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  1. A great eagerness and enthusiasm to post just how much we were not looking forward to this game and expecting a humping. And you wonder why we are absent post match?
  2. If only the club had consulted that guys wife who works in HR Recruitment then all this could have been avoided.
  3. Two centre halfs preferably. Always seen this season as a learning one for Roscoe, coming in when needed, kinda the same path Rose had. Bin Muirhead. I'd prioritise midfielders over forwards, assuming they all stay. Think we'll be lucky to replace all the positions in January like for like, never mind adding to the squad.
  4. Don't think McGuffie is match fit going by what Kerr said. Not sure how that can be.
  5. Watching Kerr's interview he's obviously aware of the problems. So there's that at least.
  6. Could do with a win here before we enter our annual end of year slump.
  7. Got us 4th last season, and 2nd this season, up to a point. Depends on your style of play, can't be punting long balls and the like.
  8. If Kerr picked the same team today hoping for a reaction, will he have the bottle to change it for Tuesday? Obviously cannot continue the way it is.
  9. Sounds like Doohan has pulled off at least 3 top class saves. No shots on targets is inexcusable, regardless of the circumstances.
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