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  1. 0 shots on target. 0 shots off target. 2 goal attempts both blocked with 3 forwards on park. I think this dumb f**k sees the headlines if he takes a scalp with attacking football. Massive ego, in reality an absolute charlatan of a manager.
  2. Where are the Peter Grant shaggers then? He's a disgrace, should walk along with McArthur
  3. Jeez people actually wanting a smaller stadium, nothing like being ambitious eh? Remember that if we were in Prem this season we'd have games against Dundee, Dundee Utd, Hearts, Hibs, Celtic and Rangers 4 of which you'd expect to sell out their allocation which = cash. Also, surely the population of Dunfermline has increased hugely in the last 10-20 years so crowds should be going up if anything...
  4. Fair enough, £20 going rate here. I am more worried about the Hampden redevelopment everyone has forgot about
  5. All agreed he's sound, OK great. With regards to football... If Steve Clarke starts him again it's mismanagement. We have young players that are far better and you can see that even in the 15 minute cameo vs Croatia where SOD takes a touch, looks up, thinks, passes... Patterson just played it one touch. Huge at International level and especially Scotland for breaking from back. I don't have to say anything about not playing Gilmour vs Czech I'm sure. Pedri good enough to start for Spain, but Gilmour and Patterson need more experience for Scotland... Clarke's lineup in next game is binary whether he is scotland mananger going forward for me.
  6. I doubt it's them being kind as much as they know they can ride the wave from qualification. I paid a good few £ for the Belgium friendly we got horsed in which included train from Edin-Glasgow + Uber to hampden + running back to Queen street as the station closest had queues 3 streets back for last train. Speaking of which anyone heard anymore about that Hampden redevelopment they promised when mugging Murrayfield orrrr?
  7. Will be same as Sean Murdoch then, been out ages then gone when out of contract. We don't have money to spare unfortunately
  8. Did they just hire the first clown they interviewed like? Shocking
  9. £22 for ticket and £28.90 train return from Edinburgh. Lucky I'm rich
  10. Him and Shields both on "rolling" contracts. My interpretation of that was the board already got stung paying off AJ + SC after cocking it right up with the 2 year contract, so this time they can get rid of the manager with a lesser financial impact to the club. Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part though and the board have fucked it up once again
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