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  1. Agreed. Why are some people not seeing this?
  2. Shankland won’t be going nowhere. He hasn’t kicked a ball yet this season. Clubs bigger than us will be waiting to see how he does in the Premiership.
  3. Sun reporting it will be a cut price fee. Maybe circa 200k will get him. Will be on a hefty wage though.
  4. These insta pages are just wee guys looking for attention. Mostly bollox.
  5. A lot going around about Greg Stewart signing. Cracking signing if true.
  6. Steven Presley on the Scottish football podcast talking some amount of shite! Saying there is worries about the money we will spend and our finances?? Also said Hearts will spend money. This is a a club that have just been cost cutting while we haven’t. Absolute moron honestly!
  7. You’re actually scared he goes to United. He’s left you lot anyway. Why you so bothered?
  8. You have a bigger fans base. That’s the only thing you have going for you over us.
  9. Dundee United should be your team. Lots of American connections at the moment and we have some American players. We have one of the proudest European histories and will be aiming for Europe this year.
  10. Aberdeen taking wage cuts too. Maybe still sneak Hayes...
  11. Think it was 5500 just after the Cup win. Should try push for 6k for the start of the season. That would be excellent!
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