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  1. £7 for normal games. Both home games in the Scottish were £10 for adults, expected this one to go up a bit but had expected £12 rather than £15.
  2. Or just refuse to go, withdraw from the tournament and join the EoSFL. In all seriousness it would be interesting to hear the argument put forward by BoD.
  3. Wasn't it more to do with there being dark areas on the pitch, in particular one of the goalmouths?
  4. Eskbank, 15 minute walk or a few quid in a taxi.
  5. Unless it's changed this season the home club take 20% of the gate money with the remaining 80% being split equally between the 2 clubs. Edited to add - From the 4th round onwards the SFA take a cut of the gate money (was 5%)
  6. I wasn't looking for an argument, just interested in an outsiders point if view. We did have terracing behind the goal at the changing room end but that was 20 odd years ago. There has been a fair amount of money spent on the ground to get it in its current condition but I think most home fans would like the grass banking to be hard standing terracing as well. There is also clearly the need for a stand a some point and I'd imagine it would be something similar to Kelty with media facilities etc. In all honesty this season was really about putting some money back in the bank after the expense last season of getting the license, it is our first season in the Lowland League but that fact we're in with a shout of winning the league at this point of the season means more money needs to be found from somewhere. That said if we get an away tie against Celtic in todays draw then I'm sure there will be suitable close season investment in ground improvements.
  7. Ticks every box in the licensing manual. Be interesting to know what facilities are missing though, other than the obvious that we don't currently have any seating.
  8. Club have put a capacity of 2000 on the tie. Montrose were given 350 tickets and the last I heard Bonnyrigg had sold 1400 or so.
  9. None available from the club and no cash gate, your only hope is finding someone locally with spares.
  10. There are 2 pitches at Ainslie Park, they were playing there at the same time.
  11. I know, that's why I suggested playing Kelty next week half a dozen posts ago.
  12. We don't have a free Saturday until the middle of January. The Kelty game has to be moved as the 23rd is the 3rd round of the Scottish.
  13. I 'think' our only other unscheduled game is the cup tie against Stirling Uni but they have a league game against East Kilbride unless they draw with Linlithgow tomorrow.
  14. Bonnyrigg and Kelty both idle next week after today's results. Might as well fit in the game that needs to be postponed on 23 November.
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