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  1. That's how it works is it not? I thought the regulars from each club (especially ours) claims to speak for the entire support
  2. Dunelm are bound to sell a large amount of bedsheets.
  3. I'm sure we'll find out Mcglynns future soon enough. Strangely certain folk have come on here claiming comments on P&B have no bearing on the manager's future yet generally those same people claim to speak for the entire fanbase.
  4. And yet you thought he could walk on water but was one of the first to turn your back on him. Nice!
  5. Strangely though most off them wouldn't have had a bad word to say about Mcglynn. Not to mention have a go at anyone who did. That's Football fans for you!
  6. Airdrie are certs now! What a position to get yourselves into
  7. We can give you Vaughan on loan for the play offs
  8. Admin no 3 incoming (Not your fault obviously) a club that gave Drysdale a job.
  9. We don't need any lessons in morality from Dundee fans .
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