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  1. New chin rest for looking out the window.
  2. That’s the sink emptied. I make that about 23 hours. Are the McWhirters both deid?
  3. That’s Bairnardo away. https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/2020/10/24/funeral-held-for-worlds-shortest-bus-driver/ #gbnf #rip #themangogothim
  4. Had a similar experience in Cuba on my honeymoon. But in a hotel lift with no clothes on.
  5. And his departure paved the way for Steve Cider Paterson.
  6. I mind seeing Ebbe at Borough Briggs at a pre season friendly. I was stood just behind the dug out (when they were still at the halfway line) and he was speaking to Jim Leighton. He then whipped out the fag packet and pulled out the longest super king I’ve ever seen and sparked up. Swear to god it was like drawing a claymore. What a guy.
  7. What washing up liquid do you use? I'm impressed the bubbles are still there after 6 hours. f**k knows. I can only assume she’s been back in, poured some in and give it a quick stir.
  8. 6 hours and counting its been like this. Not even fucking anything in it.
  9. Hard to believe but the King Kebab thread was worse than that photo.
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