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  1. I would have been raging had I been a Queens or Alloa fan yesterday. There was a point where Sandra was, really badly, describing a goal and Derek Ferguson butted in with some humming patter about empire biscuits. Then the patter vacuum Chick Young got involved. I’ve still not got a clue who scored.
  2. Cannot understand why Ross is playing a 4-2-3-1 again. Heckys refusal to change from it had us looking like relegation contenders and ultimately got him the sack.
  3. And a possible 6 games in the next 18 days....the **** away game wedged in the middle of this run is giving me the absolute fear already.
  4. Sorry if posted already but love this just now.
  5. 3100 away allocation sold out. No bad for a Sunday afternoon in January.
  6. There’s been numerous instances of racism towards her from the media. The daily mail ran the “straight outta Compton” article trying to link her to gangs and a BBC employee that compared her child to a chimp. My point was that Morgan denied any media racism towards her at all when there clearly has been.
  7. Had it on for 2 minutes and he denied any form of racial motivation towards her at all and denied white privilege. Considering taking the morning off work on the off chance he might have a heart attack live on air and I’d get to witness it. The c***s c**t.
  8. I’d love to have McNulty back. For a large proportion of his time here last season Hecky played him on his own up top. Play him alongside Doidge and we could get the best out of him. I’ve been shagger Doidges biggest critic, although I still think he’s limited, Kamberi and Boyle have flourished playing alongside him. McNultys movement in behind defenders would take a bit of pressure off Boyle to create the openings for us and give Allan another options for shrooo balls. edit: I’m going to need a new display picture
  9. You gave us Martin Boyle in exchange for Alex Harris. It’s least we can do.
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