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  1. What? Guys in their 50s still wearing stone washed Wranglers!
  2. My gran lives in the same care home as Bowie's great grandmother (Seriously) and when I was in visiting on Friday she never never said anything about his bad ankle but did say to a member of staff that hers were giving her jip.
  3. I'll bet Bowie's grandad had no idea he knew so many people.
  4. The only person you talk too is yourself! If you watched Mcglynns prematch interview he said his ankle wasn't the problem along with Allan he has man flu.
  5. I don't think anyone would Trust a word you say!
  6. Bowie only had a cold ffs! Mind you that would put you off attending.
  7. Some p***k has spray painted SECTION B on the side of the house!
  8. One thing you can say is in the last 3 games we couldn't play worse even if we tried and the opposing team still can't score.
  9. According to reports not one shot on goal that is diabolical.
  10. More or less the same team as Tuesday and you can guarantee what subs will come on.
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