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  1. The Tunisian winger is playing this afternoon in the reserves looking to get a contract. Hopefully all works out and we have some pace and good delivery out wide!
  2. Tunisian lad on trial looks like he has a good few tricks up his sleeve. Interesting to see if we will sign him.
  3. According to the courier United bid close to 500k. Good on Dunfermline holding out. Same as United with Shankland. So much still to be achieved this season.
  4. I think he plays 6 month in Premier league we will get 4 million. He goes in the summer will be around 3.
  5. Powers was one of our best players last night. Kept the ball well. Honestly don’t know what some people are watching at times.
  6. Elliott Frear be one of them I bet. Now a free agent...
  7. Rain to stop by 2 but it’s heavy as just now.
  8. Torrential rain over night? Any Thistle fans confirm if this is likely to be called off?
  9. He will go to United if we’re interested. Let’s be honest..
  10. Neilson saying he is happy with both Powers and Freeman so will probably sign them if they do well tonight.
  11. Shame as he has ability but he is posted missing most games he actually gets a chance.
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