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  1. You guys must have bit yer nails right down to the elbow last night. Well done to your boys for holding their nerve and getting the result.
  2. Well done stenny, you must have had that lots arses twitching like a rabbits nose last night. You are quite right to be proud of that score line against a premier team. Carry that performance into the league season and you’ll do yourselves proud.
  3. Anyone going to this? https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=A_View_from_the_Terrace_Hospitality_v_Dundee&ID=11350
  4. Get in there the Fifers. You did what we’ve struggled to do for about two years. Nothing snide or under hand about your win either, you pure pumped them fair and square. Fantastic result guys, and I hope you can carry that into the league season too. Hope you can pump the pish out of Falkirk all season too C’MON YE FIFERS.
  5. What a refreshing change to read a thread with Dundee in the title that isn’t full of greetin faced hoors whinging like f**k.
  6. Don’t listen to him, Arabs. Stay well clear of the Moff. We don’t want to see the unsung hero of Shanklands success working with him again.
  7. Another admirer of Turner here too. This lad is going to be a massive player for us this season, and a top player one day I hope we can capitalise from this lad as I don’t think we’ll manage to hold onto him from what I’ve seen so far. He has a great eye for reading the game, some fantastic touches with a wee bit flare and finesse. The lad apparently had offers at a higher level, but didn’t do an ElBak, he kept his feet on the ground by signing for a championship team and I’m delighted that team is the Pars
  8. Someone copy and send this thread to Stevie Crawford please, he can’t go wrong with us lot sorting the team out for him
  9. I have to agree. Turner and Nesbit would be my preferred starting choice. Dow and Coley names must get permanently printed onto team sheet imo. Those four players in full attack will be a handful for most teams. Sadly our back line is still a work in process imo, I still think good teams will expose our defensive line. We can only hope it’ll all come good for our league campaign starting.
  10. Agreed, I don’t really care about these cup games, but our performance was woeful on Saturday tired or not. I hope this is just a blip for us, and we were caught out by a very physical opponent. We can only hope that the lads will be ready for opponents like that in the league. That said, I have to admit that I’m still very excited about this squad of players, I’m sure that there is much better to come from them.
  11. Worrying that we lost 3 goals our performance on Saturday was woeful to say the least. City looked physically stronger and never gave us a minute on the ball, which left us punting long balls that ultimately ended up being taken from us. The ref allowed a hard fought game, and we were second best in it. That was a great learning curve for us on Saturday, let’s hope that we can take the lesson and improve from it.
  12. We got exactly what we deserved. Thank you, and good night.
  13. Holy freakin shmit. City are some team. They’ve had us pinned back the whole shift. Pars doing a bit better in the last 5 mins, but we are huffing and puffing away at it. No wonder St Mirren struggled with this lot. Strong physical team.
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