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  1. In decent form and receiving both the manager and player of the month during the week - what could possibly go wrong? 🤔
  2. Don't think it's a QoS thing, he did the same when he scored a brace against Brechin a couple of weeks before.
  3. If Gus was still in charge it would have been ten times worse!
  4. Assume the issue was that QoS changed from a single ball to multi ball at half time, think you have to use the same system throughout a game. Presumably the thought was we would be wasting a shit load of time in the second half, we didn't really have to.
  5. This. I was being a bit facetious, the change to the club constitution went through a week past Thursday, so from that point we were no longer an amateur club, although as Chester says, all current players are still on amateur contracts. First pro contract will probably be offered to young Regan Thomson when his youth contract expires in December, but that's more to ensure the club are compensated if, as expected, he declines the offer and turns full time ( Newcastle currently being mentioned in the press).
  6. At danger of being whooshed, yes we are and have been for a full ten days. Seen us pull off a few shocks over the years, but not one that was so comfortable. As mentioned by the QoS fans, I expected a real hard time in the second half but we never really looked in serious danger of being pulled back. Well done to all the players who put in a shift and a half.
  7. That's a bit harsh on David Gold I think. Sent in on loan to the worst team in the land he could have said no thanks, but he got stuck in and I thought he did ok, even though he was shunted to right back at one stage. I would have Grant Mosson in his place. A handful of instantly forgettable performances, last seen getting hooked at half time at Berwick before he was sent off and never heard of again. The mere mention of Lucas Birnstingl's name sends a shiver down my spine. Undoubtedly the worst goalkeeper I have seen play for QP. However, if you look at his Twitter page he sounds like some sort of goalkeeping guru. Last seen being beaten from the half way line at Stirling, he repeated the same trick for Montrose the following season before flying back to Canada in a cream puff the next day, thankfully on a one way ticket.
  8. Didn't realise we were playing a bunch of choir boys yesterday. Cox didn't need any winding up from the Queen's players, he was on a different planet from the off. There were no QP players winding him up to launch a tirade at the referee after his yellow. If we ever manage to beat Cowden again god knows what they will be like if that's what they're like after a win.
  9. Quite honestly who gives a toss about sympathy? How many players did that help to keep, how many people did that get through the turnstile and how much cash did it bring into the club? A bit fat zero to them all I suspect.
  10. Big majority in favour, surprised at just how big. Was expecting it to be close.
  11. Another stellar reporter thinking we're going to hand out full time contracts if the vote goes through. No doubt copied straight from the BBC website, that seemed to be their only source of news going by the recent documentary.
  12. Certainly won't be anything to do with renowned tightwads United giving us anything we aren't entitled to. If true, they must have written the cheque at gunpoint. No other way they would hand over any dosh. Get it right up them.
  13. Cross border if it is Newcastle, so we would still be due something, I think the problem during the summer was that the four players went to other Scottish clubs.
  14. What's next? Do they try and restart at the bottom of the league set up? Or is it finished for good?
  15. EGM on 14th November for the going professional vote.
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