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  1. But it was defo a Celtic Club Shop with all the Celtic branding wasn’t it !!
  2. Livi have produced a good set of financial results so seems to be a sensible decision. Am I right in thinking that St Mirren took it to the next level and opened a Celtic Club Shop in part of their stadium ? Anyone know what type of income that brings ?
  3. Surely all the bigoted, glory hunting arseholes that travel miles to watch Rangers and Celtic wouldn’t travel miles to watch what is effectively a reserve game ?
  4. Question for you - Are there any teams other than St Johnstone who give Rangers and Celtic fans the majority of their stadium when it’s meant to be their own home game ??
  5. What did you suggest a few months ago mate ? That Fash was a talented player but a greedy b*****d that wanted to make as much money as possible for as little effort possible ?
  6. Decent team but I’d have the following changes. Casillas in for Dida I’d find a place for Rudi Krol in defence. Also worth considering if Di Stefano plays due to his understanding with Puskas and also maybe Raul. Pretty decent team though mate, well played. Maldini could play with both feet so I’ll give you that too.
  7. Most of the media speculation seems to point towards the SPFL being desperate to award Celtic the title and relegate Hearts so if they find a legal way to do this then that’s what will happen with a similar decision then being applied to the lower leagues.
  8. Can’t wait till our club branded Christmas Cards say ‘Seasonal Greeeeeeetings’.
  9. Hopefully but will be more than just the EPL that feels it. The astronomical fee’s they pay for average players will cease which will be felt all over the world.
  10. Surprised nobody has mentioned Wimbledon winning the FA Cup in 1988. They were shit.
  11. 100% this. Maradona was the greatest player of all time.
  12. The person in your living room has Slazenger sports socks on mate.
  13. True. I always think he looks like an auld drunk but I’m sure he’s always been teetotal due to his diabetes. What a player he was though and a total gentleman too.
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