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  1. I just don’t think so. The Professionals will be getting tested before the train/play and we don’t have that luxury. An airborne virus that if 1 infected player turns up, can infect up to 30 others. Why take that risk until we can be sure that the risk of spread is removed.
  2. Played a friendly against them on Tuesday. A cracking young side. Credit to the league [emoji108]
  3. I agree with loads from above. Amateur football is struggling for loads of reasons. Costs are certainly a factor. Firstly the costs of hiring parks etc. I don’t need to detail it but we all know its tough out there. Never mind the fact its a struggle to get the fees in sometimes. I charge £30 a month and yet i’m having to constantly remind players to pay their way. I don’t see the commitment coming through anymore. I see young players cancelling on games for the slightest reasons. The excitement at Rangers and Celtic are impacting teams. This has definitely benefited he Saturday Morning teams. I look at the amount of teams folding at the bottom of leagues now. The minute the going gets tough, we see a lot of players decide to jump ship. I also think that some lower league Junior teams aren’t helping the situation. I’m all for developing players but you’re sending players on who believe they are about to get a fair crack at Junior but actually they’re just 1 of 25/30 amateurs going to the same team and they’re not even getting paid. These clubs are like conveyor belts. They go through 50/60 players a year because as soon as some leave, they bring in more amateurs. I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t think we can stop this decline
  4. Ampie


    You’re right, it is late. The lateness of the departures of our players have caused us to be looking around now. You mentioned Third Lanark were struggling earlier but if you had taken some time to read our posts you’d have seen why. Theres some very good teams in our league. Thanks for your input.
  5. Ampie


    Cheers mate. Stressed out my nut with it all but i’m sure it’ll all be worth it.
  6. Ampie


    Its not the CSAFL that are causing this. We lost 9 players who have moved on to Junior Clubs and very good amateur clubs. Thats just the joy of amateur football. The problem is theres not as much appetite for players to come into a team at this point. I’m certain that we’ll (Third Lanark) be fine. Its going to take me a couple of months but i’m confident we can get the team performing again. We’re just needing to regroup next week at training and having had a decent number of players contact us, have a good look at them all. The downside of playing in such a good league is that weaknesses are exposed and its so unforgiving. We’ve been so lucky to have had a great group of players for so long but things change and we need to evolve
  7. Third Lanark are looking for players to strengthen our squad for the upcoming season in CSAFL Div1A. Had a few players snapped up by Junior Clubs and other decent teams so are in need of strengthening. We train on Tuesdays at Barlia, Thursdays at Nuffield EK and home games are on a Saturday Afternoon at Toryglen. Only position we don’t need is a ‘keeper. Looking for good players to improve us.
  8. [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108][emoji108]
  9. Ampie


    Congrats to Mick and all at Colville from all at Third Lanark. Good luck in your new venture [emoji108]
  10. Ampie


    Big games tomorrow in 1B again.....
  11. Ampie


    Blantyre absolutely pumped us. No heart or desire shown from the team. We looked like a team with nothing to play for. The lads at Blantyre did well and were a class act. No boasting/goading or any of that nonsense that sometimes comes with these results. 4 games left for us to end the season with a bit of pride.
  12. Ampie


    The only teams able to get it are Bridgewater, Garrowhill, Blantyre RGM and Third Lanark. We (Third Lanark) are really an outside bet here as it’d take some pretty dramatic results in other games for us to take that spot. Blantyre have the most control, win their games and 2nd spot is theirs. We’ve not played Blantyre yet so I can’t comment on them as a team at all. Its too hard to call a favourite for me at this time. Having played both Bridgewater and Garrowhill, I can see why they’re up there. Its very close.
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