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  1. It's pretty simple teams like Dunfermline, Falkirk etc Have had a sustained period of success thats how they can build a fanbase . Even during our glory years in the mid nineties we couldn't go more than two seasons before it started to fall apart.
  2. He's probably thinking about the time you lot were being bankrolled.
  3. What the f**k are you on about now? Just concentrate on the bed sheets stella!
  4. Nothing bitter about it! Its what a Pars legend does is it not?
  5. Leishman will be on to take all the credit. Obviously if it goe's pear shaped he'll deny all knowledge.
  6. Inverness are shit it's been coming.
  7. I hope Dunfermline have some honest lawdies who will take it on the dish!
  8. It will even itself out over the season no need to worry.
  9. If Grant is still in place for the Killie game the bed sheet banners will be something to behold.
  10. Tbf with you guys it's usually a gang bang in the 200 club
  11. Women's football is a completely different sport tbh.
  12. Next league game against Killie that should finish him off. Unfortunately!
  13. After last Sunday Partick fans haven't changed the most wretched bunch you could ever come across.
  14. Exactly if we have sold 2500 for the home end there won't be much if any social distancing anyway.
  15. It doesn't help when we have a habit of signing players with a history of injuries.
  16. If Nouble keeps on scoring Livi will want him back as they are really struggling.
  17. Look on the bright side at least your not millions in debt again.
  18. What happens if Ellis makes a total c**t of it at Queens Park? No thanks
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