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  1. Got fed up with the negative posturing as it does my box in. I only want to see our new signings do well and not spending Saturday nights trying to kick the cat. If people don't have a positive feeling at the start it does not bode well. I LOVE Falkirk FC and 3very close season I hope our newbies are the article. Even the Brentford model disaster lol Keep up the good work brer. I’ve been posting less lately as it’s always very negative but was pleasantly surprised reading the two posts I referred to earlier.
  2. @bairn88 and @Bigbrbairn, that’s 2 positive posts in a row - you clearly both don’t understand how the Falkirk thread works. Don’t let it happen again or I’ll be forced to notify the moderators.
  3. I’ve slated the guy regularly however he deserves great credit for last night. He clearly loves playing for Scotland and his effort levels are immense. Well played son.
  4. Exactly mate. You’d think we were playing Brazil or France. Not a team that could potentially include Pickford, Maguire, Mings and Henderson ffs.
  5. Agree with you that Gilmour needs to play and I’d put Gordon in goals too as Marshall has cost us a lot of goals. Clarke also needs to drop O’Donnell as the guy gives 110% but he’s fucking awful.
  6. Another one of Scottish football greats impacted by this horrible, horrible diseases. Be strong Bertie.
  7. We’ve got the most boring, negative manager in the world - no chance we’ll play at that tempo mate.
  8. Michelle and Mick McManus would be better than the shite we’ve got the now.
  9. Ok, worst player to have started a game in the tournament !!
  10. He’s our weakest player by a mile and probably the worst player in the whole tournament.
  11. Clarke has been in the press giving an impassioned defence of SOD - can’t see him getting dropped tbh.
  12. He won’t be picked again. Clarke will have seen today he can’t be relied on.
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