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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    It would be quite funny if McKinnon was relegated next week by his dream club.
  2. Dumbarton v East Fife 20.4.19

    I wonder how long it will be before bawbag turns on the sons fans ? It will happen,aybe not this season,but it will happen, and he will move to another club, and come back to the rock , and do exactly the same gesture, bit with a different strip. He can't help himself, every club he's been at , the fans end up with a passionate dislike for the wee jobbie!! Are you upset about something?
  3. The East Fife Thread

    Nice one !
  4. The East Fife Thread

    Oh you guys!
  5. The East Fife Thread

    Nah he's an East Fife fan aka a sad c**t!
  6. The East Fife Thread

    Your unemployed boyfriend doesn't interest me! Mate
  7. Dumbarton v East Fife 20.4.19

    At least you can stop begging now diddy club. Please keep Bobby Barr it's a laugh if anything.
  8. Dumbarton v East Fife 20.4.19

    If we stay down we have nothing to fear from you guys!
  9. Dumbarton v East Fife 20.4.19

    And look at you now begging to stay in league 1!
  10. The East Fife Thread

    Oh dear!
  11. Dumbarton v East Fife 20.4.19

    Wait till your sponsors stop giving jobs to half your team!