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  1. I’m assuming we won’t be seeing the signing Imoji on Twitter at any point today then.
  2. How many and how has it impacted current future projections ?
  3. Said this earlier. Apology today and we move forward. Team are playing well and the focus should be on the team on the pitch not the board. Be good to see the actual financial picture though.
  4. Can’t disagree with that tbh but both of them are intrinsically linked.
  5. You’d almost think the Director on the board to represent the fans gets a Tory style salary and Tory style bonus every year whilst employees of the company he represents struggle along.
  6. Kenny Jamieson also said in July the new board had the club on an even keel financially and the next focus was better communications to fans.
  7. The most important part is terribly worded though and that’s the key here. I’d expect something will come out today apologising for that section of the email and building bridges with fans.
  8. Absolutely but all the focus is in the headline statement which is my point. There was a real feel-good factor at the club after the last two performances which should have been advantageous but the board have really made a mess of this comms.
  9. There will be but the interest rates will reflect the current economy and the state of the club financially at the time of lending so will likely be on the high side.
  10. The 90%/10% comment is what everyone is focused on though so the rest of the message isn’t as impactful. I really don’t get how a group of successful people, supposedly with a high level of business acumen could proof read that and not pick up on it.
  11. The reaction has certainly proved they have a real disconnect with the fans which is a shame as things were starting to look really positive on the pitch. There is massive economic uncertainty in the UK just now. People either don’t have the money or due to the uncertainty won’t risk increasing their outgoings on what they don’t deem as a necessity. People are worried and rightly so. The board have totally mis-read the room here.
  12. It’s unprecedented times for the majority of people as everyone’s disposable income has been stretched to the limit. The majority of our fans want fan ownership however the majority of fans also cannot afford it or have other, more pressing priorities just now. This statement is from OUR board to OUR fans. It’s an absolutely appalling statement to have issued. If a member of our board has gone rogue and written this it’s bad enough but if this has been proof read by other people and still issued it’s bloody criminal.
  13. It is from the board - it’s absolutely disgusting. Talk about alienating our fans through a total lack of respect or awareness of the economic climate.
  14. I’m more saddened than angered by this tbh. My entire family are/were all Falkirk through and through. My great-grandfather, Papa, dad, uncles, brother, cousins and my sons. Attending games regularly since before WW2. For them to come out with this pish is insulting not just to 90% of our fans but also to anyone who has ever supported our club. They are lucky to have such a loyal bunch of supporters who back the team through thick and mainly thin. The last few years have been awful but we’ve stuck on in there. This makes them no better than the old board in their treatment of us and they can f**k right off. As lots of you have said despicable timing when there are people who are really struggling financially. Just when McGlynn and the boys had given us something to smile about too. Self righteous Arseholes.
  15. Surely it the opportunity was there you’d do both ? For example, and purely hypothetical, if he’d moved to Leicester he could have played in EPL, played in Europe and played for Scotland whilst continuing to develop as a player ??
  16. Not sure - I know Hepburn and Morrison moved to Bayern from Celtic ?
  17. Agree, I don’t like Celtic or Rangers and will happily rip into them but this conversation hasn’t been about that and I don’t see a single post that’s having a dig at Celtic. Its s debate, and quite a sensible one so far by P&B standards about whether people think McGregor could have showed more ambition by moving or is showing more ambition by staying.
  18. You can’t just assume he’d have been fine at the 3 clubs you mention though. For starters, at present he’s one of the few players in world football that’s undropable therefore there isn’t the pressure to play well every week to retain your place and also, currently Celtic win 95% of their games domestically even if McGregor doesn’t play to his maximum. At these 3 clubs, there would be competition for places that would likely push his performance on and also, given these teams are not the top teams in their league so he’d need to be top of his game every week. Also I’d expect playing against better players most weeks would aid his development. We could debate this all day but the reality is he’ll never leave Celtic so we’ll never know the answer.
  19. I think it’s fair to say there has been a massive shift in the ambition/mentality of young Scottish players since the 3 you mentioned were classed in the ‘young’ bracket. As you say, the 3 guys were very comfortable being able to play up here well within themselves whilst winning a shit load of domestic trophies and earning very good money. Hopefully the recent moves of Hickey, Ferguson and Doig to Italy is showing that young players have seen there is much more and much better out there than Celtic and Rangers.
  20. Yes, but they are also rich therefore can pick who they want to a degree. Look at 2019 for example. Leicester enquired about McGregor however didn’t follow up with a bid and decided to buy Tielemans instead. Because they were so rich (at that time) they were able to balance out all options and bought the player, who imo, is a much better player and also 4 years younger.
  21. I get your point but disagree - you can’t move if nobody bids for you. And there was no concrete bid. ps. I’m not debating whether he had the ability to play in a top 5 league or not btw.
  22. Clubs enquire about hundreds of players every season in modern football. If they really want a player they’ll make a bid to test a clubs resolve.
  23. Celtic confirmed they never received any bids. Leicester enquired and were given no encouragement so McGregor never had the chance to even consider a move.
  24. It’s difficult to blame McGregor though tbh. His only opportunity to play down south was at Notts County when he was very young and interestingly formed a strong midfield partnership with Jack Grealish. To my knowledge, and I’m sure Celtic confirmed this despite the Record’s best efforts, there has never been a single bid for him therefore you can’t blame him for being stuck up here as opportunities never came his way. I agree with your point about it being interesting to see how well he’d have done in a top 5 league.
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