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  1. Anyone know if you can still buy a tile in the tunnel? Feel like these maybe sold out a long time ago though
  2. I'm looking for a spare if anyone is selling. Have a season ticket but was working when these went on sale so couldn't get one
  3. Heard goalkeeper Ross Stewart has been released by St Mirren. Can't remember seeing him play so not sure if he's any good but could be a shout
  4. Spoke to McDaid at the riverside festival on sunday and asked of he was signing up. Cant quite remember his exact words but it was something along the lines of "not sure yet mate, need to make sure I'm getting a good deal"
  5. Think he's packed in the PT. Which sounds like he might be away
  6. Found this odd as well, though reid was much better than ferguson tbh
  7. Heard doc has been offered a new contract. Think he is good enough for the championship but just worried he'll have injury problems again
  8. Hardly acting the "billybigbaws" when I say that I expect ayr to beat arbroath at home. I'm sure most people including neutrals would bet on ayr to win after looking at the recent form of both teams and some of our recent performances eg raith at home. Can only assume you don't attend many games and are a member of the "mccall out" brigade.
  9. The most recent being a 4-1 win away from home. As I've said already, ayr have a better squad and therefore should be able to win this game.
  10. I'd say ayr have a better squad than arbroath, wouldn't you? You only have to look at the current league positions
  11. First time hearing about this. Do you mind if I ask your source?
  12. Think I'll get the bus to the game next Saturday instead of driving. Guessing bevvy allowed on the bus??
  13. "Talkerty" hahahaha i absolutely love how raging you are.
  14. So are you trying to say you think we are the exact same as we were under roberts?
  15. Progress has been made in that time so fairly ridiculous to say "the employee is bringing the company down"
  16. Although this is football and we are only 6 games into the season, meaning this post has no correlation whatsoever to the current situation
  17. When Cairney got injured last season this old p**ck was celebrating and shouting about how he "hopes Cairney has broke his leg". Personally wouldn't wish that on an opposition player never mind one of my own
  18. I also spoke to a pal who is a motherwell fan. He said ferguson wasn't good but should do "ok" in league 1
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