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  1. CSAFL

    Cheers. Out white kits will never be the same after that game. Haha.
  2. CSAFL

    Compared to where we came from (GGPAFL) the 1st Division is a huge step up. Theres some really good teams in 1B. I don’t think theres any team in the division you can hand 3 goals and expect to take anything from it. In the old league, most of the time if a team scored 3 we just outscored them.
  3. CSAFL

    Yep. We (Third Lanark) fucked it yesterday. Literally assisted the 3 goals against us. Didn’t play badly at all. At this level, you struggle to get away with giving away 1 of those never mind 3.
  4. Sunday Trophy Semi draw Eastend Tower AFC (FCSAFL), Castlemilk Dynamo AFC (FCSAFL), Lesmahagow AFC (A&CAFL) and Westside AFC (LEAFA Sunday) will be going into tomorrow's Semi-Final Draw.
  5. CSAFL

    Have Blantyre and Fallin still to play? Thats an important match for the league now.
  6. CSAFL

    It was some game indeed. Thought we battled hard against Fallin who are a cracking big team. Gutted to lose it. Thought we started better and up until our goal looked good. After that, Fallin caused us a lot of trouble. Thought it was a soft pen at the end. Haha.
  7. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Wasn’t that close. Think we’re fortunate the scoreline wasn’t higher in honesty. We’ve won 9 games in a row before today. Today we had only a few promising bits of play and were way off the mark.
  8. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    I completely agree. We didn’t play well at all today and it was clear Accies were not only the better team but the team that wanted it more. As for the red card, it was a terrible ending to the game and not the way i’d expect anyone at our club to conduct themselves. I apologised to the ref, the Accies players, coaches and Supporters after the game. Good luck to Accies in the next round.
  9. Sent you a private message
  10. Scottish cup last 16 draw

    Its supposed to be 2pm. Both teams can agree otherwise though and make SAFA aware. If 2 morning teams draw each other then they’ll just play in morning. My team is an afternoon team but if we are playing a morning team I often offer 12pm KO as a compromise.
  11. Halfway there

    Third Lanark....... Been a tough transition to the CSAFL over from the Greater Glasgow. We were used to a league where we would just outscore the opposition and lost only a few games over 2 seasons. We’ve been a bit up and down and went through a bad patch where we lost something like 4 or 5 games in a row. A couple we played well but lost and a couple we played badly and were punished. Adapting to losing is something we knew we’d have to do more than before. We’re also evolving in terms of the personnel here. We’ve brought in a lot of younger players this year and its left some of the older players in and out the squad. Some have reacted well and some haven’t but thats just part and parcel. We turned a corner with a win v Bridgewater that i’m sure took a few by surprise. They beat us earlier in the season and we truly felt that them winning 2-1 was hard on us. Again, it just highlights that you can play well here and lose. After the Bridgewater game we’ve not lost and also got through to the last-32 in the West. Its the furthest we’ve ever got in the tournament and its the whole reason we moved to the Central. We’re currently sitting 2nd bottom with 2/3 games in hand against most teams. Only played 5 games. Overall i’m happy with how we’re doing. We’re starting to settle.
  12. CSAFL

    I also look at Blantyre who’ve had some great results. Newtonvale won the division above us last 2 seasons in a row so another decent team. Only 2 teams i’ve never seen are Fallin and Ardencaple. Our main aim is just adapting and improving this year. Teams are much fitter and we’re needing to concentrate for much longer than we’re used to.
  13. CSAFL

    I think the great thing about 1b is that theres many good teams. You see teams from lower in table beating teams at top of table with ourselves (Thirds) and BSC picking up what looked like unexpected points looking at the table. Given that the last 2 years we’ve only lost a handful of league games in the GGPFL we knew it was going to be a tough transition. Theres games we played well and lost. A couple of games we’ve been off the ball and took a doing. While its not the ideal position for us, we’re still obviously glad to have made the move. It’ll be very interesting to see how the season ends.
  14. GGPFL select squad ?

    There definitely some good players in there. We (Third Lanark) came up against some decent teams in our time there. Crookston are a very good young team. EKYM in there and FC Baillieston are a decent team as well. I think its a great idea. If they do it and it doesn’t work at least they’ve tried.
  15. CSAFL

    We (Third Lanark) have just moved to the CSAFL and its been a big change for us. Every game has been well contested.