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  1. Really interested to see how this works out - I've never been a fan of player/managers, just doesn't work 90% of the time. Especially given his assistant is also still going to be a player. Seems like the idea is to keep the boys together and roll with how things went last season.
  2. He's part-time and I'd imagine Airdrie would be one of the better paying clubs for part time players. He's also 27 so will likely have a job outside of football and realistically if you're leaving Airdrie to 'step up', you'll be going full time. He scored 15 goals last season which is a good return for a player as hard-working as he is. For all people like you seem to think scoring goals in League 1 is easy, there are only five players to have broken 20 league goals since the 17/18 season - Shankland, Trouten, Goodwillie, Linn and Nisbet. Two of those five have went on to score for Scotland and one had previously.
  3. What are these rumours? Has anyone actually heard anything or was this literally coming from P&B chatter?
  4. Yeah, the last time something positive happened. About 3 years ago by my calculations.
  5. Must be great, I've spent the last 30 years of supporting Clyde in a state of almost perpetual concern.
  6. Is your Clyde source me, commenting on this thread a few days ago saying I’d like it if Gallagher signed for Clyde?
  7. The only reason they'll start off as bookies favourites to go down is because we've simply been in the division longer. They're well-backed, moving back to Meadowbank in the town and there will be a buzz about them. They also have access to East Coast based players so if a player is more that side of the country, they're more likely to join the third biggest team in the capitol. They have a promising young manager and the basis of a solid League 1 squad. We have... none of that. We can offer a general malaise? No stadium of our own? A broken board? The chance to be a part of a nationally derided organisation and a bit of a laughing stock? Some positive early business done, but if we don't see any further promising additions and some real board movement then the following season could be a very long one indeed.
  8. Our recruitment team should currently be bursting their collective balls to get any of those QP lads on board. Realistically though, they're more likely to want to stay full time, and any one of them would walk straight into the starting line-ups of Falkirk, Ayr, QotS etc.
  9. Can’t believe Harry Cochrane is still only 21. How has he been for Queens?
  10. Yeah, it’s going to be another season where we have to hope at least one team has an absolute nuke. Depending on the next few bits of recruitment, we’ll be (correctly imho) favourites to finish rock bottom, so we really need to be pulling something out the bag.
  11. Any rumours as to who he'll be off to? Is he full time with you lot? After he had such a shite time at us it's really good to see him kick on. I would love to see him at Clyde, but obviously if a new contract is on the horizon with you it wouldn't be happening and I suspect that even if he were to leave we would be one of the last clubs he'd consider.
  12. Danny is on holiday right now, so more business to be done when he gets back. I'd suspect he has a few irons in the fire after the good early business, but with Clyde you just never know.
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