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  1. It's all good Dunfermline fan's can't wait to get the Montrose manager in to change their fortune's.
  2. Zananttta has done absolutely nothing to warrant a contract with Ayr let alone us!
  3. What do they do in training all week to produce that shit?
  4. Did we not have o e case earlier on with Kieron Mcdonald? If its one case surely the game should go ahead.
  5. The pitch was still covered in snow when I passed about ten this morning. They might have already decided not to bother.
  6. Indeed. You'll eventually manage a worthwhile post. Hang in there champ. You know its true!
  7. The BBC expect Hearts to win the league so i wouldnt be shocked to learn our home game on the last day of the season will be on tv.
  8. You can charge an extra £2 if you want and give it back to the community! Apparently your club always looks after your community.
  9. As soon as the fixtures came out the Hearts game at the end of the season was announced as a 7.45pm kick off on a Friday night.
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