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  1. Agree that Holt should be sacked immediately- an absolute scumbag and the fans are 100% United on wanting rid of him. Disagree on Sheerin. The only place his leadership is taking us is League 2.
  2. He’s right though. Gary Holt is a scumbag who should be nowhere near our club.
  3. If we lose our next 2 games at Peterhead and Clyde, which I believe we will if Sheerin and Holt are still there, I genuinely think we will finish in the bottom 2. Most of the players don’t want to be there.
  4. If he’s not in Sheerin’s plans we should let the laddie go. It’s not fair on him. We’ve treated the lad really badly I’m afraid.
  5. He’s lost 40% of his league games in the 3rd Division. He’ll be sacked.
  6. We are 6 points behind QP who are unbeaten in 10. We’ve lost 4 in the same period.
  7. Sheerin needs to go tonight. Horribly out his depth and amongst our recent terrible managerial appointments he’s the worst by a mile.
  8. I was thinking that btw. He makes Hugh Hill look like Zidane.
  9. Hopefully through positive change and by that I mean sacking Sheerin and Holt.
  10. If we lose today, we need to consider if Sheerin is the right man to take us forward. I know it’s early but we are absolutely abysmal under him. Simple things like picking McKay and Hetherington over Dixon and Krasniqi show him up to be a total buffoon.
  11. Or you could say McKay is over Dixon. Sheerin defo has his favourites.
  12. A worse start to a League 1 season than either Ray or M&M ?? Accomplished coach !!
  13. Alloa 1 - 0 Peterhead Clyde 0 - 2 Montrose Dumbarton 1 -2 Q Park East Fife 0 - 2 Cove Falkirk 1 - 2 Airdrie
  14. Sergie Baltacha (the father) scored for the USSR but may have been before his spell in Perth.
  15. It’s awful to watch and very, very predictable for the opposition to defend against.
  16. I don’t think Wembley is fit to host big games as there is almost always trouble there.
  17. Exactly mate. We’ve just won a massive game with a 94th minute winner in a packed Hampden and we’ve got someone slating a teenagers performance - that’s just bitterness.
  18. This. The tidal wave of people shooting Patterson down after 20 mins are short-sighted tools. There were lots of people on here desperate for Patterson to fail however I’m sure it was different inside Hampden as it sounded like the crowd were right behind the whole team.
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