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  1. I thought Taylor played reasonably well and I'm comfortable with him being included in squads going forward...that Stephen O'Donnell on the other side though, jesus wept
  2. For me, its about how sick and tired, frustrated even, that I support a Club, that literally cannae wait to get our best players out the door. I understand that we set a ballpark figure of £3m for our best player in f**k only knows how long, however that should have been the basement figure, the figure we'd accept weeks down the line from now. There should also have been a caveat in that ballpark figure that £3m was the basement price for clubs down by, while clubs in Scotland would be asked to pay a premium. Why? Well, not just because its Celtic and I fucking detest that club, and fucking idiot supporters like wastecoatwilly, but because we would be looking at better sell-ons and add-ons had he gone down south. It also seems very, very rushed to me and I'm not quite sure why. The overall feeling I have at the moment is one of complete disillusionment, not just with the Club but of the league set-up as a whole. Maybe I'd have been better off supporting Rangers or Celtic
  3. in what way is that clear? Do you not think when you signed O'Donnell, Pearson, McClair, Walker or McDonald that we weren't significantly weakened...
  4. We haven't been effected? What in the name of f**k are you havering about?
  5. wastecoatwilly is all over the gaff... ...however, Paul Lamberts success was clearly Motherwells doing
  6. So Coyne went South 1st, but you reckon he is one of Motherwell and Celtic great pieces of business over the year? Aye I'm sure Boyd was a good signing for Celtic...you still don't get it though
  7. The fact you reckon Motherwell to Celtic was a decent move for Tom Boyd, tells me all I need to know about you. I also cannae mind how much we paid you guys for TC...any idea?
  8. Celtic and their *** cousins have ripped the pish out of the Scottish market since time began...c***s that they are
  9. Aye you're right...there have never been any young players signed by Celtic from other Scottish Clubs, who haven't fulfilled their potential.
  10. opinions, opinions...but I've watched him a few times and don't see it at all.
  11. I thought he was poor to be honest...also, if the Netherlands could find themselves a striker, they would take some stopping
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