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  1. Who even would put on a footie forum that on the way home U seen a young distressed boy getting soaked in the street lets face it you touch wanes
  2. That’s because they’re here to see a new era for the airdrie fans the boycott has been called off there has been a call to back the team ya weapon if we were 12 games unbeaten and top of the league we’d bring double to scumerset
  3. AMB claimed at the game yesterday that there was 600 Ayr fans at the game there was no where near 600 at the game for like 200-250
  4. No one likes us we don’t care [emoji8][emoji815]️
  5. And they ran,ran,ran,ran away. Favourite Airdrie song that [emoji1305]
  6. Airdrie ain’t going burst the consortium are nearly in more chance of yous c***s going Burst
  7. Get it up Ye itzdrk ya wee fud,cannae beat the mighty diamonds
  8. Ayr fans need to give the tambourine a bye [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. “Invincible’s”[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  10. I do apologise for the nagging just a bit underwhelmed by it,How’s brown still at Airdrie?
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