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  1. Great start for Nisbet at Hibs it was a pity we lost him but fair play to him a bit of hard work can certainly turn your career around.
  2. Great response in terms of season ticket sales ill get mine on payday.
  3. Loan of Celtic player on hold for financial reasons hopefully shift a few season tickets tomorrow.
  4. I suppose its time to get back in the saddle! Concerning transfer talk we've just signed a defender and we ARE signing a player from England apparently he is driving up as I type not sure about names though.
  5. Cheers look after Kebab for me! At least there wont be any flying chairs at Bayview next season well unless Shadwell dog turns up he seems to be taking it really badly.
  6. You're more or less just writing it for yourself as hardly anyone reads that shite anymore.
  7. As long as Celtic get f**k all! Not that is anyone associated with sevcos main concern it's for the greater good of Scottish football.
  8. Kelty hearts have been declared champions of their league does the lowlands league have different rules?
  9. I think the chairman should step back a bit it's a depressing enough time as it is with going overboard. We still have money from the Bowie transfer to come in that might not be immediately but its coming. Secondly if we were to go into administration why would we get relegated? One more thing we owe Sim 800k and other directors money what would they have to gain by letting us going into administration.
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