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  1. It was the Strathclyde Civil Service League. Teams were from National Savings Bank in Cowglen, local Social Security offices, Inland Revenue and other public bodies. 2 leagues and 2 cups plus a consolation cup. A good standard at the best teams and competetive. Lot of good players who also played Saturday afternoons. It's good that players have a choice regards when they want to play
  2. I played in the Civil Service league. Had some good sides back then. The breakaway to form the new league was a bit of a coup. I remember asking about the rumour of a new league just to be told not to worry because my team were not getting an invite! The standard of the CS League definitely dropped but the new league at the time was worse. Good to see it has picked up at last☺
  3. Getting a bit pissed off with the clean sheets☺
  4. Why are you commenting on a Scottish Cup tie in a chat headed Scottish Cup 2019/20. You should know bettet☺
  5. Cap doffed. Forelock tugged etc etc. Hope you had money on it☺
  6. The lines were subject of a wee discussion last Thursday. Think the best solution is to get a pro in. No point in having a fantastic surface if David can't get the lines straight☺
  7. You will love it. Was there on Thursday watching Gartcosh v RGM. Parks was in great condition
  8. And also his heavy investment over the years paying for the strips etc. Mr Hugh? At least give the man his name
  9. I think you are right. Something to do with the goal at the bottom end of the park being a bog so made both 6 yard boxes the same. Park was not great nick then but is decent surface these days.
  10. Meals on wheels in my house/home
  11. Aye. It's great being old enough to remember Parkhead Juniors☺
  12. Parkhead Juniors park was in Lilybank. Bordered by Methven St, Cuthelton Street, Canmore Street and London Road (across from Celtic Club and Barrowfield training ground). Houses and Helenslea Centre built on it now. Helenvale Park was owned by Glasgow Corporation Transport. A great playing surface that Celtic did use for training for a while but mostly by youth teams after it was changed to astroturf. The red ash park on way up Springfield Road with floodlights was Riverside School.
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