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  1. Whereabouts auld yin. Or are you keeping your knowledge to yourself
  2. They would start at the bottom of whatever league they joined I would think. And I don't think many amateur teams would want to be junior and vice versa.
  3. More chance of a new league being formed by the bigger teams than having to go through all of the hassle of waiting on committees and working groups coming to any agreement.
  4. Amateur teams playing against teams who pay their players. Couldn't happen☺
  5. Could be all or none of the above but more likely they have enough good teams in their set up and they have the ability to attract better teams due to to how well their leagues are run. And importantly good teams with ambition will want to test themselves against the best the Caley and Central have in their leagues.
  6. Always good to have a look at how we improve any grade of football. We need to get the right balance in any think tank/working group and all meetings fully minuted and made available. If not then there will be all sorts of accusations of self interest being made. As for the better teams getting bigger, better players will invariably go to the top clubs. It won't make much of a difference to 'lesser' teams. To be honest though I can't see Caley or Central being too keen as they can generally attract the better teams anyway.
  7. My point was not about what people are saying about Mr Robertson. More about the comments that are made in general by others that can also bring the game into disrepute. Just saying that people must be very careful what they put out on social media. And I still sat he should be away. Wee Alberts point about people in glass houses is very true.
  8. Very true Wee Albert. People will have had issues in the past and are probably quite enjoying this chance to have a go. Human nature I suppose. People in the game who are putting out tweets and retweeting comments that are in my opinion as bad as Mr Robertson's comment. He has said something wrong but people typing on here for instance can always edit before sending it out They say the comments are their own, retweets are not an endorsement etc but surely they must see that it's easy to bring their club and by extension the game into disrepute by their words. And the tweets don't dissappear!
  9. Absolutely correct that he should resign. Club officials should be above reproach and not be bringing the game into disrepute. Not just in what they say but in what they put on Twitter etc. There is no place for racism or sectarianism for that matter in football. I'm sure everybody would agree and hopefully that this incident will make others be wary of what they say or print.
  10. Rules are rules right enough. Common sense tho would see that no team gained an advantage from the lack of corner flags. Unless the lack of them influenced the result. Hope Harestanes do the right thing, take it on the chin and do what is right.
  11. I could see the Harestanes committee complaining about no corner flags ifor they had won the tie. Not.
  12. Doubt many corner flag poles would have stood up on grass parks yesterday never mind on the plastic parks. They would've been a waste of time.
  13. Bad committees maybe. Don't think you would get agreement that committees in general ruin football. A lot of good people giving up their time to help their club. As for players not being selected due to previous misbehaviour what would you expect to happen. You would expect players (and committee members) to at least behave when representing their clubs so same applies at national team level
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