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  1. Willie Miller ever the consummate professional. His description of a Celtic attack “aw naw he’s in again”.
  2. I’m not much of a follower of rugby but that was an incredible spectacle, what a game.
  3. Mikey Devlin training with us. One of the few players on the planet to be even more injury prone than Magennis.
  4. I think they are holding back for a rebuild in the summer but I read it as an acceptance that the recruitment process needs to change. I think that’s a positive sign. However, they have to get the DOF recruitment correct which I have concerns about.
  5. The analysis on sportsound of the County goal was some laugh. Leanne Crichton doesn’t think they can be “handing out penalties for that type of infringement”. A 2 man barge on the keeper was even a foul in the fucking 70s.
  6. This is where I’m at. We’re out of both cups and not a hope of finishing third. There’s no point in paying transfer fees or putting more shite on long term contracts until a DOF is brought in and the recruitment process is looked at. We do need a few decent loan players in to steady the ship and make sure we don’t get relegated. However, I’d like to see some young players offered an opportunity. There’s some highly rated players in the development team and there’s not going to be a better opportunity to play and assess them.
  7. I had 30 on Hearts at 15/8. Printing money.
  8. There’s not a manager on earth that could have led this Hibs team to a win today. Without Nisbets goals I’d fancy this team to get relegated.
  9. Livi are 19/5 today and 6/5 double chance. A Christmas gift from the bookies.
  10. They’re playing in Scotlands finest metropolis tonight and I think there might be tickets still for sale. Looking forward to it, a band I’ve wanted to see for years.
  11. Magennis not in the squad. He isn’t injured yet again is he?
  12. It’s definitely an issue. 18 goals in 14 league games so far, in comparison Aberdeen have scored 27 in 13. Without Boyle playing there’s nobody in an attacking position that will try to run in behind defences. I thought Hibs were good in the first half but the entire game was played in front of the Aberdeen defence. Nice build up play that eventually ended up with the ball being floated in towards big Myko in the hope he would win a header.
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