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  1. What is this goal thing you speak of? CD's signings don't do that?
  2. I'm torn on Carey, pretty sure all he's good for is set-pieces, but it's still something he's competent at when compared to Crawford, and as we set up with no plan to score from open play, it's probably necessary. He'll play the Crawford role perfectly, will be sh*te for 33 game a year, will score 4/5 goals that in theory get us 10 points and CD will want carried around Perth thinking he's a mastermind for keeping us up in the playoffs again
  3. Is Woods actually better than Parrish? I can't see how he upgrades us over Sinclair and Parrish for the group stages of the league cup, would be the ultimate panic move when the window still has weeks to go
  4. The Davidson vs Tommy Wright thing is interesting because that cup double should end any argument, it could also be rose tinted spectacles but I feel like I enjoyed watching TW's teams play more than CD's. Don't get me wrong, we've played some honking stuff in the past and it wasn't exactly Tiki-Taka under Wright, but at least most of the time I got what the plan was. With TW, when he was tactically right he got it really right, and when he got it wrong it was utterly horrific but at least he had tactics, I'm more and more convinced that CD had a system that's been handed down to him by coaches he's worked with and has been bailed out big time and lucky in having talent like Rooney, McCann and Kerr to actually make it work. Davidson has no plan, I'm more convinced than ever that he just drills a basic defensive shape and hopes to get lucky with someone doing something exceptional. Memory might be letting me down here, but I think MOH had a strong game against Dundee as a RWB, so the next home game against Livi all we did was hump 50 yard switches at him thinking that would work, it's such a basic grasp of attacking planning. You could point to the players and other coaches but CD is clearly so stubborn as all he'll talk about after games is the refs and how it's not his tactics that are at fault, so clearly this is all on him. I'm not optimistic ahead of next season, but I mean that more in a purer sense of just having some joy in my life by watching my team. Sure we might stay up again, but I can't see it being something many people enjoy watching and that's the real sickener after being in such a strong position after the double win.
  5. Not that anyone cares but I'm one of the ones who didn't renew, I don't expect us to win every week but I was naively hoping we might occasionally set up to try and score goals and maybe even win the odd game, but it's simply the most soul destroying set of games I've ever sat through, I was genuinely coming away from games absolutely miserable. Can't imagine I'm alone in that
  6. Also seems Celtic are going to sign Siegrist... Scott Bain ?
  7. So how long before we make no notable new signings but start peddling the "like a new signing" return of Kane and Wotherspoon?
  8. Hey, let's not forget we have Eetu to come back, and CD will spend November saying he might be the answer to get us our first win of the season once he's "up to speed"
  9. Weirdly if we still had TW in charge I'd be more optimistic with these as the types of signings he would get the best out of and who would do a job, but CD has shown he accidentally stumbled upon a system with players who performed at an exceptional level to hide the deficiencies (Rooney, Kerr and McCann) TW's teams were always built with an ethos of being hard to beat, solid at the back but they also had some kind of focal point and plan in attack, with a talisman like Swanson/MOH/May who had enough quality to win enough games to keep us fairly comfortable. CD has shown no ability to set up a team to win games, we have no plan when we have the ball and it shows, the players off the ball make no movement because their primary focus is being in the position to return to shape when we lose it, and it gives the guy on the ball zero options and we've been completely figured out. Considine is a decent enough defender who is left footed so can replace McCart, I imagine he's also perfectly able to shin 50 yard cross balls out of play and then throw his hands around so that's the replacement there, but neither he nor Gordon have pace, and if the RCB is expected to push forward and overlap we are going to be exposed to f*ck, or more likely, the LWB and a defender will have to sit back and cover and we will be even more predictable than ever. I always liked Wright and he's a decent enough squad player, but he's likely being tasked to replace the most irreplaceable St Johnstone player of my lifetime in Rooney. Unless we somehow can find some quality players who are capable of winning a game on their own then we're f*cked because the manager doesn't set us up to win games and he doesn't make subs within games to go for wins either, and it's hard to really point at any of his signings and call them an overwhelming success so limited confidence in that.
  10. That makes sense. If he's the same guy I'm thinking of I'm sure I saw him play with BSC Glasgow in the Lowland league 2/3 years ago and he did look pretty impressive but was also bollocking a team of adults into position when he was 17/18 so hopefully we only need someone to be competent for a season, he goes on loan and does enough to come back and take over
  11. Surely Sinclair is now at an age where he's developed as much as he's going to just with youth games and training, so needs to either start for us or go on loan to help bring him on further.
  12. Hector Ingram might actually be a worse signing than the summer when TW spent his entire time moaning that we had a tiny squad and he couldn't sign anyone before signing Max Johnstone to be the 3rd choice keeper
  13. Still can't believe we really gave Crawford a deal until 2024. From memory, was that agreed way before the January window because he scored a goal or two and then had to be quietly announced because it was clearly a honking piece of business that we couldn't go back on?
  14. They somehow have completely different issues but will end up offering much the same output Wright is more switched on as a player and probably applies himself better but doesn't have the pace or stamina to go for 90, MOH needs a few seconds to react to anything so his pace is usually nullified by his own lack of anticipation unless he's up against and absolute haddie Would rather have neither tbh but can still see Wright happening
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