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  1. Struggling to join the stream, am I right in thinking my user name is my aufc membershio number on the season card and the password is the code at the bottom of the QR?
  2. My favourite part about the new ticketing system is that what it is super modern, barcodes, beeps etc. The person on the gate still has to write down tally marks on a bit of paper. Surely the computer should do this!
  3. Spoke to my brother in law who follows Dulwich hamlet, he watched him play a lot when he was there and rated him very highly. Lightening quick and scored in almost every game for them. Granted it’s the 7th tier of English football, but Ayr could be a great opportunity for him to impress.
  4. Not directly related to AUFC, but congrats to all those at the Bellrock for raising a significant sum of cash for mental health charity. [emoji1376][emoji1376][emoji1376]
  5. Absolute disgrace to call it off that late. No idea how many ICT fans travelled but feel sorry for every one of them. They’ve known it was going to be wet and 50mph winds for days.
  6. The ref had a mare, too many poor calls to list individually, can’t help but feel he is harbouring a grudge after the rangers game. Rose was outstanding and I thought Kerr was excellent too bringing some much needed calm to the midfield which struggled a little today. McDaid’s work rate was brilliant, and whilst end product not great hope he gets another chance with a start on Tues. Not sure if anyone else noticed Quitongo’s back heel kick with his studs during the stramash, if spotted would’ve been a straight red, however glad he stayed on as he is utter pish. 3 wins from 3 against thistle before Nov, do we get to keep their mascot or something???
  7. Now we will really see who are the (non season ticket owning) super fans camping out overnight for the last 43 tickets. Maybe the kind people at the Bellrock will send up bacon rolls to the queue?
  8. Agree, but sympathize with the club on how to administer this. If it was 1 per ST, and ST holders could enter a ballot for any leftover tickets (also 1 per ST) folk who got the extra ticket wouldn’t end up with their friends/family. Ultimately the situation is due to rangers not budging on the away allocation.
  9. “£140 plus ma petrol money” [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  10. I went, he didn’t have a great deal to do, but seemed to deal well with cross balls and made one decent save. He may be young but was reassuringly vocal throughout the game, and not at fault for their goal.
  11. And get to see Cammy Bell make his debut at Somerset
  12. Another vote for @home if getting off at newton in Ayr, top class. Burgers & pizza at Brooklyn are good with decent craft lagers if that’s your bag.
  13. I like the look of this, I'd rather see McGuffie start over Harkins on the right.
  14. Agree, What a farce this is. There are also laws prohibiting people carrying a plank of wood across a pavement, suspiciously handling a salmon, and it remains illegal to be drunk in a pub... these need to be enforced too
  15. £5 in for the Morton game. Hopefully encourage a decent crowd
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