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  1. Getting a little bit bored reading week in week out you've got players missing, so has everyone.
  2. PeteWay


    Could be a merger on the way I hear
  3. NF very poor defensively. Cross house to win comfortably
  4. Colville just playing bannockburn at their own game
  5. Best team won the league, fact. Behaviour, rant and pictures from mr shortlees nothing short of embarrassing. Half his team took money from Hurlford. I hear both teams are breaking up after tonight with players moving on, should be a good league next year then. Well done again to shortlees, win with dignity and you'll get a little bit more respect.
  6. Experience always prevails in the juniors
  7. What's happening with teams leaving and moving etc, hear that Ayrshire and GGPL are losing teams.
  8. I think it will go to et, be very close
  9. Ardeer v Stewarton on Sunday. Should be a belter
  10. This ones shaping up nicely
  11. Neutral at the game, knapp is different class, very dodgy red card decision, pity they only play the boy Mullen in the big games as they would have won the league too. Thorn should have won last Saturday, there will be a lot of regrets in their dressing room tonight
  12. What level of player did Tiber get in see they managed to get players in
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