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  1. £22 for ticket and £28.90 train return from Edinburgh. Lucky I'm rich
  2. Him and Shields both on "rolling" contracts. My interpretation of that was the board already got stung paying off AJ + SC after cocking it right up with the 2 year contract, so this time they can get rid of the manager with a lesser financial impact to the club. Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part though and the board have fucked it up once again
  3. Alexis Sanchez if you factor his wages anyway
  4. Just go with the expectation of getting skelped 7-0, sorted.
  5. One side of the full backs, right back is a joke.
  6. Hope these boys will be nailing our on-site gym (huge club). Could get thrown about a bit if they don't bulk up
  7. Frightening if McInnes is on 15k a week. Garbage
  8. Could just be the easiest £90 I'll ever make. Partick absolutely howling
  9. Anyone care to tell me why Hearts are 1.83 on 365 to win this against a team bottom of the championship?
  10. Where's the proof it was ou Just about to write this. Where's the evidence it was our own fans? Just because there's a loose policy that only Pars fans are allowed in must be true
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