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  1. Millar was speaking about earlier in the season - not regarding the last month or so. He was taken off at Kirkcaldy because he was clattered, the next game because he was recovering from that ,the past few games because he wasn't making any impact. But not because of fitness - unless you know otherwise?
  2. Perhaps trying to be too clever putting Kerr in so McCann and McDonald could push on. But Kerr has being playing well so I can understand the logic. Just didn't work.
  3. It wasn't a "mauling". Poor but not a "mauling" - but as you weren't at the game and just looking at the scoreline I can understand why you might think it was.
  4. Ok - out of context - but you have stated Roberts "STILL isn't fit enough" and that its a "disgrace". Can you put meat on the bones? Is he still not fit?
  5. Roberts wasn't playing today not because of fitness but because of tactics - Kerr coming in to bolister the defence. Didnt work - but nothing to do with Robert's fitness.
  6. Wasn't expecting much. Four of the five goals avoidable which was disappointing but on the positive , cash for the club, great support and on a personal level quality time for me and my boy ( his first game was Arbroath 7- Airdrie 1 , so he's hung on in there).
  7. Get a firm grip of yourself. Are you sure " supporting" Airdrie is for you?
  8. I'll take the point. Both defences didn't look that clever, attacking were on par.
  9. Clyde are a one man team - and we gave that man way too respect - especially first half - our defending was shocking. Free header for the first, Second ,Goodwille one on one, spectacular finish. The third again, one on one but again a brilliant finish - but we were "pushing" as the old cliche goes. As for substitutions - too late and wrong - was surprised Roy was in at the start but with Hawkshaw injured and guessing Roberts not 100% fit he was only in to fill that attacking midfield role - only problem is - Roy is lightweight - Adam Brownisque in getting involved in any dirty stuff - avoidance at any cost - 50/50 balls , jumping for a header, forget it -flatters to deceive. He did nothing first half. In the second half I expected him to be replaced by Roberts early on so we could revert to the normal starting line up that has got us up the table. But no, Gallagher taken off, Roy kept on and we have nothing up front. Roberts on too late. Poor. But overall, team didn't perform. McCann stand out over 90 minutes, Millar played well first 45 but faded If we play like that next week we will be well humped.
  10. Darren Young's post match interview on EF TV- what an embarrassment. Bad loser, disrespectful, petulant. Hope Ian Murray shows that to the players before the next game between the clubs - just to remind them what Young thinks of them.
  11. Positives all round - manager stuck with the same team minus Gallagher - not trying to be clever and keeping continuity - ( see Montrose trying to be too clever - not at this standard) . A few nice moves early on creating chances , Rovers having a few chances but a lovely first goal from us- Roberts starts it and finishes it - cutting stuff. Rovers going for it second half - looked like a poor goal to concede but heads importantly heads didn't go down - we went for it - and well deserved goals thereafter. Thought Kyle McDonald and Callum Smith were excellent but Sean Crighton was a stand out - everything you want in a club captain and more .
  12. Good, if not a pretty result today . Thought the the build up to the first goal was excellent - nice passing at the beginning of the move, some dig to keep possession and a strikers finish. Second goal - Leon McCann's cross was first rate and Dale Carrack, who had worked his socks off all day, with a lovely finish. Great team effort overall. Regarding the Rovers game - I wouldn't get too gallus - if Gallagher is fit I would play him and the same starting 11 as today. I wouldn't try and be too clever with team selection . A good cup run could mean some nice cash. Lets keep it going.
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