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  1. There's a chance his goals keep us up while also being one of the most unliked and frustrating players I can remember at Saints. Being largely wasteful is more easily forgiven if he keeps scoring winners though
  2. Hibs getting Brandon Barker, Drey's big return is still on
  3. I'm guessing it's mainly agents using our desperation to give the illusion of interest to force other teams (who can pay higher wages) into action and that's why it's getting into the media
  4. A pretty needless comparison this, but seeing that Mahon has barely scored in his career made me think about Kevin James because I was convinced he was getting close to double figures each season for us Obviously he wasn't, but his scoring rate of about 1 in 6 is similar to Chris Kane over his career for us and Stevie May if you take out "that" season which was about 8 years ago Really hope Ciftci can get some goals
  5. Interesting with the Mahon signing as he appears to be a right footed CB. Surely this means McCart is off now if we're paying over 100k for a player who might not be a starter if McCart-Gordon- Cleary are all fit, so it makes no sense otherwise
  6. I remember some Michael Gardyne rumours in the summer, he's been released by Inverness..... Surely not?
  7. I'd rather get relegated than have a total scumbag like Lafferty
  8. One of the bigger problems we had this season was that there was simply not overlap threat on the left hand side at all, so if they could shut down the diagonal to Rooney/MOH then we really did look clueless. If Gallacher can at least offer a threat that needs to be dealt with then other teams have to defend the whole pitch - It opens up space through the middle, hopefully counters the 2 in midfield being dominated with absolute ease every time and it means it opens up the switch to either side too, I'm quite hopeful on this one.
  9. He'd stick by the smashed up one that's he's just slammed through a wall, but would be utterly insistent that it's the police's fault and nothing at all to do with his driving
  10. Tell me the McCann and Kerr money wasn't actually invested in the "football department" without telling me it wasn't
  11. When it came to saving the season, I was hoping for a little more than trying to sign Championship level strikers with some very average scoring records, especially as we're a team that doesn't create chances easily.
  12. I did speak to a player earlier in the year who played against Rudden and apparently they were scared of his pace..... but Partick spent the whole game pumping long balls at him and it meant he was easy to manage through the game as a result So I'm guessing we've got a great chance of wasting him with that tactic if he does come
  13. Let's get them all back, Hasselbaink, Tade, Drey Wright, Matty Kennedy, and watch as CD flips the script completely and tries to come out with some kind of 3-1-3-3 formation and we play everyone off the park
  14. In some ways I do understand it, I guess he has to maintain some kind of peace to keep getting access and it won't be a good look if a local paper is just doom central. But he does seem to be far too fixed on the past rather than the very immediate future. I saw his report card thing saying it's not all bad because we drew with LASK and Galatasaray - both great performances and occasions for the fans, but what does that really mean if we go down, while also just sucking all of the enthusiasm from the club, probably spending the McCann and Kerr money on covering losses caused by relegation rather than building and not having a squad that's going to do well in the Championship either? We've been utterly awful to watch, In some ways my head goes to a place where I just want to enjoy watching Saints again, so I'm almost willing to accept relegation and a reset rather than having this "style" every year
  15. Interesting to see Nicholson getting called on out Twitter and responding with claims that he thinks he's being critical in his recent articles
  16. I get this a weird thing to judge CD on, but a big part of me is looking at what happens with Ali Crawford to see just how much he's willing to back up his words with actions when it comes to players "having to take a look at themselves" etc. In a way I can understand that he sees him as a player he likes because he'll carry out instructions and do what he's asked in a tactical sense, but he's been given every chance to prove himself in recent weeks but it's generous to suggest he's even made a minimal impact. If that supposed loan extension/permanent deal disappears then it shows CD is willing to change his mind, make decisions that will benefit the team and stop rewarding bad performances with contracts that hurt us going forward. If he is signed then it shows the entire squad that performance level doesn't matter, if you're a favourite with the manager then you'll play and it's not a good sign.
  17. Ah see Crawford is filed under "shite but I know he'll carry out my defensive instructions without question" and that's probably worth a two-year deal in CD's book
  18. I'm sure I saw a second, separate set of comments from CD earlier where again he is keen to stress that this is not a tactical problem, but not sure if he's specifically being asked about his tactics or if he's fully aware but is stubbornly trying to prove himself right.
  19. I would like to know what's being said behind the scenes. The fact that he's brought up the tactics first and says it's fine does make me wonder if Cleland/Macca and even the players have been on at him to change it up, but his dedication to this system means he won't and it's now just a case of trying to convince himself that he's still right about it. Because there's no way he can break down recent performances and think he's happy with the positions he's got his players in, it's just not a recipe for success
  20. Well there's Davidson's version of "taking it on the chin" as he said "Tactically no problems" Just f*ck off
  21. Eight times we've conceded first this season, eight times we've failed to score in reply That's why Davidson has to go, his plan A isn't right for the team and restricts them, and he's got nothing beyond that either
  22. If anything sums us up this season, it's the Twitter account being reduced to reporting strikers pressing the ball as some kind of chance, pure Davidsonball
  23. I can only offer my experiences on this, but it's something I feared might be far more prevalent in football than I first thought. I covered Scotland for I think about 18 months as a scout for an English 4th tier team with a big budget, I would report into their HOR who was full time and I'm pretty sure his role would be identical to Grieve. He had scouts all over the UK working for him and reporting in, and I believe their experience is identical to mine. I'm not trying to tout myself as some kind of gem-finder, they could pay 3-4k a week so any good player in Scotland was within their reach and it was easy to recommend some very good players. We held talks to the points of making offers on a goalkeeper who since got a move to a bigger club up the leagues, someone who is now a Scotland international, plus two more who have since made the move down south and appear to be doing well as far as I can tell. The keeper they went for instead was such a success that I think he might now be 4th choice, while the striker they took over the option up here (would've been 200k and that now looks like it would've been a bargain) has also been binned after one season and single digit goals. The response I got after each time one of the moves went in a different direction? The manager (or the assistant) has worked with them before, likes their work-rate and trusts them to carry out his three-at-the-back formation more. The HOR got frustrated to the point that he was considering a move down the ladder where his input would actually be listened to, that manager hasn't worked at a senior level since being sacked as far as I can see and the club is still stuck after 2/3 windows of that recruitment and trying to offload players who work hard but aren't good enough. Obviously I have zero insider info at Saints so couldn't tell you how things are going down, but this is my main fear for us and it's why I think we are in a lot of trouble. I can absolutely see a situation where CD only wants players that either he trusts or that Gary Rowatt has worked with and trusts, especially now where he's in a situation where his job may or may not be in the line, but you can be sure any offers from down south are disappearing with our relegation. The Eetu signing was so left-field that I'm sure the HOR was involved in his identification. It's probably fair to say Eetu still has the "halo" affect with fans because we need him to be good, but CD made a big point of not playing him for weeks (or even months?) and also hooks him at every opportunity. We've now got a situation where he's the only player being singled out for public criticism. Could it be that CD is trying to make a big point that he doesn't trust the HOR with signings and all of this is to show the board that he has to be given the full control in January? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but that is what I'm scared of. CD has the air of an utterly stubborn/arrogant man who believes he's right at all costs - the formation and sticking with Crawford (Who I presume was his signing) proves he's unwilling to adapt and change, and I can see him being the same with recruitment too.
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