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  1. With seasons now on sale I wonder if we'll get trickled signing news maybe once a day for the next week or two just to capitalise on sales and build up some excitement.
  2. Entirely possible Baird could be a success after flopping at Ayr. Just like how McGinty has been a success at Ayr after flopping at Morton. And by success I mean semi-competent and one level above being dug meat.
  3. Not trolling just think it might be a bit much for some and the way things are. Don't usually buy a season myself though.
  4. Pretty steep jump be interested to see how it compares to other clubs next season.
  5. Prefer McInroy myself, he would be my no.1 midfield target for next season.
  6. Considering we're now flinging about three year deals for players, and building up a proper backroom staff, the new owners aim is def promotion.
  7. After this deal I'd say it's likely if Kerr or Tomi re-sign it'll be on at least a two year deal
  8. Wonder if Muirhead had signed back in January given their post mentions a pre contract.
  9. Really surprised at how good the reviews are for this, didn't think they'd be able to pull it off. Give him his dues Cruise is a very good actor with an incredible work ethic. Despite how much of an oddball he may be.
  10. I'm sure McInroy could probably take decent penalty but apart from that I'm struggling to think of another player I'd entrust them too.
  11. Being subjected to Hopkin's fat pus again today for the Airdrie game is most grating....
  12. So disappointing. Was completely underwhelmed by it. Was expecting him to raise an army and battle a kingdom, but he just went off by himself to battle an ousted former King on a farm. Was expecting something on a much grander scale.
  13. Pros; Europe doesn't hate us any more. Ukraine won and gave us 12 points. Cons; I missed the Spanish performance.
  14. Wouldn't surprise if we didn't sign anyone from the Scottish leagues, apart from a loan maybe. In other news looks like Hughes is staying at Dunfermline. Woop woop..
  15. Airdrie may be scum but I hope they go up. We will be a bit lacking for spicy encounters next season.
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