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  1. No idea what he's on about like
  2. Queens v Ayr

    Cheers for bursting my coupon Dobbie san
  3. Was on holiday for the game at Tynecastle last year and sister getting married on Saturday this time, ragin Should be a good game and atmosphere
  4. Dunfermline Athletic vs Ross County

    Desire to win isn't a bad trait to be honest. I think Williamson does need a slap to wake up sometimes
  5. A tale to tell the grandkids
  6. I like them both and think the away strip is mint tbh
  7. Then they up being some of the best players in the league and the parachuters and dundee utd buy them. Standard
  8. He was, my favourite player by the end of the season but why was he not played sooner? Never given a chance mid season so the question is why? We'll never know for sure
  9. Clark - Decent, but genuinely didn't score many against the top 6 in 2 seasons (midfield service pish bla bla dgaf). I didn't rate him personally McManus - Marathon runner, barn door syndrome Aird - Played for a contract last few games just like McCabe last season Morris - A loss as he could play out from the back a bit, but will also cost you a few times a season Obviously no one is going to be perfect in this league, but I don't think it's panic stations yet.
  10. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Surely you all have a stake in the Kingdom of Fife after beating us 40 times in a row naw?
  11. Dundee United 2018/2019

    If that's true big Cal Morris will be on his way in the car with Aird no doubt
  12. Hopefully on the Utd thread
  13. Faissy and McManus. RIP defences