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  1. Clyde FC sign one player or do literally anything to create a tiny bit of buzz challenge (impossible)
  2. Just for a bit of debate, here are 10 players (taken from Narey's Toepoker) who are currently out of contract that I would take at Clyde: Scott Gallacher, Wullie Muir, Jon Robertson, Robbie Leitch, Ross Philp, Stuart Carswell, Russell MacLean, Joe McKee, Nathan Flanagan, Sean Crighton. I imagine we'll sign 0/10.
  3. You'd think after all this time he'd sense some type of pattern forming, but apparently not. I do wonder if he's even bothering speaking to players. There are plenty who have signed with other clubs that you'd imagine would comfortably fit within our (relatively low) budget.
  4. Aye - he also looks very young. Really refreshing to have someone like that around the higher ups as opposed to the usual dinosaurs.
  5. It’s absolutely mad that Clyde haven’t signed a player. Even for us, this is just absolutely absurd.
  6. I don’t think that’s controversial. It was our home for most of my lifetime.
  7. Now now, hang on. Hummel kits are absolutely superb most of the time.
  8. I'm almost certain Forfar and Alloa are keeping Pendle in business. I don't even know any Sunday teams that use them! Most of the bulk teamwear companies use Puma, Macron adidas, Joma etc. That said, since they modernised the templates the kits are looking much, much nicer.
  9. How has young Banner been doing? I seem to remember he scored his first league goal against my lot and I've seen his name in the team regularly since. Pretty rare and really great to see a laddie play consistently for a team in the lower leagues for that long. Also, good luck for the coming season. I would have liked to have been in the same league, I really enjoy a trip to Forthbank!
  10. Funny thing is we can get promoted will probably get relegated but you still have to be from Airdrie, ya little right wing, Yaxley-Lennon cuck freak
  11. Funny thing is we can get promoted but you still have to be from Airdrie, ya little right wing, Yaxley-Lennon cuck freak
  12. It really is quite stunning. Chances are some of the boys will have quickly rejected terms and the club are waiting to do a bulk announcement. At this point though I've got to say I'm dreading the pen emoji. That first signing is going to end up defining my feelings for the entire summer. at the moment, at least it's still Schroedinger's Pen Emoji.
  13. That's really nice! Especially compared to the previous tartan one which has to be one of the worst kits I've ever seen! Clyde done a similar thing a few seasons ago and it was executed really well imo, amazing thing to keep to the future (especially considering the fact that Clyde will definitely implode in the next few seasons).
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