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  1. Clyde would, you just happened to beat us to it
  2. Is this real? What an absolutely pathetic display if so. What do the fans think of that?
  3. He played for Clyde on loan from Celtic and was very good from what I remember. Scored a good goal agains Montrose in a team that also featured Craig Halkett and Euan Murray (who also scored, playing as a number 9 - classic Barry Ferguson). I remember hearing an Open Goal interview with Kieran Tierney where he said that at the time that Celtic had McIlduff as more of a prospect than KT, who wasn't even really playing with the rezzies.
  4. Frightening the pish Danny came out with on some of the summer signings. He would rather play anyone at right back rather than Billy "ticks all the boxes" Mortimer. He would rather play anyone at right back ahead of Marky Munro, who he signed because it was clear Mortimer wasn't good enough - That's more frightening
  5. I was neutral about QP until David Galt's screamer
  6. Got to be honest, I don't see any chance of us getting something out of this so even I'm hoping QP play Brown and Connell because they're just superb to watch. How has Longstaff been?
  7. Absolutely. Probably the most famous example of this recently is Scotland trying to find a way to get KT and Robbo playing as close to their natural position as possible. Playing Robbo one up in left mid doesn't work. Playing KT at right back or CB in a two was fine but not great. Both are world class players but take them out of their natural position and it doesn't really work. You could argue that the reason Robbo hasn't done Liverpool level stuff with Scotland is *because* he's not playing as a straight up number 3 with the whole game in front of him. It's not rocket science, and you can even see the thinking behind moving DGW around but it's been tried and it hasn't worked so let's just put it to bed until he's 40 and has to drop back into centre midfield.
  8. Oh do shut up, what an insane point. You've literally said we were spoiled by having Mitchell, so you want to chop a perfectly competent keeper because he's not been quite as good as him? Aye he's made a couple of mistakes but he's still very much settling into the team. He's also made some great saves. He should NOT be dropped. Why are Clyde fans so f*cking mental.
  9. I keep thinking about it and I genuinely think that starting line up on Saturday was one of the worst I've seen at the very least since BFs first season. What was more frustrating is even with the injuries, we had Cunningham, Livingstone and even Deveney on the bench who would surely have been better options than playing the most narrow midfield the world has ever seen. For me, Cunningham just has to start over Rob Jones. Goodwillie is a target to hit, and he brings others into play. By playing Jones as the target man you're actually taking Goodwillie out the game totally, as balls don't stick to Rob Jones and despite his size I've never seen him win a header so he can't bring the 'wee guy' into play. Goodwillie has to be the target man with Cunningham playing off him. The ball sticks to Goodwillie and he can either bring others into play or do something himself but we HAVE to get him on the ball.
  10. I love how these threads have just descended into: 'We're absolutely shocking, enjoy beating us' 'Nah nah we're much worse, you'll smash us to bits' and Clyde have still been coming out second best every time. Absolute joke of a group at the moment. I'm still haunted by the midfield 4 of Kennedy, Nicoll, Gomis and Splaine. I'm not sure there's been a more lethargic midfield in the history of football. Rob Jones must have some scuddies Danny Lennon doesn't want out either. Hopefully Cuddihy and Love are fit for Saturday. With that in mind, my Clyde team would be: - Parry - - Cuddihy, Elsdon, Page, Rumsby, Livingstone - - Gomis, Splaine - - Love - - Cunningham, Goodwillie -
  11. I'm surprised you've not heard about this. It happens regularly throughout the leagues. One player is made an offer from Club A whilst aware of interest from Club B and Club C. Player/Agent uses the offer from Club A as leverage to get more money out of Clubs B/C - "Club A are offering £XXX p/w, if you can better it, I'll sign for you, if not then I'll sign for Club A". With regards to dropping down to L2, I have a few mates that play/have played at this level and to them it seems to be that L1/L2 is much of a muchness. If you have the choice between playing for a team with the potential to win L2 or playing for a team fighting to survive in L1 on similar money, signing with the team in L2 is a no brainer. You'll probably have a good time playing in a positive environment and might end up with a promotion on your CV. Ray goes to Stirling Uni IIRC, so it's probably just a much easier option and the money will be similar.
  12. Personally, I'll mainly be trying to ask about the signing policy - I want the process to be fleshed out, from top to bottom. We have players in the squad who, without debate, aren't good enough for this league and clearly were never going to be, and we've ended up with a bloated squad with players even being shipped out on loan before they've kicked a ball. I want to know how, with the combined experience of our manager and recruitment team, this was allowed to happen, and I want to know what the answers are.
  13. Any sane manager in L1 would be battering Watson's door down to get him in in January - it'd be worth letting 6/7 players go to free up the money to pay him from Jan-May given he's exactly what we need. Maybe we wouldn't get him but he's 31 and coming to the end of his full-time career, so it'd be well worth planting the seed. However as has been mentioned, there's no danger Danny has given him a shout.
  14. He shouldn't be above criticism but you can see exactly why he's in the huff. I'd be in the huff too if I were one of the best players in the league, surrounded by dross with a manager that employs an extremely odd set of tactics with a shambolic recruitment policy. Against Montrose, he was being asked to play as a 10 in behind Tade and Jones, with no one in midfield capable of linking up. There's only so much 'f**k it, I'll do it myself' a man can do.
  15. That's good, I'm going to need to be sufficiently libated to watch us get town to ribbons.
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