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  1. Every time I think about that Christie interview I start to cry. Unexplainable how much this game meant
  2. Wondering if anyone has seen a database anywhere with the full pyramid updated to include the new West of Scotland Football League? Been trying to make one in the editor but I cannae figure out the conferences so hoping someone else has made one.
  3. Given the club themselves are yet to publicly make any announcement I don't think it's my place to yet. I will say that it's not a Tayside club
  4. Normally a lurker on this website but thought I'd pass on that I heard from a mate yesterday and apparently an SJFA east region club is leaning towards a late application to join the EoS.
  5. Absolute disgrace, losing to Kazakhstan 3-0 is not acceptable at all. Everyone single person to blame. Starts from the top with the incompetent SFA appointing a dinosaur in McLeish after an embarrassment of a search. McLeish himself just not a good manager anymore. The players that pulled out should be ashamed, Robertson the captain pulling out for a dental issue is a farce. Then some of the players just aren't good enough Bain is not a good goalkeeper, not sure how Burke got in after a handful of games at Celtic, Palmer didn't quite look up to it imo and why on earth McTominay wasn't starting is beyond me.
  6. Jon McLaughlin was the best keeper in Scotland last year and plays regularly for Sunderland, why would Bain start over him?
  7. Strange time to quit, just before a qualifying campaign having been the No. 1 this last year.
  8. Move Paterson to striker where he plays for Cardiff replacing Fletcher and get Tierney/O'Donell at RB
  9. Paterson has to start as striker, think its 4 goals in 5 for Cardiff.
  10. I don't understand how Neil Lennon being hit by a coin is racism or bigotry? Singing Billy Boys yep fair enough thats bigotry. Hearts have Zlamal, Dikamona, Dunne, Djoum, Garrucio, Bozanic, Doyle, Mulraney and Keena who are likely of catholic background and they seem to manage.
  11. In all honesty was a shocking match, Hearts looked very tired and Hibs were absolutely wasters after the red card with the exception of Mallan.
  12. Best part of the game was before hand when some Hibs bloke bizarrely tried to take on a whole stand of Hearts supporters only to get arrested. Must say had a good chuckle at that
  13. Bobby Zlamel hit by some cretin in the Hibs support...
  14. Quite disappointed tbh, was expecting to see some all conquering Leith total football as has been told. Should've known something was up when Marvin Bartley was supposedly playing for Brazil but oh well
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