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  1. Bit harsh. Some folk can’t help being in a wheelchair Bert.
  2. I wish a shark would eat George Erza. He is the most boring musician on this planet and quite possibly every other planet.
  3. Wouldnt surprise me if Auld Liz is on the phone soon, ordering a pair of concrete wellies for her son's birthday.
  4. Say what you like about Hitler but he made the trains run on time.
  5. Happily see that c**t in the back of a 6m³ mixer truck.
  6. No, objectively speaking, the ugliest thing on view in any street is the unsightly grey concrete that wanks like you have poured all over the place. Human civilisation would die out if it weren't for concrete. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  7. Where the f**k is Dishi Rishi these days? Seems to have fucked off on the back of all the perty news.
  8. Most street furniture is a complete waste of time and spoils the aesthetics of a good street. Even trees.
  9. Im not sure you can move from torrid to scorching in 3°C tbh.
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