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  1. I'd settle for winning headers in the middle of the park
  2. Seem to say that every season, along with some tall buggers.
  3. Torn on Geggan staying because he's obviously a big influence in the changing room and the team needs that type of player but his injury record can't be ignored.
  4. See that's us keeping Stranraer afloat for another season.
  5. After seeing his interview I suspect Miller is going to be an even more destructive Aero.
  6. Sure I read that some other English team were trying to sign one of Ipswich's main forwards, so whether Drinan comes here could be depending on if that goes through.
  7. Thought that was Geggan announcing he's away halfway through reading the headline
  8. Lesson learned with shankland in that it isn't good to rely on just one player to score goals, but we all got caught up in the hype. When he got injured roundabout January, in both seasons I think, you felt just how much everyone relied on him.
  9. I'd take fourth right now and be quite happy with that.
  10. It is in FW's eyes. If we lose a game the club might as well fold.
  11. with a shorter season, getting off to a good start would be a huge advantage, but that was more McCall's thing and we've yet to see if it carries over with Kerr.
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