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  1. Agree mate but the English fans have been behaving like sub-human vermin since the 70’s when hooliganism really came to the fore. There is clearly no appetite by their fans to change to it’s difficult to stop that type of behaviour.
  2. Tbf it’s hardly a new thing up here. I seen a stat last week that said since 1890 they’ve won over 85% of the top league titles between them. I’d be surprised if another league anywhere in the world can match that or even come close.
  3. I can’t help think that if Klopp had shown Wolves more respect and played his strongest team then Liverpool could have shot out of the blocks and put intense pressure on City, instead they struggled to break Wolves down. Still, there’s a reason that despite Sky being in total love with the guy that he’s only won 3 league titles in the ‘Big 5’ leagues in a managerial career that’s spanned over 20 years.
  4. Is that an accusation that could never be aimed at Leigh Griffiths ??
  5. Jamie Swinney put out this response to a few tweets he’d received asking the same question mate. Have to say I’m very impressed with the transparency.
  6. Agree, he’s led by his mum and their priority is money and he can make the most money by staying at PSG with the added advantage of not having the pressure of playing for a club with huge expectations. His mother has played a blinder here.
  7. Is Mbappe the greediest, least ambitious footballer of all time ? Even in a sport full of greedy b*****ds I’m struggling to think of a greedier one than him. Imagine having all that talent and your ambition is to play in France .
  8. I remember being 14 or 15 and being mega excited cos we’d signed a guy that had played in and scored in the Bundesliga - how disappointed was I
  9. Hearts must fancy their chances. Rangers midfield 3 has zero pace.
  10. He’s averaged around 20 games a season over 9 seasons. He’s very, very prone to injury and in Goldson he’s been brought in to replace a guy that plays 60 games a year and is super fit.
  11. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the physical fatigue - Rangers look to be by some distance the fittest team in the country however the mental fatigue they will feel this time should be a game changer. Every other European game has seen them come off the back of a positive result. Hearts really should have an expectancy amongst the players that they will win the cup.
  12. Joe Tortalano I think you mean but in a way only you could put it.
  13. I started going in 1978 and he had already moved to Australia by then mate. I’m only picking players I’ve actually seen playing for us so for example I can’t pick Gillespie either as just missed him too.
  14. As opposed to the Premiership where the winners were 45 points and 77 goals better off than the team that were 4th ?? Now that’s a rabble.
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