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  1. This is it, but a decision should have been made at the end of last season at the very latest, to a) get the new guy in the door and b) allow him to build his own squad. Basically, we could have been pissing with a different (potentially much more impressive, maybe not, but at least different) cock. The thing is, everyone can see where we've went wrong in our recruitment. It's obvious. Danny has his reasons for signing the players that he's signed but he's consistently got it very, very wrong. I can't pretend to understand his methods. He should have left a while ago, but hasn't, so it's probably better to leave him with the squad he has right now until it can be overhauled, unfortunately. Or not? I genuinely don't know. When you look at the players teams around us and just below us are bringing in - the likes of Salim Kouder-Aissa has went to Stranraer etc - it really makes you fear for the rest of the season if all we can muster is a third left back who won't play.
  2. The issue is he needs to play with someone with pace to cover his lack of legs. Playing McLean and Grant together is insane, and McLean has admittedly shown up better so far so for me Grant needs to come out. Again, just another point highlighting Danny's recruitment madness. We had three left backs on the bench yesterday whilst starting a centre mid there. I seen the value in giving Rodden a shot coming up from his season in the LL with Shire but we needed to sign an experienced full back to conteract that, and instead signed an amateur and an 18 year old. It's constant odd decisions and extremely laborious at this point.
  3. I can’t even remember him making an appearance but he playef a total of 47 minutes in the league according to Transfermarkt. He gets filed in the apparently endless list of “useless old firm loanees”. Was very young though, I’d imagine he’s probably improved a lot given the environment.
  4. I wouldn’t have minded Morgyn Neill in the summer but we have immobile centre halves coming out our arse. Saying that, he’d likely be an improvement, I’d still take him. Good to get a left back on board, right back and a striker next please Danny.
  5. Realistically if Falkirk screw the nut, they should be sticking 4 or 5 past us. We need to be hoping Parry/Mullen is in the mood, lest we're in for a long afternoon. We also cannot go with a two from McLean, Grant or Thicot, they'll just get torn to ribbons, so Sula should play. He won't though, it'll be Grant and McLean. I'm hoping we go for a nice, sensible 442 of: Parry Lyon, Sula, McLean, Kennedy Cuddihy, Grant, Gomis, Roberts Cunningham, Allan Unfortunately it looks like our best wide midfield options as it stands are two centre midfielders, our best left back option is also a centre midfielder (despite having signed two left backs), we don't actually have a right back so let's just stick Ross Lyon in there out the way and up top, we've absolutely no real presence so I'm hoping for Cunningham sitting just behind Allan. We desperately need a competent, specialist full back at either side and someone up top with a bit of height/strength/mild levels of ability to get us up the park. Here's hoping Falkirk somehow revert to their natural form of "Scotland's Premier Joke Club (that isn't called The Rangers FC)" before the game, I suppose.
  6. Pretty excited for Saturday. Don’t really care about the diddy cups obviously but it’ll be interesting to see us play against someone a little different! Hopefully we don’t embarrass ourselves
  7. Agree here. I do like Danny and Moorey but it's just not been working. Season on season we've only survived by default because other teams have had disasters, and even then it's been close. The problem is there's been several occasions over the past few seasons that should have resulted in Danny leaving but haven't, so I'm not sure what changes that. Also with the future of the club up in the air in terms of finding a home, changes to the board etc, now may not the best time to introduce an extra level of instability and it may be better to keep someone with Danny's experience around through the tumult. On the other side of the coin, maybe there's no better time than now for a reset. The problem then being who do we see in charge of a long term rebuild. Yogi? (No). Ray McKinnon? (No). Hopkin? (No). It's a tough one.
  8. I made up a questionnaire and handed it round Clyde fans worldwide to assess our collective political beliefs. Trust me, I've done the maths on this, it's 60%. I'm sorry you didn't get yours, it must've went to your neighbour, Sir Oswald Mosely. Also - random allegations is quite funny, because I certainly haven't done that, which makes YOU the random alligator!
  9. Not all Clyde fans are like that, I promise. It's probably about 60%, but that's not all of us.
  10. Cry more my guy. Quite wild that you're having a go at me for being anti-Tory, anti-rapist and now anti-monarchy, I'm not sure how you think that you can possibly come off well from that - which is very funny, at least for me.
  11. Obviously f*ck the monarchy, only an insane person would be a follower of the royal family in 2022, bootlicking little dweebs etc... ... but Lizzie buying the farm has saved Clyde from a potential horsing here so I suppose, thanks?
  12. He’s good pals with McCabe from their Rangers days and it’s full time last chance saloon, no chance we’d have gotten him at this point
  13. That's some statement - why 'SCUM'? Not having a go, I'm not a big fan of some of their members, I'm genuinely interested.
  14. It's glaringly obvious that we need a centre forward who can hold the ball up and get us up the park. All our strikers are lightweight wee guys and sometimes that just wont work when playing against seasoned pros who can read them like a book, especially when none of those strikers are necessarily prolific. So many times at goal kicks Danny was shouting to Parry to 'Play!' - trying to play out from the back with three non-footballing centre halves when 3-1 down is an absolutely wild call, but we had no one to hit when going long other than the wing backs pushing high.
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