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  1. Red and black stripes was my favourite strip in the sixties. I tried to buy it but it wasn't available and had to settle for an AC Milan top. Not keen on the hoops though.
  2. Working fine for me. Was apparently already logged in.
  3. Bus leaves Glasgow at same time as only train to get to Stranraer in time for the game. Next train at 12.30 will get you to Stranraer about 3 so you would miss the kick off.
  4. Sportscene say Clyde have refused permission for thistle to speak to Danny
  5. This is the requisite equipment to actually see the pitch at hampden, more so for someone of my advancing years and unregulated pre match alcohol consumption.
  6. Growing concern about League 2 playing surfaces. I fear that with Berwick's sticky and Elgin's stones, someones going to break their bones!
  7. You say that with a bit too much relish. Much like the famous cheeseburger.
  8. The Smiddy will likely have the game on. Only 10 minutes walk from ground.
  9. Watch out for 3 cracking goals. Superb performance from every player.
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