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  1. Apparently he has shed the bulk of the extra weight but rolled his ankle in reserve game the other week and that's why he is at the moment out of the squad
  2. Mentioned to 2 people at the club about the boy McKenzie at Nithsdale who is banging in goals for fun .
  3. Wrong thread maybe. 4 boozers within a 5 min walk. The Devorgilla is a decent pub where the Dev travel club are based . You also have The Globe , The Salutation and the Spread Eagle. All in street just before you go over bridge into town from Palmerston. Or just after bridge coming from town 😁😁 In town Dickies bar or Hole I' The Wa . You wont go thirsty that's for sure
  4. Dont know if you are aware that the chairman doesn't in fact own the club and is only in this position due to being elected
  5. I remember our 5th goal when McKenna played a 1-2 off your centre backs crown jewels to be left with an open goal . Quality funny moment but no for your player
  6. Dan Pybus signs on at Palmerston for a year . 21 year old midfielder who has been playing in Norway .
  7. Would check to see if you will be able to get in as it's meant to be behind closed doors
  8. Bowey was signed from non league . Andy T from Jerviston boys club
  9. Only had to serve 2 and 6 suspended until end of 19/20 season
  10. Someone said on Dundee page that Carlisle would get a development fee from Dundee , surely it should be us getting the fee . You shed any knowledge on this Skyline Drifter
  11. You must think it's a good signing if you are buzzing , why ask us if it's a good one ?
  12. Any word on what Aidan Smith is doing yet ?
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