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  1. I used to drink in the M&G club just down from there. Was well acquainted with the lad that ran the Navy Club too.
  2. He’s a talented footballer that’s for sure but will need some robust players in the middle beside him to get the best out of him. Did your new manager perhaps play with him in the youth team at Rangers ?
  3. Decent goals return at Raith and Morton who play at a higher level than us.
  4. The new gaffer having to choose between Ronaldo and Slabhead - big decision for him.
  5. I think the purpose of this thread by the person who started it was for people to have the opportunity to leave their condolences, show their respect and share their memories of Andy Goram. If people have a different view, I’d suggest not posting on this thread. Point scoring is not appropriate.
  6. I think he was miles better than those 2. Was never really that impressed with Shilton tbh.
  7. RIP Andy Goram. Taken far too young. Very, very sad. The best British goalkeeper of my lifetime by a mile.
  8. Tbf if you are investing POC money to be laundered, Livvy is the right place to invest it.
  9. It’ll be interesting to see if Postecoglu can turn Jota and CCV into Champions League level players as both have arrived from clubs who obviously don’t think they are up to playing at that level.
  10. It was always likely to happen after Mane left as Liverpool couldn’t afford to lose him. Its a great deal for Salah as he’s got a pay rise to stay at a club where he’s loved and probably not under the same pressure as playing for a Real, Barca or Bayern. I say that as although Liverpool are a big successful club the fans don’t expect success. Liverpool’s end of season last season would have been seen as a disaster at any of the 3 clubs I mentioned. Liverpool had an open top bus tour to celebrate ‘nearly’ winning the league and champions league. A great deal for both parties in this instance though.
  11. Where have you heard this? Would be gobsmacked if that happened. I find it unlikely he'd drop down this level at all and surely if he did it would be to you lot. It was mentioned on the Livvy thread.
  12. 2 things - and maybe I’m a bit behind as posting less frequently however 1. Is Sibbald signing for Dunfermline? 2. Has Shadwell stopped posting completely?
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