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  1. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    Lol. Youre way too cowardly to turn up by yourself. You’d need your brother and yer tribe of Oakley rabble with you as always have
  2. This post-mortem isn’t going to change the result. Even if that goal was disallowed we’d still have lost the game. Everyone sees a game differently and will sometimes, rightly or wrongly, shout comments or abuse on the strength of what they think they’ve seen. It’s human nature at the football.
  3. I’m not sure how to do that but, I’ll take a look when I get back later. He may do it himself and save me the bother but, I doubt it.
  4. I see you have cut out your reply. Shitebag behaviour IMO. Whole story or gtf Incidentally his reply was “leave me alone as i feel threatened”
  5. I see you have cut out your reply. Shitebag behaviour IMO. Whole story or gtf While I was out the country he started going through my posts and giving me red dots. He thinks that as fellow pars fan I should back him up on here but, in truth I find him and his conduct an embarrassment to the pars. He is upset because I know all about him and, outed him for crawling back here with yet another username Now that I’m home for the holiday period I’ve found he has been very busy wasting his life trawling though my posts to give me red dots so, I thought I’d put him once again on here. I know it’s childish but, he gets infuriated when folks don’t agree with him and I know he’ll eventually f**k off with this user name and come back with a new one. If you want rid of him just keep giving him red dots and, he’ll f**k off again as always
  6. Dunfermline Athletic vs Falkirk

    All tenners are gratefully accepted, cheers. Mind when the bomb squad was called into Grangemouth? You lot seen something very suspicious on your terraces and were all shitting yourselves. Turned out to be a five fingered glove
  7. Dunfermline Athletic vs Falkirk

  8. Falkirk vs Dunfermline

    Sadly I have to agree with this. We haven't found our attacking spark yet and, our defence is shakey at best. Fez hasn't produced much at all so far but, he has been finding some of his nice wee touches and control of late. He should still be dropped to give someone else a chance to prove themselves up front. As bizarre as it sounds I think our lads are trying way too hard, they need to relax a bit. They've never really recovered from the 3-1 home humping from Ross county. I hope to be proven wrong in the most spectacular of ways this weekend but, I very much doubt it. Any points won in this game will be a huge bonus in my opinion.
  9. Still you, creepy guy I'm clearly getting under your skin now.
  10. I'm happy to keep this tread alive as it'll warn everyone that you are a rip off merchant. The reason you're wanting this kept relevant can only be that you're one of these creepy attention seeking sados. You clearly have no life or pals. I'm starting to feel a wee bit sorry for you but, I'm sure it'll pass. Just keep it all coming son, the more you post the more you prove my point about your creepyness
  11. This could be bad news for the rest of the league. Paul Hartley is available guys, get in quick before he is snapped up.
  12. He did applaud you guys initially, then he gave the GIRUY when he was met with a volley of abuse and hand gestures. Im not saying he was right to react but, play fair and tell the full story guys.
  13. Alloa v Falkirk

    I think the Bairns will get a wee surprise at how hard Alloa are to break down. (Watch them fauld like a cheap deckchair now I've said that)