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  1. Sorry for holidaying in the Championship forums but I wanted to have a wee look at these lists and as much as I love Tom Lang I still don't understand the complex mathematics that have been performed to give a player who played 2 games, one where he was bad (apparently), a 6/10 for an entire seasons work - especially given that he left on loan in January. Superb. For what it's worth he's a great player and if not for injury he would have been your best CB, absolutely no doubt. Plus he's so handsome.
  2. These were Clyde's away and training jerseys for our second season with Hummel, away jersey was sky blue and the training jerseys were red, black and this exact white top. It's actually really nice in the flesh if a little lazy from Ayr. For the most part I really liked our Hummel kits, especially the first season, and the supplier kept orders flowing steadily as opposed to our current supplier.
  3. They have some great players, I really like Mitch Megginson and whilst he was fairly guff in the SPL and Championship he's now looking like a striker bursting with confidence. He'll score goals in League 1 no problem. Jamie Masson and Broque Watson another couple of great players, as well as the obvious Fyvie. They'll have no problem signing players either, even if they are loans - they've used that very well in the past with the likes of Glass, Smith and Antoniazzi. They're sponsored by an oil company, so finances take care of themselves to that end.
  4. Cove as they are right now would smash a fair few teams in L1 to bits. It's not really a damning insight. They have plenty money behind them and they'll be very dangerous next season.
  5. I'm not sure that's the only reason the FFC fanbase has been compared to the Rangers considering the events of the past few weeks. In all seriousness, with Thistle coming down and Cove coming up, how confident are you about getting out of the division when things restart? Surely some of your bigger players will be wanting out of League 1. Will it be a full squad reconstruction job for next season?
  6. Great 'da' patter this. Quite surprised it took three pages before someone thought to post an 'It's funny because they were all shite' team given the amount of da's on P&B.
  7. What costs are you referring to? The games are always recorded live anyway, setting up a stream would be of no extra cost if the camera operator is a volunteer, which is currently the case as I understand it. This would mean one volunteer would require access to the box, and would not come into contact with the players, so risk is minimal. Regarding the shortfall from missing hospitality, there will be ways and means to circumvent this, which I'm sure a smarter man than I will deduce. I think the amount of people buying a stream would be fairly similar to our average attendance. I would definitely still buy my season ticket as I'm sure many more would. We tend not to have many casual comers and goers. This will also give expats and fans that generally wouldn't be able to make it to the game/can't normally be arsed getting to Cumbernauld the chance to view. Maybe I'm being optimistic.
  8. Can't remember if this has been mooted here, but I had a conversation with my mate recently and he suggested that if football commenced behind closed doors (pretty well known at this point that we're unlikely to be able to attend games as fans until a vaccine has been developed), clubs should sell 'tickets' to live stream the games whenever they take place. Buying a virtual ticket gets you access to watching the game live at 3pm on a Saturday. Season ticket holders get a code to get beyond the paywall to view the game emailed to them just before kick off etc. I personally think it's a great idea.
  9. Best - Anyone remember Connor Quinn? Played 4 or 5 games for us, including one of the best goalie performances I’ve ever seen against Ayr away, then just disappeared into the ether. Worst - That 11/12 season we had 6 or 7 goalies, Nick Feely, Mentel even Alan Combe had a go. Somehow JC Hutchinson was still the worst. Rotten. Special mention to Andy McNeil who had a shocker against Alloa as a trialist but only really because I was quite excited about him.
  10. It's not shafting you. You weren't going to go up. If anything this way benefits you as you get more prize money for finishing second, as opposed to the 3rd or 4th you'd have finished had the league continued as normal.
  11. Honestly, it's no surprise that Falkirk are salty that Fife counterparts would benefit and they wouldn't. The reason they want second to be bumped up or for that place to feature in a higher tier of a restructured league is because they know categorically at this point that they'd lose in the play-offs. Challenging the vote is Falkirk's best chance of either going up, or keeping Raith down. Desperate straw clutching from a joke club. Some fans take their teams demise with dignity but this whole affair goes to show that Falkirk fans can be lumped in with the Rangers fans in the hallowed 'Lets all laugh at them greeting' section of Scottish football.
  12. That's 11 pages now and still not one person has put forward any sort of argument as to why null and void is a good idea. It should be off the table, because the very notion of it is stupid, insanely stupid.
  13. Especially since the total is around £7k. Makes it around £90 per donor, really good stuff, some folk must have slid in the big bucks.
  14. I don't really understand why the season being incomplete needs to be factored in. If the season is ended now, 19/20 can be considered concluded (concluded being the wording used in the document). If the SPFL decide the remainder of games need to be played, the season is not concluded. Null and void is stupid, I really don't understand how anyone can think it isn't. Also, further to a reply to my earlier post, it would be a 14 team top tier with the rest of the leagues containing 10. That's my angry typing making itself known there.
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