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  1. Just reading this again, an absolutely mind boggling take
  2. You’re trying to speak sense to a man that a few minutes ago, said he would graciously accept the outcome of the case in a court of law if David Goodwillie had raped his own wife/daughter.
  3. I’m really not thinking you’re reading the (online) room re: who looks stupid.
  4. Good font control. This is actually beyond parody at this point.
  5. I think what's clear at this point is this laddie is a pellet.
  6. There are literally two Mark Lamonts. One that recently played for Clyde, and most recently was on loan at Broomhill from Alloa. The other has just been released by Dumbarton having also played with East Fife and Stranraer. The one that played for us had his moments but was really found wanting in L1 and it was clear he knew his level and couldn't be bothered as a result of things not going for him. I still think he'd do a job in L2, if he can be arsed. The other had a tremendous mane of hair, but he seemed to have got rid of that this season. Not sure that helps you re: footballing ability but I feel like it's relevant.
  7. This was interesting, although you obviously need to take squad numbers with a pinch of salt in L1 and L2. I seem to remember when Goodwillie came on against Cowdenbeath for his debut he was wearing number 3.
  8. You wonder sometimes why people think us Clyde fans are wankers and then you see some of us dishing out whatabootery re: rape. Absolutely disgusting. “Well actually I think you’ll find civil courts blah blah”. Genuinely read what you’re typing back to yourself out loud lads.
  9. This comment is absolutely astonishing and pathetic in equal measure.
  10. No. For a start, he was found likely to have committed the rape in a civil court, so let's not lower ourselves by using the word "accused". All this tit for tat about the validity of a civil court case is bordering on insanity. Look, that's absolutely fair enough and more power to you if you can stop yourself but you'll excuse me if I appear cynical considering my own, first hand experience.
  11. Yes, you will. It's unfortunate but ultimately if he signs for you and does well, you'll end up supporting him the same way you would any other player. I was against him signing for Clyde, no matter how desperate we were. He signed, and I sat stoney faced when he scored his first against Elgin. 10 minutes later he's scored a hat-trick and I'm celebrating. The people around you go tonto, and you get caught up in it. As a human, the things he done are reprehensible, of course, and I still feel guilty about celebrating his goals. I have a slightly out-of-the-box question. You might be mentally much stronger than I and will be able to resist celebrating his goals. But say you win 1-0 and he's scored the only goal of the game, or wins man of the match, do you celebrate then, given that he has ultimately won the game? Where do you draw the line? People might think differently to me (unfortunate but whatever) but when it comes to this, the only real way to show your displeasure is by not engaging with the club as a whole whilst he's under contract.
  12. Aye especially with the fact you're dishing out 18-month full time contracts to the likes of Paul Watson. Undoubtedly there are questions about this decision from Goodwillie given that he turns 33 in March and hasn't played full time football since 2017. Realistically, Falkirk are his only full time option given their relative desperation and the uproar when Raith were sniffing about. He's been coaching, so maybe he sees 1-on-1 sessions as a viable full time option for when he finishes? I don't see him passing his PVG if it were to become official though. Goodwillie wants full time football and realistically, a combination of Callumn Morrison, Anton Dowds and David Goodwillie gets you promoted. It's really quite funny though what desperation has done to Falkirk FC and its fans, given how loud they were and how eager they were to call us all the names under the sun for accepting Goodwillie at our club when we were staring down the barrel of the Lowland League. Even the mere prospect of him signing two years ago had fans willing to tear up their season tickets. A couple of seasons down in League 1 will humble you right up.
  13. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Falkirk sign Goodie to replace Keena, we never see any of the money spent, we don't get anyone else in and just go with Jones and Tade as the forwards until the end of the season.
  14. Noticed Syvertsen and Hopkirk haven't been involved for a while - are they injured or just out of favour? Always liked big Norway at Clyde but he just couldn't get himself a run of games, which was rubbish because he's obviously a talented laddie.
  15. 21st of January and absolutely zero sign of any bodies arriving. Pathetic and infuriating, especially when it's so obvious what we need.
  16. I'd heard we were going for Moffat, with his age and him having had a taste of first team football you'd think he'd want to get out and play in the SPFL but who knows. Even if he does come, we're still crying out for a couple of established players, as we always are.
  17. There’s clearly some kind of ‘tactic’ re: the signings. Any dafty could look at the players available and identify that the likes of Joe McKee, Russell MacLean, Morgyn Neill etc would improve the team and move to sign them. We’re based centrally, have a generally well regarded manager and are reasonably placed in L1 - all attractive propositions for players. Yet we’re signing players like Owen Andrew, Rob Jones and Billy Mortimer. As has been said, DL signed McStay, Grant, Rankin, Banks etc so he is clearly able to identify what’s required to improve the squad. There’s a disconnect there, something we’re not seeing, and it stinks. One player I think we should attempt to sign is Alan Trouten - he would be perfect to sit in at 10 and link Goodie and the midfield. We desperately need some kind of creativity to transition midfield play into attack, and if that’s not touched upon in January then something is really wrong. I don’t mean some joey from Rangers B, we need an established SPFL player.
  18. One thing worth noting is this seasons trialists are named on the Statistics section of the OS. So we've had Ryan Blair, Andrew Osei-Bunsu and the baldy laddie that made an appearance was called Michael Brunton, who my pal says plays with Bellshill Athletic. Thankfully none have been signed up, but going by the level our other signings this season have come from it plays that if anyone comes in, it will be from a level well below L1. The absolute pits.
  19. Yeah it's absolutely wild that the quality in the squad has went backwards AFTER we hired a salaried recruitment team. I can't remember the last time we brought in a player that garnered any excitement amongst the fans. Other than Neil Parry, I think literally every signing in the past two years has been met with a collective groan.
  20. Yeah, I've tried to fathom the maths but it genuinely doesn't seem worthwhile for any party involved in the situation. There does seem to have been a big change in attitude from Falkirk fans re: DGW signing, which is extremely interesting.
  21. Reynolds only played 10 league games for Sheffield Wednesday, all of which came in League 1. I'd heard he was going to Cove. Anyway, besides the point. You've offered Goodwillie a 2.5 year deal?!?!?!
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