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  1. Don't be silly. This is a football forum. It's all about folks opinions. If we disagree, so be it. But one thing is for sure we all have a common love of our club. So Jack, keep posting - moans and all. And I hope your hunches about the forthcoming season are unfounded!!
  2. Kevin Nesbit on loan to Dumbarton played 13, scored 0. Next season, Raith took a punt - played 46, scored 34. Just shows you about stats...
  3. I feel compelled to call you Sir. Or is Chap ok?
  4. Leighton McIntosh signs for Cove Rangers. The grass wasn't any greener down south. Anyway, he didn't want to play for us when he had the chance to, so no loss to the club.
  5. Even though this plonker is testing negative he still could have the virus. The other players and staff will have to be interviewed. Asked if they were in close proximity to him for 15 minutes or so - I am guessing he was in a busy dressing room pre kick off, half time and post match. If so, then Scottish Government has an issue. If that is the case, several Celtic players and staff will have to isolate. And before you ask, I'm not from a medical background. I am just using the protocol that Jason Leitch has said is to be used for teachers, staff and pupils. So, the Scottish Government will have to implement the testing protocol resulting in potential postponements as a bulk of Celtic players and staff could now be asymptomatic - or ignore it and have one protocol for Celtic and one for schools and the rest of us.
  6. Hopefully sexy and silky and not too shitey. Hopefully my next trip to Falkirk will be as joyful as the last one....
  7. Great looking top! Looking forward to seeing the boys running out at Firhill with it on ( touchwood). Come on the Diamonds!
  8. With reduced fixtures this season we need a good start - hopefully with a good couple of wins. I remember 2 years ago we dropped 3 points in the 2nd game of the season at home to Montrose and it was all fits and starts after that. Last year, 3 points dropped at home against Forfar and it was all fits and starts until we scudded them 4-1 at Station Park. We have to get out the traps fast and try and get some consistency - and I don't mean losing..
  9. Me too. I did look at his history and it is rather underwhelming . I am assuming backup though. Regarding up front, I do hope we do bring in some decent cover. Roy looked ok when he arrived but regressed very quickly. Maybe we will see a different player this season - one who tries to contribute, get involved, get in about the opposition and make his presence felt instead of floating about, flattering to deceive. Maybe it is confidence. But one thing is for sure, if he continues to play the way he did when he came on last season and doesn't score, rightly or wrongly he is going to get a hard time.
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