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  1. I'm torn on the whole creativity thing, we certainly do lack it, but I still maintain they don't have anything to hit in front of them. Chris Kane can hunt down a loose pass or tries to win things in the air, but he actively hides when we break forward and drops into a position between a defender and a midfielder, Stevie May always wants to drop short, I'm not seen enough of Eetu but he looks like a similar kind of player, Wotherspoon isn't one to break in behind, neither is MOH who always wants it to feet. Middleton is the only one I've seen occasionally try to make a run between a full back and a centre back, but I've said it multiple times before, we're so easy to play against, just press us high with a high line and there's no way we'll get in behind, the only tactic we have is Kane trying to win free kicks at the half way line and then pumping a long ball into the box. We could have a midfield of Pirlo, Guti and Riquelme in their prime, they still would still struggle with the absolute refusal of any forward to find space or run in behind
  2. This is one of the main things I've been trying to figure out, is it a total lack of confidence, on CD for just being uber-defensively focussed and restricting the players or something else? Obviously a different level but I remember something about Louis van Gaal at Man United and players moaning that he was just so rigid in his instructions and defensive drilling that it just took over and they didn't know how to attack once the basic plan was figured out by the opposition. That would make sense from that Livi game at home where literally all we had was a giant switch out to MOH, and when that didn't work, we just kept trying it over and over. Something needs to change in the manager's methods to free us up going forward, but the interview he gave last night where he somehow thought Hibs didn't deserve to win makes me fear he'll stick to it even more rigidly than ever. In some ways I won't even be surprised if we shitfest a couple of 1-0s over Dundee and County, we might even end up in the top six conversation on paper at xmas if we get lucky, but it can't go on like this either way
  3. CD's post match presser is really ringing alarm bells, surely he isn't that deluded?
  4. We'll get Cleary and one addition to the forward line who'll be a half-season loan - likely Matty Kennedy or Drey Wright, maybe someone like Mikey Johnston if we're really lucky, and an Izzy Jones type who'll play 20 mins in the cup against a lower league team
  5. Is that now 1 goal from open play that we've scored in 7 games?
  6. Crawford gives me Scougall vibes, lovely player but not suited to our style at all
  7. Sounds about right, he'll score once, we'll give him a three year deal and then try to get rid of him in the summer while the manager says he has no money to bring new faces in
  8. Rooney's general answer to celebrating stuff is to get on the pints, plus I really didn't think reopening the pub at the ground was worthy of a "pre-announcement" to try and generate some added social media engagement but there we go
  9. In a way I will find it funny if CD pulls an Eetu/Melamed and says he needs a few weeks to get up to speed
  10. I'm not sure he's ever really been a striker, he's a pacey winger who can play either side, at least it gives defences something to think about
  11. I'm sure he missed a proper sitter against Trakai, possibly in the second half to make it 2-2 Tanser still would've shat it in the return leg despite that
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