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  1. Avatar 2 looks as dull as dishwater but it's James Cameron and the man just keeps producing hits, either critically or at the box office.
  2. One of our two good defenders is now out. You're not wrong.
  3. Team is way too lightweight, even for a junior team. No way I can see Bullen playing that defence. Very good chance no one will be talking about a title race by the end of the year.
  4. Don't really like the idea of having McGinty in the team knowing that his place isn't under threat any more.
  5. Never see him again then, shame as he's an excellent player. Utter riddy of an outcome.
  6. Ashford must be the only player we have signed from the English lower or non leagues, whatever they are called that isn't a complete hit or dud. Obviously isn't as good as Dipo or Tomi, and I wouldn't put him in the Gondoh or Kenyon bracket either. Wonder if we will be raiding there again in January as I'm sure the scout guy has targets lined up, and with the success of Dipo maybe players see it as a more attractive option now.
  7. Mullin was off it today for some strange reason. Like way, way off it.
  8. Very reminiscent of McCall's they score three we'll score four motto. Are the midfield not giving the defence enough protection, because Kirk and Musonda are solid, so if it's not them then it's the full backs, and it's not Albinson. Regardless, we aren't going to get too far if we don't start tightening up at the back. God forbid Dipo gets injured at some stage, then we're really in bother.
  9. Ashford's sole purpose should be to chase balls down and pressure defenders in the last ten minutes of a game when we are ahead. Nothing else. The possible banana skin of that tie could really f**k everything up.
  10. Maybe McGinty is better suited to a three on three off method, just before complacency sets in and he starts brain farting all over the place.
  11. Never been on the title bandwagon despite current position, but then again we could still be top with two games to go and I still wouldn't be.
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