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  1. You'll know the difference, the problem is nobody else will. Looking forward to going to the shops with red eyes a runny nose and a sneezing fit, and trying to explain it.
  2. More Tiger King info. Wild read. https://thehooksite.com/crazy-new-information-about-tiger-king-has-been-revealed-in-shocking-twitter-thread/
  3. According to Jeff Lowe, who may not be the most reliable of sources.
  4. Does Boris have enough in the tank to defeat yet another Commie virus?
  5. Nurse and former member of the Westboro Baptist Church. No joke.
  6. Still be cheaper to buy their gear in Black's and the like.
  7. Is it the game where Paddy Boyle scores the winner and the Ayr fan falls over the barrier?
  8. Been quite impressed with the measures my local Sainsbury has taken in regard to the present situation. More so having went into my local Aldi today for the first time since the lockdown. If I ever catch it I'll know where I got it.
  9. Tiger King is like the hillbilly version of Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in America. It's like if you took all the weird bits from all the Louis Theroux's documentaries and crammed them into one show. Unintentionally hilarious stuff, lost it with Joe's music video about Carol killing her husband, he's a master shit poster ahead of his time.
  10. And he doubled down to the criticism he received, which was a bold move.
  11. The 4-1 drubbing of Partick. With enhanced audio.
  12. For just starting running again I'd suggest following a couch to 5k plan. Gives a bit of structure and eases you into it, also gives you a goal to work to, with the plans usually being about 9 weeks long. Could also look into how to run properly, which helps especially with avoiding injuries.
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