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  1. Anyone picking Donaldson has never kicked a ball in their puff.
  2. Nobody any news of any signings? Reading on another forum there is a possibility of Jamie Murphy on loan.
  3. Shankland and Dobbie top two. The rest is debatable.
  4. Harkes is a top player. He will prove that this season imo.
  5. He just doesn’t like us very much D’Jaffo lol. Hurting from that Smith pre contract agreement back in Jan.
  6. Aye good one mate! Butcher is shite right enough. United have no midfielders..[emoji57] No bad going for the team who are favourites while you go right on ahead and say a few of your boys are in the top ten when you will be lucky to get into the playoffs. You are anti Dundee United simple as.
  7. You’re a bit off the mark there mate. Pawlett has only not been playing because he was injured. Harkes also had a niggle and as Stanton was doing well may need to bide his time. Butcher plays week in week out and makes us very solid in CM.
  8. He changed the game when he came on on Friday. He’s had a bad knee injury but getting him fit will be a massive lift for us.
  9. People not putting Pawlett in this are clearly fucking wallopers.
  10. Was he not playing alongside Stewart in that side also?
  11. Might bag 15 goals or so but nowhere near Shanklands return.
  12. League one he wasn’t prolific. Done ok in league two I suppose from looking at his stats.
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