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  1. Any idea how ticket sales are going for this now?
  2. How many do we reckon will make the trip to firhill on Friday night?
  3. Anyone know if you can still buy a tile in the tunnel? Feel like these maybe sold out a long time ago though
  4. I'm looking for a spare if anyone is selling. Have a season ticket but was working when these went on sale so couldn't get one
  5. Heard goalkeeper Ross Stewart has been released by St Mirren. Can't remember seeing him play so not sure if he's any good but could be a shout
  6. Spoke to McDaid at the riverside festival on sunday and asked of he was signing up. Cant quite remember his exact words but it was something along the lines of "not sure yet mate, need to make sure I'm getting a good deal"
  7. Think he's packed in the PT. Which sounds like he might be away
  8. Found this odd as well, though reid was much better than ferguson tbh
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