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  1. Tbh, everyone in Scotland knows how McPake sets his teams up. His style is industrial and has been since he moved into management. It’s maybe a bit dated but it’s working just fine this season. His team are 7 points clear at the top of the league in Dunfermline’s first season in it so it’s evidently working. Its not up to McPake to find another style that’s more pleasing on the eye / it’s up to other teams to find a way to beat it and so far only 1 team has.
  2. The first sentence was a load of pish and probably misjudged but in the grand scheme of things is it really that important or impactful ? We move on.
  3. Announce the struggling QPR manager tonight and it’s been quite a day for ra Teddy Berz.
  4. Will that be Welsh and Dane Murray away ? They’ll surely want 1st team football at their age and both have been given opportunities and not proved good enough.
  5. But not Alonso ? Interesting !! Tbh at 40 he’d also be the player in the SPL.
  6. Be interesting to see what GVB’s idea of premium is tbh. So far, premium is Matondo, Davies and Yilmaz. Not premium is the Dutch trio of Simons, Doekhi and Veerman.
  7. He’s tweeted to say he’s fine. Whoever started that rumour needs help.
  8. How can he do that ? @Dawson Park Boysays we are going bust if we don’t go up ?
  9. Possibly but I don’t think they’d be using aggressive language like that. I’m not familiar with the poster, assume he’s new to this.
  10. Not allowed to go to Peterhead as home past bedtime and faux aggression on a faceless forum. You are definitely about 15 son.
  11. Hes too soft. Neat and tidy enough with the ball at his feet, but too soft for the midfield role in general. Personally I think he’s pish but just my take.
  12. I know he’s really highly rated by a lot of the people on here Oliver but I don’t rate Oliver at all.
  13. I think Dunfermline could pull clear leaving 5 teams to fight over the 3 playoff spots.
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