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  1. 1 hour ago, DA Baracus said:

    The mad conspiracy theories are out again!

    Apparently the German investors want to sell EEP and trouser the cash, and will be building a small ground in Rosyth to replace it.

    Seemingly they've orchestrated relegation and purposely hired Grant and Hughes for this because they knew both were pish and would take us down.

    You wonder where such morons get such utter bullshit from. Is it for attention that they make these things up, or do they genuinely believe such pish?

    Big Jim at it again?

  2. 30 minutes ago, Grant228 said:

    Who gives the slightest f**k if fans, football ones at that were optimistic? Christ. 

    It's all good banter and that, but I'm not having the rape apologist, women hating Raith poster making out its some great crime following some of his takes on the Goodwillie signing. 

    Some fans thought we wouldn't be shit, big deal. At least they weren't all keen for supporting a rapist, ken? 

    At least you slept well I see!

  3. 34 minutes ago, The Moonster said:

    Yes I'm not quite sure why Clyde want us relegated, they'll have a far tougher task finishing above Annan or Edinburgh City, two clubs who will be on the up with plenty backing, opposed to ours which is limping out of existence. But then again its probably the same fans who bullied their board into resigning a rapist, costing them a shitload of money and their home stadium so perhaps I'm expecting too much from them. 

    Get doon!

  4. 13 hours ago, grumswall said:

    I don't think he's particularly bothered about getting a job elsewhere. He left a job where he was getting to travel and watch football to come back to us. He clearly has raith rovers at heart. He's also not been much of a success at other clubs a d is by n large loved for the majority of his time here 


    It's pretty funny to see the same people who werent happy when he came back are the ones effectively defending him now. Hiya Frank x

    And yet you thought he could walk on water but was one of the first to turn your back on him. Nice!

  5. 47 minutes ago, Raith_Raver said:

    Nearly all the anti McGlynn rabble are on here. Fortunately I shouldn't think McGlynn or the club pays any attention to them.

    Strangely though most off them wouldn't have had a bad word to say about Mcglynn. Not to mention have a go at anyone who did. That's Football fans for you!

  6. 3 hours ago, Silverton End said:

    Stefan McCluskey bagged a hat-trick for Forfar today.

    For some reason I dread meeting them in the play-off, think it goes back to seeing us get papped out of the Cup up at Station Park a few years ago.


    We can give you Vaughan on loan for the play offs 😆 

  7. 25 minutes ago, WATTOO said:

    I'd actually be highly confident that whether it's ourselves or Dunfermline, that either of us will comfortably see off any mediocre League 1 side that we come up against.

    I believe Morton v Airdrie in last years play off confirmed the huge gulf between the leagues and the quality on offer and while the Championship is far from good, it's still MUCH better than the teams finishing 2nd, 3rd and 4th in League 1.

    If it was a one off match then it might be different, however the 2 legs definitely gives the top league side the advantage.

    I'd also say that the league table in the Championship confirms that there's very little between most sides, so if Ayr can go to Rugby park and win, go to starks park and give your mob a damn good thrashing and comfortably contain the likes of Inverness, then I really don't think we've got a great deal to fear in Queens park, Airdrie or Montrose.

    The bottom line is that if we can't see these teams off, then we really don't deserve to retain our Championship place and can really have no complaints....

    I wouldn't be so confident 

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