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  1. Said that to my mate the other day. Imagine it. Weans greeting etc as he walks up the ramp giving them the finger! Would single handedly make wrestlemania.
  2. Harsh... haha give me a topic and I'll specifically only ever post on here about that in future.
  3. Yeah I think we're swapping aquatica with BG that day or maybe it's seaworld infact. Tried getting somewhere closer to the basketball game. The schedule will end up out the window the first day I get a hangover.
  4. Aye I just hope I don't get a bad hangover one of the days unless it's on the day if sea world. I still think we are missing a few of the indie shows but I can't handle anymore. Just hope wrestlemania lives up to it. Match card needs to get set in stone asap. What's the wrestlemania preview write up? I'm a newbie here mind Don't want to steal your thunder either. You can go for it if it's your thing haha
  5. It's totally skint me man. Last few months I've been missing nights out etc just to pay this all off. Drunken night sitting at the computer and seen a flight for half price to Orlando so booked it up. Then one of my mates pulled out of going so I jumped in with 2 other mates into their villa apartment. Told myself WM30 was the once in a lifetime opportunity but this definitely will be the last time for me at mania I reckon. (Unless they ever have it in the uk)
  6. This is the schedule so far. I'm not keen on seaworld and not fussed majorly by aquatica (not sure what it is) but the other guys I'm going with have booked it so I booked too. I've heard that graffiti junction in downtown is a good place to start the night. Cheap drink and good food. Any other recommendation for places to drink/eat in Orlando?
  7. Haha I really do feel bad now... [emoji23]
  8. New comer and thought it was a decent topic to post on... happy to keep yous up to date with photos from florida the week I'm out there. Met stone cold and loads more the last time I was out for mania. The buzz around the city the lead up to it is unreal and then just randomly meeting the superstars in the city and in pubs/clubs.
  9. So after being at the historic WM 30 I am now returning to WM33 at the end of March in Orlando. I have basically the whole itinary planned with the mates but if anyone has any decent places to visit while in Orlando the please let me know. Otherwise what do we think of the card so far and who's walking out with the belts/debuts etc
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