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  1. Watching Arbroath vs Dundee and Ben Williamson looks a very decent player - good spot by @Back Post Misses.
  2. I think everyone new that at the time. From a commercial point of view it strengthens Liverpool’s position in the Japanese market and opens sponsorship and tour opportunities there too. He is an absolutely honking player though - Salzburg done well to work the £7m release clause into his contract.
  3. Can’t believe Willie ‘fat shamed’ me on a public forum - he’s the worst type of bigot imaginable !!!
  4. Agreed - it might be indirect but Martindale’s got blood on his hands - wouldn’t want him anywhere near Falkirk.
  5. That was well offside and the assistant must have seen it - shocking decision.
  6. I’ve never seen that myself at either Brockville or TFS but doesn’t mean it didn’t or hasn’t happened. It’s not acceptable any place in football or society. I’d expect given how upset Drew was by the incident at Brockville though he’d have reported it at the time and not waited c.20 years to report it on a fans forum.
  7. Lennon’s response to Peter and Desmond when asked to justify his tirade yesterday !!
  8. I was responding to Shodwell’s comment re. When he leaves Liverpool.
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