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  1. Camelons captain ? Centre half. Has he been there long or did I see him last season in East of Scotland league ? Decent player
  2. I know new managers like to make a few changes but I think letting Ian Nimmo go is a mistake. Great player and always gives 100% He would be in the team more often than not for me
  3. Sean O'Neil signed for Dundonald Bluebell today. A big loss for the team but big Errol has fitted in well even though I would prefer him up front.
  4. couldn't make Fridays game but looked a cracker according to the hightlights. The gaffer didn't sound too disappointed in the performance stating the injuries maybe played a part in having to reorganise once or twice. Any team is going to miss the guile of Nimmo and the unbelievable workmanship of Philp. Hope both players recover quickly. Gonna have to take the odd defeat on the chin and its a big learning curve. As said before its much more entertaining than what we watched last year. Probably save a few quid not disappearing to the pub long before the game ends ! Onwards and upwards !
  5. how did they decide the 3 new leagues ? Obviously they aren't chosen on strength ? What is the format for the end of the season ? Playoffs and relegation ?
  6. lochee had a fair bit of the play at start of 2nd half but after they scored Kelty picked up again and could have scored a couple more than thay did. Stonewall pen 5 minutes from the end not given either
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