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  1. It’s the most boring of the so called to leagues just now that’s for sure.
  2. Cheers mate. Appreciate the positive feedback.
  3. I thought you were all Irish ya bigoted, glory hunting p***ks.
  4. I like that idea. Only watching 10 shit players rather than 22.
  5. That's in reference to Ray I think Ah fair enough
  6. 30 mins in and zero goals in the entire league. You can kid yourself on it’s a brilliant league but in reality it’s fucking gash.
  7. Don’t think that’s the case. I think he was genuinely wanting Celtic to beat his team. A strange thing indeed.
  8. You are actually glad your own team got beat by an injury time goal ?? P&B is getting weirder all the time.
  9. Was that the same guy that claimed the standard of football in this league was of a really high standard ??
  10. I’m pretty sure Kidd and McGhee played at RB on occasion under McKinnon.
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