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  1. If you bump into Joyce that used to work in Walkers of Aberlour, tell her I’m sorry I never phoned her back.
  2. They've probably heard of your hooring and touring exploits and are just looking out for you tbh.
  3. Same here. Luckly my car has a great drinks holder on the dashboard.
  4. Id never heard of this word before Lewdle 08 5/6
  5. I’m really really hoping Bologna don’t sign up to P&B to ask the options of folk on this thread. That might really put any Ramsey bid in jeopardy. Yikes!
  6. Not even the Olive From On The Buses special from April 1973 (signed, slightly soiled)?
  7. Utter shite tonight. Good goal from Saints but Ramsey should do better to close him down. Quite possibly the worst ref I’ve seen (for both sides) in a very long time.
  8. I suspect he chucked out the magazines but kept the folders for his vintage Razzles.
  9. Speaking of magazines, I was apoplectic with rage when clearing out my okd boys loft (woof woof) there was no evidence of the 3 folders worth of these:
  10. Is he the one that pished his breeks and posted the photo on the Internet?
  11. Some very professional camera work going on there.
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