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  1. Just remembered there that Gallacher was capped for Scotland.
  2. Thank god that was live in the States. Hopefully that dissuades anyone with an inkling of MaCormarkesque bravado from going near Aberdeen again. Fucking brutal from top to bottom.
  3. My next door neighbour is from Blairgowrie and she has a government with a Home Secretary that thinks it’s a good idea to let women and children drown at sea as it might prevent people from wanting a better life.
  4. Imagine being a tory councillor in Cowdenbeath.
  5. This thread is now worse than the Hamilton defence.
  6. You’ll see a lot of Dundee fans dressed like that tomorrow on Provost Road tbf.
  7. You more of a left/right rather than a forward/backward kind of guy JG?
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