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  1. I stand corrected. Could have sworn it was Ayr. I shouldn't drink on an empty heed
  2. Peterhead 2018/19

    All levity aside, that score line flattered us tonight. That was a bloody good performance from Peterhead. Your guys keep that kind of play up for the season you should be challenging for the title.
  3. Best of luck with this, neebur. I'm sure there's a bowling club that Pars fans use down your way through? It gets rave reviews from our lads and lassies and, we even have a boolin champ that beat one of your boolin champions.
  4. Ah! Every days a school day. Cheers neebs.
  5. Just found this on on the clubs official site "Neither Faiss nor the other Dundee loanee, James Vincent will be able to play against Dundee in the Betfred Cup match on Sunday 22 July. " looks like they are bricking it.
  6. If Dundee don't fear a Pars team with Vincent and Fais in it, they'll allow us to field them on Sunday.
  7. He'll need half a season to get up to those kind of scores against teams like Arbroath
  8. Dunfermline Athletic Lee RobinsonSean Murdoch Cammy Gill Ryan Williamson Jackson Longridge Lewis Martin Lee Ashcroft Danny Devine Mark DurnanTom Beadling Joe ThompsonJames VincentJames Craigen Kallum Higginbotham Aidan ConnollyMyles Hippolyte Faissal El Bakhtaoui Louis LongridgeAndy Ryan Callum Smith Shamelessly copied and pasted from DAFC.net
  9. You've got yourselves a bloody good, hard working player there. Great eye for a pass. You won't be unhappy with that signing.
  10. Remember when these guys come to us they see it as a step up.
  11. We are signing Flood again.
  12. Sorry it took so long to get here and post my delight at the return of Fais, I was busy mopping up jizz I sprayed everywhere. Thats one hell of a handsome laddie, and he looks ready to rip defenders some new ringpieces. BRING IT ON.
  13. I don't know who the Arbroath player is but, he can't half jump some height. Half man, half kangaroo
  14. I hope he starts showing that soon then. What ive seen in the last three friendly games isn't filling me with that level of positivity. Hopefully it's a gelling issue right now and, all will be well at the start of the season.