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  1. Missing not being at games even more after that. It would have been absolute bedlam.
  2. Nae luck Albion Rovers! Better set your alarm clocks!
  3. It was a two week period for the Champions League and UEFA finals, hence why we were able to play the home leg of play off semi final at Hampden in 2007 but not the home leg of the final. Agree with you about the SFA, they have been trying to get us out of Hampden since the day they took it over, having finally achieved it I struggle to see them letting us back in, even just for one game.
  4. You are correct in terms of the slightly different camera angle, but to announce one venue as our home ground and then announce a different venue six days later does not inspire confidence in those who are in charge of our club.
  5. What an absolute mess. Why announce Broadwood as a home venue if an agreement hadn't been signed? We used to be amateur on the park and professional off it. Seems the tables have turned.
  6. No doubt at the behest of Rangers and Celtic to try and normalise the idea of U21 teams being part of the senior set up.
  7. Don't say this very often, but I agree with the SPFL
  8. What's the thinking behind the 22 game scenario? 18 Games would leave most teams with two or three midweek games and would finish at the same time as the top two divisions. Also, which two teams would not be involved in the games after the split? Top and bottom?
  9. Leagues 1 & 2 permitted to resume, along with the Scottish Cup.
  10. Will be interesting to see the date the SG were advised by their lawyers that they would lose the JR. If it's only a few days before the SG folded then it bebunks Salmond's theory that it was strung out in the hope that a guilty verdict at the criminal trial would kill off the JR. If there is a gap of weeks (or even months) then it backs up Salmond's claim.
  11. Aside from the aforementioned work issues, if we tried to play twice a week then bad weather for a week or two would play havoc with that schedule. Better to forget about the final third of the season, pick up where we left off, and play 18 matches.
  12. Arrival of Leeann Dempster as Chief executive confirmed by the club.
  13. Think Leagues One and Two have been used as a sacrificial pawn by the football authorities to try and placate the Scottish Government and avoid all games being postponed. Agree, no chance we will be back in three weeks. The SPFL could cancel the final round of nine games in the two divisions affected and, if football can be restarted by the end of February, then we could pick up where we left off and finish the second round of matches, so the season has 18 games with everyone having played each other home away.
  14. And no questions allowed either, not even via email in advance of the meeting, even though the club were in the midst of the biggest period of change since the club was founded. Yes, that's what I heard as well, as he wanted full time football. He did take a slightly unusual route via Cliftonhill to get there, but he got there in the end.
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