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  1. Coincidentally the leccy meter is in the cupboard behind it but I’ve moved the telly and it’s still got a massive purple thing. Sounds good to me. Will check Richer Sounds out for an LG.
  2. Aye, Samsung. Thought it was the HDMI cable but there’s no cables near that side. Looks like I’ll have enrage Mrs Mullarkey by increasing the telly size.
  3. Plus a big purple patch has appeared on the upper left of my telly.
  4. Speaking of silly b*****ds: Dodgy directions leave English lorry driver stuck at the top of Dundee Law https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/dodgy-directions-leave-english-lorry-driver-stuck-at-the-top-of-dundee-law/
  5. Tell your mate to give this wee shite a boot in the nuts if he sees him.
  6. No ID needed. Just get your mate booked and go. Still some bits closed (sea lions are being refurbed and the elephants had fucked off) but the lions were on good form. Roaring and everything.
  7. f**k all. Put my Dundee details on when booking but there was no evidence of that on the ticket so go for it. I’d be hard pushed to see them turning folk away tbh.
  8. Shame. If I'd have known you were only 20 minutes from my door I'd have nipped along, given you a severe thrashing and fed you to the lions. I would have just climbed on the back of the said otter and you wouldn’t have been able to reach me.
  9. Well apart from weegies trying to take photos of goats and otters and shit.
  10. Hopefully Shandon wears a Hearts top when he’s working. What with all the blood and that.
  11. Went to Blair Drummond on Friday there. Not a bit of social distancing in sight. Place was hoaching. Tremendous. Felt like the good old days.
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