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  1. Punt Houston pls. Would happily see McKenzie go and someone else brought in. Still on the fence with Ashford
  2. Thistle to score 2 early goals and the game to be all but finished 20 mins in
  3. Burger king logo would look awful on that template kit
  4. Absolutely raging at the idea that this is even a possibility
  5. Nearly 2 thanks to him, honestly just take him off now for anyone
  6. Houston is no where near good enough for this level
  7. Are the away support going to be kept behind at the end of the game like last time? Will need to catch the last train to Glasgow which is unlikely to happen if they don't let us leave straight after the final whistle
  8. Thought we were unlucky not to score in the first half with the opportunity from the the free kick which fell to Ashford and he fucked it up.. that being said, they also should've had a penalty in the first half imo. Was my first game back in a while and have the opportunity to go on Saturday. If McGinty, Houston and muirhead (in midfield) start against Dunfermline then I doubt I'll be back till next season. Ashford had energy and desire but mindless punts up to him were obviously not working from early on in the first half yet we continued to do so. Now starting to worry that Bullen is as clueless as Hopkin and duffy
  9. Agree with this. There's definitely a good player in there, he just didn't suit our system and isn't the type to carry the sh*te around him. Watch him go and perform weekly for Dunfermline now and help them avoid relegation at our expense. We now need another CM.
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