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  1. Handsome tops for a handsome team...?
  2. That's the PFA Team of the Year, voted for by other professionals. This one is the SPFL's own TotY, voted for by some guy called Craig Fowler. This from the article about the TotY: "Clark makes it in ahead of Dundee United's Scott McDonald because Dunfermline supporters appreciated his hard running and enthusiasm in attack."
  3. 18/19 kits thread

    McEwan Fraser seem have a knack for getting their name on god awful kits.
  4. https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Supporters`_Council_-_May_2018&ID=10606 Presume this all but confirms that AJ will be here next year. D.A.F.C is going to be livid
  5. Also maybe worthwhile bearing in mind that we'll be entering into the new reserve league for the 2018-19 season.
  6. Episode 70 Show

    Far Cry 5 is decent, an improvement on other recent Ubisoft games. Also: No, Grand Theft Auto 5 ISN'T the "Biggest Selling Entertainment Product Ever", that's World of Warcraft. If you do fancy more orcs, there's loads in WoW
  7. FYI, Pars Club website is back up again
  8. Falkirk vs Dunfermline - Sat 7th April

    Forum: A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. "ffs noob cri evrytim haHa gg ez".
  9. Did someone forget to feed the hamsters... again?
  10. Keep/release still undecided?

    Contracted until next year at least are Murdoch, Williamson, Ryan and Smith, as well as Gill and Morrison. Everyone else is out of contract come May. Agree about Ashcroft, the rest are a meh. All depends on where we finish this season, and who is then in charge for next.
  11. Someone mentioned a huddle at the start of the ICT match - is there now more cohesion in the dressing room than in previous months?
  12. Guy must have been touching his arse or something, looks pretty delighted here.