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  1. Take the straw out of your mouth before you speak to me again.
  2. Absolutely disgusting from someone involved in the running of the club. Very unprofessional
  3. Christ you are brave lol... give it 10 minutes and you will be Spank and I will be Jack the Ripper
  4. If thinking I’m Spank satisfies the fascination you clearly have with him (given that’s all you post about) then tug away... If only the IQ you process was higher than the amount of teeth you have left then it’s clear to see I’m not who you think I am. Anyway, go and enjoy the barn dance and getting off to young lads in bare ass chaps. HillyBilly
  5. No idea what any of that means but I assume what you are trying to say is that I am Spank?! I can assure you I am not Spank and if you bothered checking my previous posts you would see that. Shall I just call you HillBilly Joe or wee Banjo Ben since you call every other person on here whatever you want them to be?
  6. 100% fact there is a bid in for Currie from a Prem Club.
  7. If that's a red then Harvey who ran over 10 yards off the pitch to raise his hands against said player was also a red? He also stamped on the young annbank keeper.. Take the defeat and move on.
  8. Agreed, just listened. Came across very well and very passionate and proud of ongoings at the club. Well done [emoji108]
  9. From the video its clear the Troon coach punched an opposition player. Provoked or not, he lifted his hands and punched what looks like twice. Completely unprofessional from an ex pro and I would imagine the SJFA will take action.
  10. Even the club think you are a [emoji110][emoji97]
  11. Rumour is he applied for the Gers job and was pipped at the post by the Bold Stevie G..
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