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  1. Not heard anybody say that they think Doran will go back to how he was playing 7 or 8 years ago either. He is completely done.
  2. Our highest wage at the end of last season was, supposedly, about £800 a week and that was for Keatings. We haven’t nearly doubled that for McKay.
  3. Can we not play this one please? We are going to get pumped.
  4. Joe Chalmers was overall okay for us. He did have a spell where he was very good. That seems to be the exception to the rule though as he has reportedly been awful for everyone else. Which happens quite a lot.
  5. Nah, he did a great job coming in after relegation but let’s not forget we were 9th in the table when he left. Yes we have loads of games in hand but I think his time was coming to an end anyway.
  6. And when we do concede after being 1 up the plan then becomes punt the ball as far up the pitch as possible and hope the ball bounces the right way for us. I have never really been sure about Dodds but was willing to give him a chance to see if he could get us going but he hasn’t. He will never be sacked and I have no idea who you’d replace him with but I agree that he should go, if we want to challenge this season. It’s our best chance of going up.
  7. Have to agree. As said, I know his goals were against Buckie and Elgin but he looked like he had something about him and could put those sort of performances in against a better standard of team. He was just never given the chance which is remarkable considering Duku being awful and Sutherland going through a few spells of not offering a lot too. Good luck to the lad, I hope he doesn’t get another loan move in the Championship and ends up scoring a hat trick against us.
  8. 4 wins in our last 15 league games is shocking form. It’s remarkable we are only 3 points off top.
  9. A couple of incredibly weird comments about Kirk Broadfoot too.
  10. I would have much preferred that have got this one wrong as well!
  11. Who the f**k is this co-commentator? He has been talking utter shite all afternoon.
  12. A typical performance from us here. Take the lead, then sit back and let the opposition pile on the pressure and hope to cling on to the lead. It won’t work.
  13. What a save from Ridgers but the striker shouldn’t be giving him a hope of saving that.
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