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  1. Well, after many attempts, they finally got there. Well done BBC. Well done.
  2. The good old days before the remotes had a "last channel" button. You need to remember to switch to BBC then ITV nowadays.
  3. This just popped up on my “Nextdoor” messages feed. It’s not going to go away now is it?
  4. On first glance of the polis photo I saw a green mask and blue mask and thought it was the boys from Scot Squad during the Chic Young episode.
  5. It’s almost as if the OP has trawled the internet to find something from the past to be offended by in the present.
  6. Glass deliberately losing to help f**k any forthcoming coefficient improvement from the ****. Noice.
  7. If Glass doesn’t sell Ojo before the 90th minute he can f**k off.
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