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  1. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Seems to be the way the SPFL are going these days, Not the same level but QP had a result reversed earlier this season in the reserve League for a similar offence and had the points deducted from a game they had won and awarded to the losing team
  2. Elgin rearranged for Tuesday 26th February and Berwick rearranged for Tuesday 12th March, both 19:45 kick offs. Four away games in a row!
  3. Elgin v QP

    Minus 9 forecast for Wednesday night and barely getting above freezing after that, I'm going for a postponement.
  4. Apparently the Berwick keeper tried to head butt Jordan Hart in the tunnel at half time.
  5. QP v Albion Rovers

    This was mentioned at a previous meeting, but the constitution refers to members of the club, not players. There is nothing to stop the committee handing out professional contracts tomorrow without an EGM. It would however be a brave committee that went down that route without the members agreement.
  6. One will be for the red card and the second for reaching six yellows.
  7. Berwick v QP

    Pitch inspection at 10:45 according to the Berwick Twitter.
  8. The two Raith centre halfs and the goalkeeper's shouts were so high pitched they could form a Bee Gees tribute act.
  9. 2-1 to Livingston according to their twitter, no details on our line up.
  10. Who'da thunk it? Speilfuhrer armband anyone?
  11. Elgin v QP

    have the problems with the pitch at BB been sorted?
  12. add Jim Chapman to that list of someone's having a laugh. the committee would have to take leave of their senses to appoint that long ball clown. unless the appointment is a complete disaster then at least Albion Rovers current woes would give the new manager a bit of breathing space.
  13. And hopefully a sell on clause as well