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  1. I’m not a massive fan of McGlynn’s style of football however to say you ‘despise’ him is a bit much. He comes across as a decent guy and lots of player at Falkirk and previous clubs speak highly of him. Also, calling Nesbitt a ‘p***k’ - C’mon mate, that’s out of order. Whilst clearly he’s not the best player to ever don a Falkirk jersey his effort can’t be faulted. Calling him that is well out of order.
  2. Respect your opinion mate but don’t agree with you. He’s not good enough to be our striker if we want to go up. 6 league goals for our main striker is absolutely a primary concern for me.
  3. He didn’t ‘just fall short’ though - he was miles short. To put things into perspective, he had the same goals and assists record in the league as Connor Sammon had for us in the 19/20 season but played 9 games more - that’s was a shocking return for a Falkirk centre forward in League 1 in 19/20 and it’s just as shocking in 22/23.
  4. I appreciate a lot of posters rate him and I’m in a minority but I don’t rate him at all. His work rate cannot be questioned admittedly but if we have any aspirations at all of eventually winning this league then we need much better players than Oliver. His goals return of 6 in the league quite frankly isn’t good enough for Falkirk in League 1 and his much lauded link up play resulted in a paltry 3 assists. We need better and given MacIvor hasn’t been signed to give us 20 goals a season we can’t have both in the squad given the squad size is reducing.
  5. If they stick with Bullen I’ll feel a wee bit better Tbf.
  6. Agreed. Fullback is now a very specialised position and I’d rather see us sign on of those. Looking forward to see Yeats continue to develop though. Kids got bundles of energy and enthusiasm.
  7. Yeah, it’s a very strange argument given he likely lives in the central belt of Scotland .
  8. He owns a hovercraft and a dock on the Solway Firth.
  9. Nisbet was an international player at the age MacIver is just now so it’s not a great comparison.
  10. Shodwell was Hetherington’s biggest advocate on P&B Tbf.
  11. You just know Oliver is getting an extension don’t you .
  12. It’s a striker who doesn’t score goals so hopefully that means Oliver is away .
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