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  1. It's huge. Ugly as f**k though.
  2. It's really got that big game feel about it now. We're long, long overdue a win over United. Everyone else seems to have worked them out at one stage or another this season. Lets hope it's our turn tomorrow night. I think any win for the Pars tomorrow will see us through Friday night and into the semi. COYP!
  3. Who will be Brechin's first?

    8 games without even a goal now for City. I really can't see Queens ballsing this one up.
  4. Pars v Sons

    Its a tired old cliche that Dunfermline blow it when it matters. Its simply not true. We only blow it sometimes when it matters. The rest of the time, we do the business. On Saturday, it'll be the latter and I even fancy us to clinch third come 5pm.
  5. They've been the most consistent side in the league. That's the bottom line really. Every other team has had a rotten run at one stage or another, or are capable of having seriously awful off days. Consistency is all that's required at this level. The good kind. Not the Brechin kind. So fair play to the Buddies.
  6. Inverness vs Dunfermline

    Isn't McManus suspended some time soon? I'd have Andy Ryan starting anyway tbh. The Salmon-like way we lept to meet the cross for his goal on Saturday was utterly wonderful.
  7. Inverness vs Dunfermline

    Nicky Clarke to do 'A Jimmy Mac' then Lee Robinson to do 'a de Vries' to cap off a fine run of recent form. ICT 2-1 Pars. Just like that time I don't like talk about.
  8. I've got the compliance officer on speed dial guys. He's been well briefed, so we're all set.
  9. These two successive postponements could genuinely save Falkirks season. They will literally be a better side by the time these two games are rearranged. Based solely on the assumption they can't get any worse in January.
  10. Dunfermline v Queens

    Its the nature of this league that games like this are so hard to call. Both sides struggling for form and goals. It's a genuine toss up here IMO. I'll go for Super Joe to finally find his pre-injury form, Fraser Aird to turn his promising form into an end product, Calum Morris to stop looking shite and Nicky Clark to bag a brace. 3-0 Pars. Why not?
  11. He could just burn a tenner and pretend he tried to get in for a concession.
  12. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Falkirk away please. [emoji106]🏻
  13. Initially, I applauded Falkirks policy of signing players just because they were good looking. It was some real 'out the box' thinking. I for one, am deeply disappointed that it hasn't worked out.
  14. We weren't very good when we played midweek last season. Midweekitis to strike again. 0-0, no passing or movement and everyone lamenting the state of Scottish football etc etc.
  15. Choo and indeed Choo, mutherfuckers.