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  1. Dirrans were founded in 1946. I think Crosshill were the year after. Minishant are probably the oldest though.
  2. Agree. The point I was trying to make was - that if there are 400 amateur teams holding the registrations of 25 players then that’s 10000 players. If there are 400 amateur teams holding only 20 players then there are 2000 players who could be available to fulfill a trialist role (when they are available) for other teams. Unfortunately though teams sign players and hold onto them for cups rather than using them and releasing them.
  3. I think you are missing the point. If they are signed with a club they can’t play as a trialist for another club. So that reduces the number of available players to teams that are struggling to field a team. Why not increase trialist games to 4 and remove the need to be signed for cups (once you play for a club in a particular cup you’re cuptied anyway). Clubs would only need 20 signed players.
  4. I can’t see a negative. Community working hard to create a community hub...is that not what lottery money should be spent on? The place is looking great and all the youth teams and the local amateur team will benefit. Football in Kilwinning has a great future ahead of it, let’s not get upset by the jealous and bitter few.
  5. eyeswideopen15 - do you own a helicopter?
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