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  1. And yet, here you are in the general nonsense section of a Scottish football forum getting annoyed at another adult playing video games.
  2. The club will be fully aware of who is going and who is staying. They will quite rightly be announcing it once our season is over just as every single other club does. There is plenty of things you can give the club a hard time about but not announcing what players are going to be here next season certainly isn’t one of them. Winning the Scottish Cup could also have a pretty big impact on what we can offer players next season too. How ever unlikely it is that we win on Saturday, there is still that possibility and it could lead to us going back to a few players to offer them better deals to stay/give them the opportunity to play in Europe.
  3. BBC had an article which mentioned it. Luton going up also pretty much covers the costs for the new stadium they are building. Will be interesting to see if they try and invest in staying up or take getting pumped every week and having a new stadium for the championship.
  4. Aye that’s very true. It was very much a call that could have gone either way, from the outside anyway. I was more making the point that having one of the best squads in the league doesn’t really count for much of the man in charge isn’t good enough. Partick is a perfect example of it.
  5. It just shows what a difference having a competent manager in charge can actually make.
  6. Pretty sure that isn’t a rule but whatever. Its a shocking decision. Thankfully it hasn’t/isn’t going to have an impact on the result of this.
  7. Of course you would but that doesn’t mean it should be given.
  8. Did they try and explain the reasoning for scrapping plans for a 700 seater stand replacing it with a luxury box for themselves to sit in?
  9. I hope this is true as it would be fucking hilarious to watch it all unfold.
  10. Typical pro the Caley bias from the English journos
  11. Not really arsed about the results or performances of these friendlies tbh. Keeping them with some sort of match fitness is the only aim here.
  12. I can’t believe how flat the players and fans are. Well I can kind of see why the fans are but it feels like this is a dead rubber end of season game. Absolutely no urgency from Dundee United to try and push forward to get back into the game.
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