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  1. I agree here, I think every team in League 1/2 needs a player *like* him - a big, disruptive striker who can hold the ball in and play with his feet too - but there just aren't that many still kicking about.
  2. What's the deal with John Gemmell then? Must have played less than 10 games for Clyde but I always really liked him. Not a great player but physical and an absolute wind up merchant. Looks from Saturday's photos like he's slimmed down too. Obviously had an absolutely superb partnership with Scott Williamson last season and it's a really good advert for that level when players still have opportunities to move upwards, with Williamson moving to the Championship and Gemmell back into the seniors. It's great either way, even just for patters sake.
  3. If you get sent off, you are suspended for the following game unless you appeal which we can't do because it's two yellows. Allan is out for the Kelty game but sure the double yellow is just a one match ban. Got to be wee Olly coming in for him. It'll be interesting to see how we react after getting pegged back against Peterhead. Hopefully just a blip. Looking forward to it anyway!
  4. Ah ok. From where I was he certainly didn't look injured and I feel like the club Twitter would specify that he was injured, which it did not. I'm probably wrong though. Just all seemed to line up with him having an absolute nightmare too.
  5. I do wonder if we'll see Hendji again in a Clyde jersey. Not sure I've ever seen anyone subbed after 11 minutes before due to poor performance. Kennedy starting, Roddan on the bench. I still think we need to get a left back and a centre forward in on loan if we're not going to sign anyone permanently. If that happens, I think the squad is looking in pretty decent nick.
  6. I think this season may be different though, given that the entire Peterhead team has been ripped to shreds.
  7. Absolute word salad here. Think you need to take a breath. Agree 100% about the game though.
  8. Really enjoyed that yesterday. I absolutely loved Olly McDonald too, he would not shut up and never gave the Queens defence a minutes peace. It was rough but fairly refreshing to see Danny immediately take off Hendji rather than stick with him. Roddan must be way out the picture now he’s turned PK into a left back. One sour note though was seeing a bunch of weird middle aged men that have watched Football Factory one too many times, usual suspects. Seen one guy try and square up a boy in a wheelchair, so that was fairly embarrassing.
  9. Yeah, that seems to be the Premier League loanees rolling in to clubs now. Still time but I'm not holding my breath.
  10. I'm certain that 'creator' in this case refers to assisting goals directly - he had zero assists across 21 appearances in the Championship/League 1 last season. Between the posts he looks switched on and sharp, out wide or deeper he looked ineffective and moany.
  11. Lizzie on the Beeb side, Jimmy Bell on the Rangers side, giving each other a big staunch kiss. Beautiful.
  12. This is it - no one should be surprised or annoyed that the literal British Broadcasting Corporation are licking the boots of The Rangers Football Club. Pair of irrelevant and pathetic institutions doing pathetic and irrelevant things. Colour me shocked. The both love the queen and financial diddling, let the bunch of wee weirdos go daft.
  13. Assuming this isn't a joke, it wasn't a great goal. Wee turn and hit from a knockdown from a corner that trickled over the line with the most backspin I've seen since Kerr Waddle's own goal for Morton vs Alloa. Neil McLaughlin's goal was a screamer though.
  14. Same, but I think the issues regarding both were fairly well discussed on here, on the OS and in person, with a bit of input from 'a relative' of Livingstone. Livingstone is exploring full time options and as tends to happen, this can take a while. He could have been in and out of several clubs on trial that have shown an interest. Splaine I find a little stranger given that he's added his name to the PFA available players list and supposedly was involved in the exit showcase, but was open about his apathy towards football.
  15. What is everyone thinking re: signing requirements? I think a left back and a centre forward are essential. Rodden just looked too far behind against Hibs and Bonnyrigg, with very questionable decision making to boot. Saying that, Hendji looked fine but he wasn't really tested much against a very poor Morton side. Up top, I wasn't really impressed by Jordan Allan in any of the games. That's not to say he won't come good, but I think we need someone with a bit more presence up front to hold the ball in and set our midfield/wide forwards, especially in L1.
  16. Had to leave a bit early there but that was absolutely night and day from what we seen against Bonnyrigg. Saying that, Morton look about half the team Bonnyrigg were, but this is pleasing nonetheless.
  17. If we go for a back 5, we'll have to bring in at least another 2 centre halfs for cover. Cassidy will be the only one on the bench and I can't see a 37 year old Brian McLean, a 35 year old Steven Thicot and Peter Grant (who has only played about 40 games in 5 seasons due to injury) all playing 90 mins every single game of the season. I also think Cuddihy's days as a centre midfielder are done with. It's fairly well known that he was at Hamilton as a right back and the late availability of Mikey Doyle meant that he didn't make the grade. As much as they don't work together, Danny will play Grant and Gomis at centre mid.
  18. Parry Cuddihy, McLean, P. Grant, Rodden R. Grant, Gomis Roberts Cunningham, Allan, Duthie Seems like this will generally be our starting line up for the beginning of the season unless more is added, with maybe Thicot replacing McLean Despite the results so far, I don't think it's too bad for a team looking to finish mid-table in League 1. We absolutely need another left back and centre forward, preferably starters and not as back up.
  19. It was fairly stunning to watch McGachie boss our centre backs in the air every single time. There was a very annoying older couple a few rows in front of me who just would not shut up with the 'fat b*****d' comments, so I did secretly enjoy McGachie getting it right up them.
  20. For a bit of forced positivity - the home kit looks nice
  21. Last night was absolute garbage. I also refuse to do the whole 'aw it's too early to blah blah because the team needs to gel and blah blah'. It was nothing to do with not having gelled. Bonnyrigg weren't great and I've never seen a team in worse physical shape, but we barely laid a glove on them. Not one of our boys could beat a man. I was initially excited about Rodden's signing, but after having seen him twice now he looks miles off the standard required for League 1. Maybe he'll grow into it but we need another option there. Preferably one that isn't shoehorning Paul Kennedy in. I was impressed with Olly MacDonald when he came on. He looked sharp and nippy, but that had no end product because the rest of the team were playing like a bunch of dullards. Liam Scullion looked fine but by the time he came on we weren't holding a shape at all so I've no idea where he was supposed to be playing. Jordan Allan done his best but again, doesn't look up to scratch and is very small. It was an absolutely wild choice to stick him on his own up top against Bonnyrigg's two centre halfs (enormous). Duthie and Ray Grant showed absolutely nothing. JBH had a nightmare and picking up an injury shipping the second goal was a nice excuse for Danny to bring him off. McGachie and Hall dancing through the defence for the first goal certainly was a sight to behold. Two very experienced centre halfs just absolutely capitulating. Rubbish. Overall not a good first impression of this squad at all. Hopefully this is just a blip on the way to settling down but it's a really big, scary blip.
  22. The comparison with OG Broomhill is moot because they're backed by one of the most popular sources of football related entertainment in the country, who have sold out the Hydro.
  23. Only big Kevin Smith from East Fife and a couple of young boys - seems as though they want to mostly go with the team that got them up.
  24. Agree, really looking forward to the game tonight. ... and speaking of the 12/13 season, Keiran McGachie will be kicking about!
  25. It is fairly mad how much that 12/13 squad is romanticised. I wonder if it's because that's when some of the younger lads started attending games?
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