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  1. As far as I'm concerned if he said something racist they would have said so not to mention the punishment being very lenient if it was.
  2. There's quite a few on both sides tonight with a couple of bellends from the dark side for good measure.
  3. We really need a target man our team is far too small and as for Dario I'm not convinced he will be an asset.
  4. It's all about health and safety apparently say one one of the groundsman drop the poles into the crowd.
  5. You don't have to boo the guy just cheer when one of our players goes right through the diving p***k and gives him something to cry about.
  6. The fact that we have so many players playing in the EPL just shows what overrated league it is.
  7. Remember tho Hank Scorpio is a member of the Polit Bureau so his opinion is everything!
  8. Tbf we did finish higher than one of the biggest clubs in Europe.
  9. Your show will soon be consigned to the bin wannabe bullshit!
  10. He's probably a member of the 200 club as well!!! Probably but also talks some Pish!
  11. You're show on the BBC should havebeen muted years ago!
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