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  1. Amateur football will continue. Some clubs may go but most players will move to other clubs. Some of the 'bigger' amateur clubs may go to the mainly kid on professional WoSFL but I cannot see the ammy game dying. Probably more chance that some pro teams revert to amateur status. I agree that we've been let down to allow pro game to play. Generally they do no more or less than amateurs in terms of safety. They use public parks for training. They travel outwith their local areas. Don't want them stopped. Just want parity
  2. Thanks for a bit of football. Thought I was reading the Lancet☺
  3. Watched a wosfl stream on Saturday. Away team travelling around 25 miles with 4 backroom staff,11 players on the park plus at least 10 standing on the touchline. Probably at least 2 committee there and the 2 boys doing the camera work. Not sure if they travelled by coach but if not that's at least 28 cars if they've stuck to the rules. We've been shafted big time by the authorities to allow 'professional' teams to play. I don't want to stop the pro teams but it's crap that amateur football is stopped.
  4. Maybe a bit more public pressure from them Auld Yin and coming out with explanations as to why we are not allowed to play when, let's be honest professional amateur teams are playing on public parks with people watching. I get that the 'blazers'have teams and I don't wish to offend any of the office bearers but the lack of info or any comments is in my opinion poor. If it's Sport Scotland that's stopping us then let's get the reasons from them. It looks like we are being prevented from playing to allow others to do so. apologies to any blazers who are offended by my use of the word.
  5. Teams in the WoSFL are travelling far and wide. Glasgow teams are travelling to South Ayrshire for league games. Teams in Ayrshire could be going to Fife for cup ties. The original question was why are pro teams using public parks when amateur teams are not allowed to. WoSFL teams are probably not paying players due to lack of income and I would guess that a large number of players are registered amateur. Maybe we could be given the same treatment as the professional amateurs
  6. If we were told that by the blazers at Hampden then at least we would know where we stand. I think though that we know where they are on the subject of summer football. The lack of any real opposition to or even acceptance of the current ban on amateur football in the central belt is poor from the people in charge of the game. Leadership?
  7. Can't see what evidence has been shown that makes amateur football any more of a risk than any other grade. My point is we are being denied the chance to play while other teams who are classed as professional are playing on public parks. I don't see what the distinction is between a pro team with most players not being paid because they are on amateur registrations being allowed to play in public parks while amateur teams who carry out the same covid precautions cannot do the same.
  8. I think that pro teams have to get permission to play outwith their nominated ground. For the WoSFL to sanction playing on what are basically public parks is a nonsense as one the reasons they get to play is that they can prevent spectators watching. We need more from those at the top of the game. Football in Scotland is not all about elitism. Much is said about football being the people's game. It's about time we were given the same treatment as the pro teams
  9. They've been using 'public' parks for games since they were allowed to play. I don't get why we can't. Now getting told we can do non contact training with restricted numbers. Somebody at Hampden is having a laugh at the amateurs.
  10. Why is it that the 'professional' teams are playing on public parks yet amaters are not allowed the same privilege. Well done to them for getting games on in bad weather and I don't want any level of football stopped but is there a difference between their grade playing games at Wishaw, John Paul or Glasgow Green than my team playing at Kirktonholm Park?
  11. I dont know of any official link with Celtic but there has always been affection for the Ants from the Rangers fans I can remember several times when they used to share the odd can of beer or a screw top with the Ants players. Usually lobbed from Edmiston Drive along with a few hand gestures and a party tune. All taken in good part by the boys tho
  12. Played against Franny often in Sunday football. Him and a few Pollok/Arthurlie boys made up the Oak Royal team. A very good player. Competetive probably does him an injustice! Condolences to his family and to all at Pollok FC. A sad day for the juniors
  13. You might be right about not many being away during the time of pre season friendlies. I think the bigger worry is that players will be taking their holidays later this year. Some teams may struggle to put out a full squad
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