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  1. Based on one game and Diamonds TV... We're all entitled to our opinions - that's the joy of this forum. So many games did you go to last season? You alluded that you only attended a couple and then chucked it after the torture of the Stranraer game. Just asking as you seem to have a personal dislike of Murray and are very opinionated about his treatment of several players based on limited experience of watching the team and Murray's tactics - unless you are counting five minute highlights again. In my opinion, Scott Stewart blew hot and cold this season- as he did for most seasons under other managers/coaches. Nothing to do with Murray
  2. Is your judgement on Thomson based on the one game you went to against the Rovers? Tell me it isn't so. As for your statement about watching Airdrie under Murray being "torture" , I am guessing that you must have being writhing in total agony under Findlay...
  3. The defence doesn't concern me after 1 competitive game - they had a 10 minute ropey spell in the 2nd half on Saturday where everyone could see a goal was coming - but before and afterwards they looked relatively comfortable. I think we lack a traditional old fashioned target man who can get on that loose ball in the box or take the pass to feet from the midfielders. So for me, its hopefully a striker with a reasonable reputation for putting the ball in the back of the old net.
  4. Why is Page your "hero"? Leaving aside that Murray didnt/doesnt rate him, he didnt play well at all under Findlay - in some games he was the preverbal "bomb scare". He also admitted himself he wasnt as fit as he should have been - but still took his wages. So, can I ask why the love? As for your comments about Murray - I disagree - he polished the turds he inherited as much as he could - and that started by shoring up the defence - and by that dropping your "hero". This year? Well - it's his team, so he has no excuses. But I feel optimistic - but then I always do - that's what happens when you follow Airdrie. Anyway, I wish you and your local junior team well.
  5. "Queens Park amateur and Jimmy Naecunt" - another wind-up or you really don't know/care/respect football, football teams or football players.
  6. Only seems like yesterday. I am getting sooo old. Thanks for reminding me!
  7. Maurice Johnston posing with a Celtic shirt with the late Billy McNeil before Souness nipped in and signed him...so it does happen ..... and there was uproar.
  8. What picture is being painted - if it's not for money as you allude to regarding O'Neil?
  9. Looks like McIntosh thinks or has been told he's got a better offer on the table - be it financial terms or geographical for travelling - so he's pulled out last minute. Time will tell. Not disappointed - as the guys have said the last two games made his goal tally look decent. Perhaps Murray thought he might improve with full time training. Anyhow, his loss, not ours.
  10. Which leaves from the 1st team Squad (at the moment): Scott Gallacher David Hutton Sean Crighton Josh Edwards Kieran Miller Dale Carrick Dean Hawkshaw Leighton McIntosh Cammy Russell (Scott Stewart) (Kieran MacDonald) Happy that Hutton Carrick and Hawkshaw are still here. Hopefully Leighton McIntosh can improve and push on as well. The rest, I can give or take.
  11. Club Statement: "In addition to the five players who were allowed to leave on expiry of their contracts, the club have made a number of others available for transfer. Defenders Jonathan Page and Scott Robertson, midfielders Dean Cairns and Ryan Conroy, and striker Joao Victoria have all been placed on the transfer list in light of the upcoming changes to the squad set-up at the club. All Championship, League One and League Two clubs have been notified of their availability. Defender Kieran MacDonald and midfielder Scott Stewart, although part of the manager’s plans for next season, have also been listed as available due to the pair entering the final year of their contracts."
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