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  1. Ah I see. Yeah it didn’t seem like the usual “special edition” thing due to it being a completely different manufacturer.
  2. Hi all, I’m a shirt dweeb. Why were you wearing a new Joma kit in the cup final?
  3. 100%. Obviously it’s only speculation, but I’m sure we’ve all heard the stories at this point. The problem, in my opinion, isn’t the lack of budget though. It was the utilisation of what we had. Look at the start of this season. We signed Rodden and Hendji (albeit probably on small wages and no wages in Hendji’s case) and ended up playing PK at left back and then signing both Jon Craig on loan in a panic because the aforementioned two were rotten and Rico Quitongo came in on loan too. Two loan slots taken up with left backs after signing two in the summer after playing a midfielder there. That’s criminal squad building. Worse managers than Danny Lennon have built far superior squads with smaller budgets.
  4. With my tinfoil hat on, I'd maybe say that in reality Swift is probably in charge anyway or rather at least more in charge than an 'assistant' normally is. My thinking being that when things didn't improve under Duffy it was probably clear that he wouldn't be staying longer than the end of the season. Swift then became available and we bring him in. Now if the rest of the season is a dud and we go down, Duffy leaves and carries the can. If we don't go down, Swift coming in will be seen as a real turning point and he'll inherit on a high (the lowest high possible, but you know what I mean). Either way, it keeps the fans opinions of him at the very least ambivalent because somewhere a decision has been made that he'll be taking the team next season no matter what happens. I am almost certainly giving the board too much credit here.
  5. Definitely! I also thought it was a great shout from Stenny to bring him in, but he got a whole lot wrong in signing practically his entire BSC Glasgow squad. The second season he seemed to have a good budget and assembled a decent squad but led them into the doldrums at the bottom end of L2. Their fans do not rate him at that level whatsoever. It'll likely be the case that next season his budget at Clyde (if he takes over) will be smaller than what he had to play with at Stenny. I understand that one job shouldn't define his career, but I'm not sure that the decision to bring him in will be entirely football based. I think it's very difficult to bring in a manager when you don't know what league you'll be playing in the following season and the likelihood being that it'll be the one below. I imagine Swift has been brought in because he has no qualms about spending a few months as an assistant and then managing in L2. Bringing him in now could be seen as smart because it gives him time to assess what we have currently and sound out what he thinks we need going forward. Obviously, I could be wrong. Duffy could stay. Both could leave and we could advertise for someone else. However I don't think that's the case.
  6. To me yeah, it seems like that's definitely what the plan is - I think Swift will be manager next season. Duffy hasn't been able to turn things round (shock) so I can't see him hanging about so bringing Swift in until the end of the season to potentially let him pick up some advice and give him time to think about what the squad is going to look like next season. It's the most "Clyde FC" thing ever though. Manager gets sacked for underperforming with a talented squad in the league below and we bring him in.
  7. Apologies, I meant that the grown men in question are losers, rather than Paton. Although Paton is still a turnip.
  8. Baffling this isn’t it, just absolutely guaranteed to make yourself look like an absolutely unhinged loser
  9. From where I was, folk were just laughing at him being a little weirdo. It was disappointing to see some of the knuckle draggers trying to square him up at FT just giving him exactly what he wanted. I actually thought we were the slightly-less-poor of two very poor teams today. McGeever and McDonald’s misses were absolutely baffling. Scullion and Cameron at centre mid is absolutely horrifying. Parry, Sula and McGeever looked reasonably decent today and having them performing as a cohesive unit for the rest of the season will be the difference between us going down and potentially staying up. Salkeld and Rennie are good players but both had poor games today. Doherty isn’t a good player but at least he has a bit of dig about him.
  10. Also - why does this Alan guy keep posting from different accounts? Trying to keep the police off his tail or something?
  11. Having been intently watching this absolute shambles unfold for the past few weeks, I found it pretty funny that Stoosh was called 'co-manager' in the statement announcing his departure. Was it ever announced that he was no longer the sole manager? Who is the other co-manager? Mooney? Wylde?
