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  1. We play enough games as it is, can't see much appetite for another cup to be honest.
  2. There are a few games left this season with the potential for 500 plus attendances. I'd think Bonnyriggs home games against Berwick and Kelty would both see that number easily. BSC v Kelty would be close. Kelty v Berwick and East Stirling v Bonnyrigg on the final day also have the potential to exceed 500 depending on the situation with the league title. Some of the groundhop games in the EoS must be in with a shout of reaching decent numbers too as well as the run in for Bo'ness as they look to pick up the title. The whole thing is lacking in any detail at the minute but for me it has to be all or none in terms of the league continuing.
  3. What happens if some of the well supported sides leave anyway? Reduced attendances for those that remain. It's one season, clubs need foresight not short sightedness. If there are clubs who only survive on the basis of away support then I understand then hesitation but the liklihood is those clubs below them, with a bit of ambition will leapfrog them in the short term. For arguments sake let's say Glenafton and Pollok don't move but everyone else in the top league did, over the course of the season they realise they have made a mistake and decide to move for the following season. Instead of coming into the top league they may find themselves in a second of third division. Suddenly they can't attract the calibre of player they used to as they now opt to play for clubs higher up the chain, they don't have the success they have had in the past and find themselves languishing at the lower levels.
  4. This didn't really happen in the East. Not saying it can't or won't happen in the West but based on experiences on this side of the country there was no significant drop off in attendance a cross the season.
  5. It hasn't been a sick note for a number of years.
  6. There was definitely an element of payback involved in it. Everyone around me expected Currie to be sent off but the ref clearly didn't see it as that serious, despite looking straight at it.
  7. Na just the usual CSS tactic of 11 men behind the ball at all times and time wasting (sorry game management) from kick off combined with our inability to get the ball over the line. Struggled to break them down, created few chances and didn't take the ones we did. For what it's worth the ref and linos were horrendous, but in equal measures to both sides. He booked Currie when it probably should have been a red card so we got away with that, chopped off a winner for CSS that didn't look offside from where I was and generally failed to manage the game, but that's not why the game was lost. Still plenty of football to be played but Kelty won't lose 2 of their last 6 games.
  8. There's very little player turnover at Bonnyrigg. Forgetting out under 20's there are 18 first team players including 2 goalkeepers. 14 of them featured in the squad that won the EoS and the same 14 (IIRC) featured in the squad that won the East Superleague in our final season. The bulk of the squad has been signed up again on fresh 2 year deals.
  9. Surprisingly the SFA are on the ball with this one - https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/scottish-football-authorities-form-coronavirus-response-group/?rid=13929
  10. Yep that sums it up for me. We had plenty chances in the second half but couldn't get the ball over the line.
  11. Latest odds and tomorrow's prices
  12. I know we,'ve tried to bring in another midfielder but our offers for the player have been rejected, despite him being out of contract iin the summer.
  13. Jamie Docherty is on that list twice. Laidlaw and Neave are from the 20's but have featured this season and are signed on for next year.
  14. That attendance looks a little low to me but it's not that wide of the mark. What was surprising was the complete lack of any home support, silence for their first goal and what appeared to be 3 supporters cheering their second. I know the weather will have played some part but it must be disappointing that despite offering bargain season tickets, free entry for kids and parents for £1 they still can't attract any real numbers.
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