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  1. Unfortunately for me the next one (Czech Republic next month) has been cancelled. Seething.
  2. Sitting, drinking a glass of Sauvignon blanc (The Weatherman, quite nice) and chortling.
  3. Boy across the road came out, fag hanging out his mooth, clapped three times then went back in.
  4. Is this what we’ve come to? Jigsaws on carpets and sheds that are widden?
  5. Hopefully against Jeremiah Cole. I’ll take responsibility if need be.
  6. I like to think of us as the precursor to Mel and Kim. (wid btw)
  7. No doubt the resident loonballs will be on to set the record straight on this one.
  8. So what I’m getting from today is that Hendo off P&B is a Brillo Pad c**t.
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