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  1. Didn't see any" luck" in the goals - just poor defending.
  2. Heard on good authority that Pat Pending, Richard Dastardly and Rufus Ruffcut (American International) have been training with us. Add them to that 22.
  3. The big difference is that we are realistic and know its a risk - if it works it works, if not, then its back to the drawing board. Falkirk on the other hand gave it to these boys out of desperation. A club floundering in League 1, fan base howling for success, board clueless, promotion a must because they were "too big" for this league. And the Falkirk fans sure did lap it up, the return of the boys was going to get them promotion, these boys were club legends. Play offs? Thats for the diddy teams- not for Falkirk, "we're gonna win the league." But unfortunately like McKinnon and Sheerin and Rennie it just didn't happen. Fortunately, there is an air of reality about Airdrie and the vast majority of their fans - if McCabe can get us into the play-offs (not relegation) then I'd for one would be delighted. If not, we feel sore for a couple of weeks, dust ourselves down and reset for the next season. Finally, I am enjoying how this is all panning out. Falkirk were expecting the likes of McCabe and Fordyce to leave Airdrie at the end of this season and be available to scoop them up with the likes of Dylan Easton. You know, because Falkirk are a huge club and a huge pull, all that jazz. Well it just hasn't gone to plan. Has it. Glorious isn't it.
  4. Brave and bold. I like it. Hope he can get in a few decent replacements in and kick on from last season. I'm in for the ride.
  5. Getting a manager in quickly is important but its imperative to get the right manager. Sure we could get Jim Duffy by next week but then whats he going to do to improve or even sustain where we've been for the last couple of years? It has to be someone that can persuade the likes of McCabe and Frizzell to stay put (and that is a big ask) and then if he can, build a team around them, Dycey, Smithy etc with some quality. Similar to what Murray did last year with Frizzell, Easton and McCabe joining us- (I wont mention the other two that Murray got from Dumbarton as we need better than that). Hopefully we avoid the usual suspects like Duffy, Hughes etc because I think we will quickly regress.
  6. The joy of watching that big boabie Eric Phillips at the final whistle. He would be a first rate mascot with all that banter. He seriously should be concentrating on being one of the coaching staff rather than being pre-occupied with trying to wind up opposing fans.
  7. Running out of games, but I'll take Cove dropping another couple of points. They haven't fully shit the bed yet but there's always cause for hope. Although there's probably a better chance of winning the lottery than Falkirk laying a glove on them next week - but who knows, stranger things have happened. Ever the optimist.....
  8. Not want to put a dampener on things - but I think Dylan Easton is suspended from Saturdays game for an accumulation of 6 yellow cards - 6th against Alloa.
  9. The worst I have seen us play for months. I am assuming Dycey was unfit for this game which was a big miss, so Rhys McCabe back in defence with Scott Agnew in the hole which didn't work. Easton and Frizzell not at their best but you cant expect brilliant displays every game. Positives - lost no more ground on Cove and we can't play any worse (hopefully) Next weeks game is the big one. If we are going to win the league we have to beat Cove - similar to the Thistle game last year when they came to us and beat us. and then pushed on from that. So hopefully with Dycey back, Rhys McCabe in midfield and Jordan Allan to start, we might have a chance.
  10. Rennie playing the "victim" card regarding the ref. And this early in his tenure. Poor stuff. To be honest, I'm surprised he could judge the ref's performance as his arse was sitting in the dugout for a large amount of the game whilst Kenny Miller was playing manager on the touchline.
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