  12. I hadn't noticed Will Sewell had re-signed with Largs. Bit of a shame that one, always nice when a player steps up and I thought he had scored a few goals (without being privy to how his all round performances were). What prompted the move? Was it just a case of needing to move him on to bring Gavin Reilly in?
  13. Seeing as absolutely nothing is happening, no one can be arsed in any way, I'm bored as anything at work and the Craig Howie's workmate patter popped into my head... What was the job he was actually doing? And can anyone think of the maddest job a Clyde player has had?
  14. Mate, shut up. Imagine you were sitting watching your boy and some dafty starts shouting the odds at him. You’d bite, I’d bite. Can’t blame them. See my above point. It’s not his fault. He’s not at the standard required but he’s basically being hung out to dry because poor recruitment has led to him playing out of position in a level way higher than he’s capable of performing at. Scullion is not the overriding issue here.
  15. I do feel for Scullion. He seems like a really nice laddie and you see his folks at the games every week, but he’s having an absolute shocker of an introduction into professional football. It’s because of absolutely shambolic recruitment that we have to play boys like him, they’re just not of the level required. It’s not their fault, but ultimately they get it in the neck.
  16. Surely you can't call someone like Morelos a cult hero when he's been a genuinely class player for several seasons. There's nothing 'cult' about that boy. Same with the likes of Prso, McCulloch and Jelavic. Someone like the aforementioned Conrad Logan, came in, was a pie, helped win a cup, peaced out. Or Compper at Celtic, plays once across two seasons but is pictured grinning away with a league winners medal round his neck. Eremenko at Killie, unbelievable player that just could not be arsed taking the game seriously. Marco Negri. Those guys are cult heroes. Anyway, I'm away back to the League One thread.
  17. I think my favourite thing about you Skyline is not the fact that you know your shit, it’s that it’s presented with such sass
  18. Looking at what Duffy does with Darren Hynes, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we see Quitongo playing centre mid. Hopefully we’re just waiting to announce a midfielder because jeezo we need one.
  19. Anyone know who the trialist was that started in the Glasgow Cup the other night? Normally we list trialists by name in the 'Fixtures' section of the website but the Celtic B game hasn't been added yet.
  20. That's interesting, I didn't know that. Makes our league-surrendering Fitzpatrick-recall all the more laughable. Re: Roddens loan - do you know if he would be able to play for a third club in the pyramid this season?
  21. I was thinking about this too - I can't remember the exact circumstances but I'm sure the Fitzpatrick situation was he signed with Clyde but wasn't properly registered before going out on loan, so when he was recalled and played he was ineligible as opposed to it being outwith any windows. Either way, feels like this situation may be dicey and I hope the club carry out due dilligence.
  22. It was entertaining only because of how funny it was. Genuinely two of the worst footballing teams I've ever seen in my life. Shockingly amateurish. I think I'm so far down the line of disappointment that I've transcended apathy and I'm not in acceptance. Salkeld scoring felt amazing though, and jeezo when that final whistle went.
  23. The problem is though, we don't have anyone beyond our starting 11 at all. I'd love to have Cunningham sitting behind Rennie in the middle, but we don't have any wide midfielders because of some absolutely insane recruitment. Unfortunately the likes of Olly McDonald, Ewan Cameron and Liam Scullion just aren't anywhere near good enough to be close to our starting line up and only get on because there's literally no one else. I think if you have Hynes at right back and Cuddihy in CM as opposed to Cuddihy right back and Ross Lyon holding midfield (wtf btw), that's our strongest 11. It's going to mean Cunningham being pinned back, Rennie pushed out wide and Doherty just being shown as the obvious downgrade on Jordan Allan that he is, but it's all we have. Saturday did show that Rennie, Salkeld and Roberts might have enough between them to keep us off bottom though.
  24. 100%, ball cannoned of Doherty every time it went up to him. After a certain point Duffy moved Rennie inside for goal kicks too. I thought Rennie was really impressive the other day and Docherty didn’t offer much of anything, and to boot Cunningham ended up way too deep. Imho, Cunningham should play as a 10 with Rennie as the 9.
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