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  1. Whitletts gaffer

    Common sense.
  2. Whitletts gaffer

    It's going to be paddy till end of season unless Peter decides he wants back in the game right now.
  3. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

  4. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Agreed, just listened. Came across very well and very passionate and proud of ongoings at the club. Well done [emoji108]
  5. Today's Scores

    From the video its clear the Troon coach punched an opposition player. Provoked or not, he lifted his hands and punched what looks like twice. Completely unprofessional from an ex pro and I would imagine the SJFA will take action.
  6. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Even the club think you are a [emoji110][emoji97]
  7. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Or wee tubby Lloyd Murphy the sub.
  8. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Wee Greg the snake...
  9. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Rumour is he applied for the Gers job and was pipped at the post by the Bold Stevie G..
  10. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Ye raging pal?!
  11. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    So let me get all this straight and clear.. 1. Greg was the manager and spank did nothing? 2. Spank never took training? 3. Greg brought in the players and took you to promotion? 4. The players and staff all hated spank but he was kept on? Poor Greg, seems the poor guy got no plaudits for a remarkable season and Spank took it all while doing nothing... smell shite bud! That takes me to this season.. 1. How did both managers get on in the recent head to head? 2. Is Greg currently achieving like last season now the elephant in the room is gone? Face it pal, you were no doubt a sub or someone who got released and very bitter at spank. Grow up!! Ps. When you look back at your own posts, you might want to delete the ones praising Spank and the job he done st craigmark..
  12. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Pretty embarrassing that you seem to be the spokesperson for Craigmark...
  13. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    So given you were privy to team talks you must either be a player who played under him or one of the coaching staff??
  14. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    Nothing to do with girvan. So, if we are to believe the story above and let's say another individual was to be congratulated for the success, why did you keep hold of spank the full season if he was useless??
  15. Craigmark Burntonians 18/19

    The young lad took you guys to places you will never see or achieve again. A bit of respect where it's due...