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  1. If anyone is to carry on our mantle this week of conceding successive goals I'm glad it's QOS.
  2. Always the same is it not, that's why I'm not expecting anything till late on. The lack of chatter about Smith signing is a bit concerning
  3. You basically have the league sewn up at this point.
  4. See Raith have got the results from their Covid tests. When do we get ours?
  5. Is Doc is injured then it is usually long term. How has he been for you anyway?
  6. Under The Silver Lake. A quirky sort of whodunnit with Andrew Garfield. Bit weird and filled with pop references but has a certainly charm to it even though it's a 2 hours plus indie film
  7. Should we expect a statement of support for the manager....?
  8. That's that then. America could be a tempting choice with the right team.
  9. See an astro pitch is under consideration, hopefully a new grass one is too, with better drainage, prob cheaper in the long run.
  10. If true it must have been in the works for a while, obviously must be Smith.. If he agreed a while back to take control at this time then it's just his bad luck it was during a global pandemic
  11. Add Chalmers to that too. The fact it's not just one player culpable here, but several, is concerning.
  12. This is the way it usually goes with the providers, and I've done it with most of them, but I phoned up BT last week to get a deal because my contract was up next month, and the best offer they gave me was much less channels than I have now, for a fiver extra on what I am already paying. Couldn't believe it, wasn't much patter from the guy after I pointed that out. Dunno if it's a Covid thing or what but I see they've gone through an overhaul with their tv packages lately.
  13. I think the reason we were able to land him was that we offered a one year deal but ICT only wanted a two year deal. He wanted a prem move but it didn't materialise, won't next season either by the looks of it so who knows what his plans for Ayr being a stepping stone are now
  14. Maybe they've put the signing news behind the paywall, can anyone check?
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