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  1. The only thing I am certain of the remainder of the season is that ICT will finish 4th.
  2. It has me questioning my eye health whenever I watch them.
  3. Dunno mate, maybe there was a different shift on last night at the Beeb.
  4. Another stellar highlights package I see. Although we're now getting fade out transitions, assume it's an attempt to "modernise" them. Maybe stick the HD on next time.
  5. Is actually Irish for O'Connor apparently. Not that I already knew that, just looked it up
  6. Agree r.e Bullen but I am extremely cautious about the Dipo effect and how he will fare without him next season, even with a year's managerial experience under his belt.
  7. If he doesn't want the fans shouting at him he shouldn't take such shit free kicks
  8. The fact there's an 80p difference between a cup of tea on the North Terrace and below the main stand is wild. Unless the ones on the NT are mega cups.
  9. Is that who you meant? I am 99% confident it's him. He posts on the sre fb if you want to confirm. He's..
  10. The thought of Bullen in a two leg playoff against the same team only a few days apart fills me with dread tbh..
  11. If we could open up a wee gap between 3rd and 4th in the next two games that would be dandy, before the Partick/QP double header.
  12. A little bit of consistency would go a long way but the stuff is like fucking gold dust.
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