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  1. Shows how far our hopes have fallen when two of us have predicted 3-0 to Clyde.
  2. McClelland and Deveney have been two stupid loans from our two stupid managers. Both the lads are probably decent enough players but they won’t get many chances with us unfortunately.
  3. That sounds like a really shit ‘The Beatles’ tribute act !!
  4. M&M to play for a 0-0 and fail miserably again. 3-0 Clyde.
  5. 😂- the guy must spend every waking minute in a state of absolute seethe and then uses it ‘constructively’ on an anonymous football forum. What a way to live your life 🤦‍♂️.
  6. Celtic will get Howe. Dominic McKay’s start date was moved forward so he could be the guy to deliver the new manager. No way the club will let Howe slip through their fingers and make McKay’s first major move look like a failure.
  7. If its Durnan and Hall vs Goodwillie on Saturday, we are in bother.
  8. Surprised to see Man Utd getting a penalty tbqhwy
  9. I bet Partick react quicker than us by appointing a new boss.
  10. Yes just as we are getting on top they change it. They are out of their depth sadly.
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