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  1. Didn’t one of the podcast members ask for the club to run a bus from the central belt so they, essentially, didn’t have to pay to come to home games? On the Q and A one I believe it was?
  2. I can’t stand James. He annoys me every time he is on the screen. Wouldn’t really mind any of the other three winning but I do like Nikita and Sagar.
  3. Of course it is. Nobody gives a flying f**k about that shite competition.
  4. McMullen has been fantastic in this series so far.
  5. What a morning of cricket. Outstanding stuff.
  6. Absolutely. Don’t get me wrong, that squad had some quality players for the Championship but it’s a bit revisionist to look back and think every player would be starting in this seasons squad as it is just not true.
  7. Eagle would still be a bench warmer in this team just like he was back then. Same with Stratford.
  8. No, there isn’t. We ditched all that at the end of last season.
  9. What?? You absolutely do need staff to run a kids party. You can’t just shove a bunch of kids in a room and leave them to it unsupervised. You also can’t just let any old adult turn up and offer their services to look after them. Every adult needs to go through checks before looking after children and quite fucking rightly so.
  10. I don’t disagree with any of that but they are not on the same level as England. If they faced each other in this tournament, not sure if that is possible, then everyone would be expecting England to go through, quite rightly, but it would be a tough game for them. With Scotland, again, it would be a tough game very tough even but I’d still say Scotland would have a good chance of winning it.
  11. I bet Canada, Saudi and Japan are exactly the same as us though. I don’t know about you, but I’d be surprised if any of us are watching those teams on a regular basis. That’s the first time I’ve watched Canada and haven’t seen any Saudi or Japan games since they last played in a World Cup. If you looked at our game against England in the euros in isolation I bet we would have had a lot of other nations saying the exact same thing about us. I don’t think those nations are doing anything that we aren’t, okay they are qualifying for world cups but Europe is probably the toughest qualification phase you can get for a team of our size. They will have great displays like they have had this week but they will also have some shockers. Just like Scotland.
  12. Japan do not have a squad on par with England ffs . It will go down as a shock result but I don’t think anybody would really have been that surprised by it. Japan have a good squad with a lot of players playing at a high level. Similar if not better than Scotland.
  13. It was also mentioned on Twitter that Ridgers was also refusing to play but that was/is complete nonsense. He’s been dropped by Dodds.
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