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  1. Sorry he got sacked for being brilliant - just like John McGlynn at Hearts.
  2. Jack Ross has been sacked from his last 2 managerial jobs for being absolutely pish.
  3. This is on EBay - might intimidate your opponents !!
  4. Watson is a good signing. A big upgrade on what we have in central defence and always had a good attitude during his first spell with us. Well done Mr Rennie.
  5. I thought Fox, Reynolds, Watson, Lafferty, Craig and DGW had all been confirmed on here ??
  6. I think they are referring to this from yesterday.
  7. They are all crap. Keena just appears to be very popular amongst a section of our fan base.
  8. The moderators will remove both of these posts - they are generally pretty quickly to respond.
  9. If they continue with their current level of investment in the squad they will be a very dangerous opponent next season.
  10. Questionable salute from the chubby guy in the green jacket.
  11. He needs to start next week. A breath of fresh air.
  12. I was surprised when I seen your starting 11. Expected to see a lot more of the young lads given the two league games you have coming up.
  13. Armstrong playing well against De Bruyne and co whilst wee McGregor is running about at the Recs shows how far a bit of ambition to push yourself out of your comfort zone can take you.
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