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  1. Missed the game yesterday how did Mullen look when he came on?
  2. Are we having to court Burnley to try and get some players on loan? Guess we're not wearing the trousers in this relationship
  3. This c*nt is embarrassing. Hope to hear reports of booing when he's attempting to sing
  4. Defence looked a bit more solid without McGinty. Although St Johnstone weren't up to much and hardly threatened
  5. No but we could put this money into the squad budget instead and bring in a marquee signing
  6. 225mins played against lower league teams and 0 goals is f*cking grim
  7. Any news on when Bangala will arrive? I know it's hard to judge a player from YouTube videos but he looks pretty solid. Eager to see him on the pitch
  8. Will be so disappointing when they announce Kirk Bigotfoot later to try cheer us up
  9. Punt Houston pls. Would happily see McKenzie go and someone else brought in. Still on the fence with Ashford
  10. Thistle to score 2 early goals and the game to be all but finished 20 mins in
  11. Burger king logo would look awful on that template kit
  12. Absolutely raging at the idea that this is even a possibility
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