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  1. Commentator “if he keeps trying like that surely he will get a goal” Nah mate, if you’re hitting the top of the bar from six yards out you ain’t going to be scoring if you carry on like that.
  2. 300 season ticket holders have been given tickets for the game. Hopefully those who can’t make the game will let the club know so they can give the tickets out to folk who can make it.
  3. I thought the Raith commentary, for our cup game, was excellent. They always tried to see the decisions if it was given against them and how they would feel about that. Exactly the way to do it.
  4. I agree with this. I muted the East Fife game after about half an hour but it’s much better being able to hear the refs whistle and even the players.
  5. Neither. I believe he is a broadcasting/journalism student who doesn’t have any connection with the club. Not that you need to have a connection with the club to do the job.
  6. I didn’t charge it last night. Working from home has meant it’s not an issue anymore!
  7. A wee village just outside Frankfurt. As long as I get the bike I’m in.
  8. The commentary was as bad as ever IMO. He was still getting players names wrong, being ridiculously over excited about nothing shots and he even grrr’d when he mentioned Ross County beating us.
  9. In fairness, the last part of the joke was missed off of the post.
  10. Not even sure it can be classed as a cheap fix. I’m sure we could have found a supporter, who would be able to do a decent job at it, who would love to be able to go to the ground and watch the game live and commentate for nothing.
  11. Yeah, I agree. I’d still much prefer the coverage that we offer for the highlights but it’s a massive improvement on the last few games.
  12. He has mistaken Allardice for Deas and Devine on more than one occasion.
  13. Yes, we have someone controlling the camera now and I don’t have any complaints about it.
  14. I’ve had to turn the sound off so I don’t have to listen to the absolute shite the commentator is coming out with. The camera does seem to be doing a lot better this week on a positive note.
  15. It’s a hospitality suite or something like that so the seats lift up to give a view out into the ground.
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