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  1. Car crash of a club. Good fans too. Deserve better. Went to see them lose to Ipswich 2 or 3 years ago. Spent day at a Social Club in Seaburn. Great folk.
  2. On another note what impact is no gate receipts having on Sunderland ? Will they cope ?
  3. We were very comfortable mate tbh. You looked like a team whose manager had sent them out with little or no attacking intent with a defence who weren’t good enough to play that style.
  4. I don’t think Hall is the answer however I’m not overly worried about Graham either. He seems to have this reputation for being a prolific goal scorer of the Scottish lower leagues whereas the reality is he had a one good season, a long time ago with Raith. *if he tears us a new one next week I’ll delete this post.
  5. We should just focus on Falkirk and not worry about the rest.
  6. Good point about trying Dixon and Durnan. And absolutely right that Durnan has been excellent today.
  7. You are indeed correct however ‘should’ and actually beating diddy teams are 2 different things as we found out to our cost last season.
  8. We look full of confidence after the 2nd goal.
  9. You didn’t look like this when I saw you at the Railway Club @harrykinnear
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