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  1. Conspiracy (2001) Kenneth Branagh leads a star studded cast of the senior Nazis that met to discuss the final solution in 1942. Basically just sitting round a table for 90 minutes talking but very well acted and chilling stuff.
  2. Can we not get a long sleeved top for one of the vintage ones? Also without the sponsorship logo. And the strip shorts with pockets, not really practical to wear them anywhere else except on the pitch.
  3. Massive Hellraiser fan so looking forward to this. Director has a good track record so can't see this being a dud.
  4. Fairly packed schedule next month. Six games, four at home. Wonder what kind of shape we'll be in at the end of that, could have a big say on where we end up seasons end.
  5. The Devils (1971) Favourite of mine from Ken Russell, just got round to watching it again. Proper weird freaky shit. Probably the best way to sum it up.
  6. Hopefully get a first proper look of Bangala on Thursday. God I hope he's not mince.
  7. Happened plenty of times under McCall. He was supposed to hit it on the volley into the top corner, I assume.
  8. Is that pitch starting to turn into Palmerston or was it just the dull washed up pixels on my stream?
  9. The second was surely a incredibly poor executed set piece routine. He should have hit it first time or played it back into the box. Instead he dithered about allowing the Raith players to chase him down and the breakaway ended up being 5 against 3. I think Ashford is solely there to chase down and put defenders under pressure, trying to win the ball back and keep it in there half. Important, but not sure that's enough to warrant a starting place.
  10. Yeah big fan of Cruising, although feels like I shouldn't be.
  11. The Alpinist. If you've seen Free Solo it's like that but more extreme.
  12. Still waiting Dipo's obligatory goal but a point would be a decent result.
  13. That's twice the stream has buffered for me, at both Ayr goals.
  14. If that was a worked on set piece for that corner it should be binned never to be seen again
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