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  1. There has never been a bid for McGregor so he’s never had the opportunity to move so you can’t blame him for that. As somebody said, he’s maybe happy living in Scotland and content with life so he probably won’t leave Celtic. He did play for Notts County for a season and maybe didn’t enjoy being away from home. He’s also single with no family so maybe doesn’t fancy living away from Glasgow on his own. He seems like a private guy though so let’s just leave him be.
  2. Guaita fakes an injury, fucks up the free kick then caught in no mans land and lobbed. What an eejit.
  3. I heard that - stupid, arrogant comment from a man that clearly does little research outside the Barclays.
  4. Sheerin ain’t picking that team on Saturday or on any Saturday.
  5. Yes, he’s trying to re-invent the style Celtic play and that’s not going to happen overnight given he’s trying to do it himself without a back room team. Realistically you need to give him around 3 years - 2 to embed at least and see how well he’s doing then. He’s spent £20m buying players to suit his own style - if you sack him this season that’s money wasted.
  6. Sharks and stumps - you’d almost think he was back home in Australia !!
  7. Are you concerned that despite outspending the other clubs by several million and bringing in lots of new players that you are still short ? Ange is still starting the Croatia right back at left back to accommodate Ralston despite Bolingoli, Montgomery and Scales all having experience of playing left back - does he know the players best position ?
  8. Beware that in 60% of Celtics domestic home matches this season the opposition have had a player red carded.
  9. I thought Ajer had a good game overall. I’m surprised that Celtic’s new manager didn’t think he was good enough to be part of the ‘Ange-ball’ revolution.
  10. I want 4 victories from our next 4 - simple as that.
  11. Usyk already is a monster. As for Fury, It will certainly be a closer fight that tonight - be worth watching that’s for sure.
  12. You can see why Joshua has been ducking Fury now.
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