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  1. Likely both our forwards are out for tomorrow, but with playing Millar upfront last game we've actually looked more dangerous on the attack. We don't really have the squad to be resting players although a few could do with it. On paper it should be a cakewalk but there's obviously a lot more at play. You've obviously got a lot more to play for and wouldn't be surprised if Harkins turns in an inspired performance tomorrow. We should be looking to take 4 points from the two games, but I'd settle for 2 and It'll probably be 1.
  2. Game of Thrones

    I'm not too fussed about this episode . Episode 3 is where it'll all be at
  3. Game of Thrones

    I read a rundown of the episode and it was enough to ellicit an ooooft
  4. Game of Thrones

    Probably saving him for the third episode, he costs too much.
  5. Absolutely there's no such thing as consolidation in this league. Remember earlier in the season when Queen's were touted as the model Championship club, and then there's Falkirk. As for replacing Shankland what about trying to get Rudden in on loan, he's looked decent from the little I've seen of him.
  6. Don't worry they've stopped doing the bus and it probably won't be long until they disband, so no need to worry about new members
  7. Relegation Royal Rumble

    We're good to Alloa for at least a point, we owe them that much, and I really can't see us taking six from the Partick double header
  8. They made a joke about a former player and a current one which, obviously, a bunch of folk didn't appreciate, just like they didn't appreciate the reaction to it. Hardly the slating of the century.
  9. Yeah, I meant the rebranding of his bitcoin to SV from BCH. Which I have been following casually and the whole thing is a complete mess, which is why I said I'm unsure if it will still be around by the end of next season or he'll rebrand again.
  10. Anyway, the new strips are pretty smart, at least there's no pink and it's good to see the black trim back on the home top. I wonder if the new sponsor will make it to the end of next season, unlike the present one.
  11. McCall certainly won't miss the fans when he goes. Always got the feeling he could tolerate us when things were going well, and absolutely loathe us when they're not.
  12. So McCall swore at the supporters club and slated them, and did the same to ex players. Or was it the supporters club that slated ex players? This is all very confusing.
  13. Supporters club supposedly said something about not letting Hart hold their son and Kerr, who they sponsor, retiring now Murdoch is there
  14. Is that what folk are raging about as being offensive and completely out of order. It's just a joke, bit of an over reaction.
  15. What a joke of POTY. You have joke. And Neil Scally the assistant manager who coaches the team. Says all the players are rejects. And Ian McCall spoils it with my comment. You dnt understand the relationship with your player and fans. Look in before you look out what you assistant manager said.