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  1. David bates has signed for sheff Wednesday on loan.decent move for him
  2. Plus ronaldo is 34.at the end of his career for sure.... Would only offer him a part time contract. Could be a good impact player to come off the bench I suppose.
  3. You know it's a stroll in the park when we can afford to bring on milne.
  4. Maybe we should just ask to play all our games at home....that way we would stroll the league.canny see it being an issue.bet you Arbroath would welcome the challenge, it's becoming to easy for them [emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Just finished listening to mcglynn interview on rock radio. He says he's hoping to get Two or three players in by weekend. He is going to a livi reserve game tonite to have a look and also said celtic might have a couple young boys available. Seems we have picked up more injuries since Montrose game. Interesting few days ahead regarding new faces.
  6. Calderons Wikipedia page already has him new raith manager [emoji23]
  7. Yet we are still 5 points ahead of you lot after only 6 games.
  8. Well worth a listen. We have had applicants from Iceland [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. https://www.kingdomfm.co.uk/news/local-news/listen-raith-rovers-chair-opens-up-after-shock-barry-smith-exit/
  10. It's league one......in Scotland.we were never going to win league by playing pretty football week in week out,especially when considering how most teams set up against us.also players are playing at this level for a reason.we have to expect inconsistent performances,especially from the younger players.baffles me how negative rovers fans can b at times.new pitch,2nd game of the season and new players still finding there feet.id have taken four points outta 6 before a ball was kicked.looking forward to next week.
  11. Stop worrying lads..... Everything will work out just fine. In Barry we tru...... who am I kidding. We are f**ked
  12. All you can do is laugh....... Or cry.... Or both at same time.
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