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  1. Hopefully sexy and silky and not too shitey. Hopefully my next trip to Falkirk will be as joyful as the last one....
  2. Great looking top! Looking forward to seeing the boys running out at Firhill with it on ( touchwood). Come on the Diamonds!
  3. With reduced fixtures this season we need a good start - hopefully with a good couple of wins. I remember 2 years ago we dropped 3 points in the 2nd game of the season at home to Montrose and it was all fits and starts after that. Last year, 3 points dropped at home against Forfar and it was all fits and starts until we scudded them 4-1 at Station Park. We have to get out the traps fast and try and get some consistency - and I don't mean losing..
  4. Me too. I did look at his history and it is rather underwhelming . I am assuming backup though. Regarding up front, I do hope we do bring in some decent cover. Roy looked ok when he arrived but regressed very quickly. Maybe we will see a different player this season - one who tries to contribute, get involved, get in about the opposition and make his presence felt instead of floating about, flattering to deceive. Maybe it is confidence. But one thing is for sure, if he continues to play the way he did when he came on last season and doesn't score, rightly or wrongly he is going to get a hard time.
  5. Disappointed about Roberts. During the run we had from the Forfar game in October until the Raith Rovers game in December (where we should have shared the points) he was ever present and during this period we were playing as well as we did all season. He got clobbered at that game, came on against Peterhead the week after and then that was his season much about over - he was dropped for the Clyde game with Ally Roy in midfield. I am assuming something was going on in the background for him to lose favour so quickly. Anyway, my abiding memory of Kurtis Roberts - playing his heart out when we beat Falkirk 2-1 and playing that lovely reverse pass to Calum Gallagher for Segal to run down the wing, wee glance up, perfect cross to Paul McKay's forehead, in the back of the net! Brilliant! When I need cheered up during these shitty times I dig out the Falkirk FC commentary of the match to cheer me up - the last minute goal still gives goose bumps - Airdrie fans and team were brilliant. Hopefully there will be more days like that one next season (whenever it starts).
  6. Packet of Knorr soup would have saved a lot of time and an iguana.
  7. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/board-update-15th-june-2020/ I get the anger, I get the feeling of injustice but the stench of hypocrisy from Jacqui Low is overwhelming. "Alleged greater good of the Scottish game", "a majority of Scottish football wasn't prepared to stand by its own." - so admirable, but what a load of shite. Jacqui, if it was swapsies with Thistle and QOS and you were in 9th place we'd be hearing sweet FA from you. Nothing, zilch, sweet Fanny Adams You'd be wiping the sweat from your forehead and saying "there by the grace..." So please enough of the virtuous shit. Anyway, fingers crossed for a return to football soon.
  8. My abiding memory (caveat I could be talking pish)- we played Motherwell at Fir Park 1991 - Johnny Martin sent off mid way through the game, John Watson goes in goals and we still beat them 2-1 - what a hell of a game. When John Watson played for Dunfermline against us I really hated him, but give the big fella his due, when he played for us he gave 100%. Used to love games against Dunfermline and St Johnstone as well in the 80's because we were always vying with them at the top of the table. As an aside, really miss watching my team playing - shite or no - and the banter on this place - always looked forward to our "analysis " and "opinions" after a game - be it under Findus or Murray . We do disagree a lot, talk a lot of shite, but one thing we have in common is our love for Airdrieonians FC. - good or bad. I don't know you guys personally, but keep well - and I hope to see you all at the next Airdrie game.
  9. This season void, start afresh next season. Means that Raith Rovers avoid the inevitable last quarter collapse that happens every season and Falkirk fans can, pre-season tell anyone prepared to listen that they're going to skoosh this shitty Seaside league with a record points total.
  10. Assuming the club is clever and has a realistic forecast budget in place (minus play off and hospitality revenue mainly which would disappear if the season ends) then we could be in a better place than others.
  11. Alphabetically - just like before the first games of the season.
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