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  1. Well done to the Glens. So many people wrote them off the last couple of years. Since moving to the EOS they have been a breath of fresh air. A lot of hard work put in behind the scenes and it’s paying off. One of Fife’s biggest junior sides back in the day. Time for them to establish themselves again[emoji122]
  2. Credit to Dunfermline today. Yous guys were brilliant, and probably deserved something from it with the effort you showed. As for us... it was like watching us against Morton. Centre half didn’t cover himself in glory at times. Dunfermline should have been 1-0 up after a short back pass. Good support through from Dunfermline as well. Good luck for the season
  3. I wouldn’t read too much into it. Kelty are moving up the gears, and if you want to progress you have to bring in a better calibre of players.
  4. Another signing getting announced? Ex Dunfermline
  5. It didn’t surprise me when I seen he signed for Bluebell. Far too good a player to be sitting on the bench. Will be some signing for bluebell
  6. What sort of level would you compare the English side to up here?
  7. Bring on a welsh team, Kelty on tour[emoji41]
  8. Not sure but can see both of them struggling for game time this season
  9. Probably a bit harsh on Tam, considering there has been a lot of changes to the team. Can’t argue with the record Tam had when he was there.
  10. Early days, but Bonnyrigg will be up there this season
  11. Never knew that, cheers mate
  12. Fire away with the updates lads
  13. Dalbeattie were giving it a decent go in the first half hour. Kelty coming out and scoring 2 quick goals in the second half just destroyed Dalbeattie. It could of been 10
  14. Kelty in total control here.
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