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  1. Went by Lesser this afternoon and steel framework was being put up for the director's "no scum" stand.
  2. Went past Lesser this afternoon and the builders were pouring concrete for the floor at the south east corner, spoke to one of the builders who reckoned there was a couple of months work to get it finished. Also said the east stand has been extended and should have a capacity of around 1200, don't remember that being mentioned before?
  3. If we've paid £50k to Stenny as has been suggested, that's not an amount you pay to play half a dozen games in the first couple months of the season, that's an amount you pay to play there for the entire season.
  4. Bearing in mind the nonsense that is Lesser Hampden, the captain's armband is small beer, but it's disappointing if it has been decided to ditch the Spielfurhrer armband. Another two fingers to the fans, especially those who worked to build a relationship with the Wattenscheid fans. Would like to know who made the decision - surely it can't be our chief executive who told us at the March meeting how impressed she was with the club's history and traditions?
  5. And within a couple of hours an apology email, think someone has had their gonads kicked!
  6. Lassani swooping in for a shirt and ground double sponsorship.
  7. The rumour amongst the more mature blue rinse brigade of the southside is that the club has bought the hairdresser's that sits beside the car park at Lesser Whether it's to give cut and blow dries at half time or to extend the car park by a few square metres is to be confirmed....
  8. Wonder which marketing genius decided to sell 2022/23 season tickets under a "Southside Spiders" banner. Closest we'll get to the southside anytime soon are our matches at Hamilton.
  9. Well his first two years have been such a success off the pitch who wouldn't want another year?
  10. Apparently the end of September is the current target for completion of Lesser. Whether we are allowed to move back then if the target is met, or made to wait until after 18 games (like 2014) is another matter.
  11. I would wait and see how much membership/season tickets are increased by before saying that this is good news.
  12. Second Hampden looking in better nick than Lesser at the moment.
  13. Remember our CEO was saying last August that Lesser could be ready by January 22, in March she said we should be in by August. She doesn't do her credibility any good by making nonsense statements like these.
  14. Best wishes to Will Baynham, whatever his problem was I hope he is on the road to recovery.
  15. E-mail has just been issued to members, statement will be on website at 11:30, basically confirming the Sun is correct ( never thought I'd say that).
  16. I'm sure that some ambulance chasing type lawyer would have been happy to take up the cudgels on behalf of the debenture holders for a healthy slice of the proceeds.
  17. Feasible, but more expensive. Think it would have taken some serious dough, but loads of space so could have built a stadium with a modest capacity to start with and then extended it if the circumstances called for it.
  18. Second home! Agree entirely, would love it if we went back to second Hampden.
  19. I thought Dylan Easton could be a match winner today, just didn't expect it to be for us.
  20. Anyone have any idea who the trialist is? The same trialist as the Clyde game in the semi final?
  21. A piece for half time at tomorrow's Thistle match on BBC perhaps?
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