MOTD. Amazon have a show on right now just like the BT Champions League Goals Show.
  9. There is a goals show available to watch tonight. I’m watching on a tablet and the stream have been great.
  10. You really appear to have taken my shite attempt at a joke very seriously.
  11. The shambolic penalty claim over a nothing challenge and the disgusting assault on keatings that lead to the red card.
  12. Well done to the ref for spotting the Alloa cheating. Doesn’t normally happen.
  13. Steve Patersons is great, as already mentioned.
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