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  1. Rangers starting with 10 men tonight according to BBC. Saints should go for it.
  2. Well hopefully the laddie develops well and plays at a major tournament for the Socceroos.
  3. Did he not get something mental like 4 goals in his first 2 caps ?? Clarke mustn’t have thought he’d ever be good enough for Scotland ??
  4. They should just announce Lawell as head of SPFL - at least we’d see them as transparent then.
  5. Yip, the game stinks up here and is getting worse and worse as the years go on.
  6. He lives in Dunfermline - please tell me they aren’t one of the clubs.
  7. Mark Wilson live on Radio Clyde just blamed ‘the foreigners’ in Celtic’s dressing room for what happened today because they bring their own friends with them. You honestly couldn’t make it up. What a shameful comment.
  8. He’s now on the COVID-19 thread where he received his latest 🔴 44 mins ago at my time of writing.
  9. Leigh Griffiths and his bird will fly to Ibiza tonight and attend an all nighter at Amnesia resulting in a further 5 games of Celtic’s being postponed. Celtic’s next game is vs Hibs on 26th September where Hibs win their 9th straight game and open an unassailable 23 point lead over Celtic. Leigh Griffiths joins Hibs on loan for rest of season firing in an unprecedented 50 goals in 6 months, breaks wee Lennon’s heart and nobody mentions the ‘Miracle of Leicester City’ again.
  10. Lennon said the night before he had ‘no issues’ with Griffiths have house parties with no social distancing in place and household rules being broken. Whats Griffiths value to the team vs Bolingoli’s ??
  11. Yes I was showing Willie where your info had came from as he doubted what others were saying.
  12. It shouldn’t have come to that though. This shouldn’t have happened.
  13. Nicola Sturgeon said below but there’s no confirmation that any games are postponed yet. The first minister goes on to say "as minimum you should not be expecting to see Aberdeen or Celtic play over the course of the coming week.
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