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  1. We still have the 5k a month from the players fund and I cant see John Sim just writing off the 800k the club owes him.
  2. I know I'll get some smart arse responses but how did clubs survive during WW2 it's the same situation where everyone is in the same boat if it sadly means joblosses then so be it . No one will be signing players and with clubs being on lockdown the running costs should be quite low.
  3. If it gets that bad surely the club can at least ask Fulham to pay the money owed for Kieran I would think its highly unlikely for a club like Fulham to shaft us.
  4. Why do you care? You guys have massive cash reserves!
  5. Defo railway stand the painting is for sale but don't know if prints are available.
  6. It's on a Facebook page long lost football grounds of Scotland
  7. Like Dunfermline your awfy touchy about it thank god you have a board that truly cares!
  8. Falkirk like Dunfermline exaggerate their home gates let's see how that playes out.
  9. Look on the bright side your owners love the club! What could possibly go wrong?
  10. Has big Jim told you guys it will be ok yet?
  11. Whining is a speciality in terms of Falkirk fans you're exactly the same as Dunfermline in terms of this massive club shite. This mess will hurt every club even a small town club like Falkirk.
  12. Great gesture from the couple who donated a grand!
  13. Its,alright for Falkirk they can sell 800k worth of shares at the drop of a hat.
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