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  1. Have the Glens not beat Kirkcaldy the twice they have played them this season? Good bit ahead of them in the league table as well…
  2. Very similar when they got beat by Glenrothes in the challenge cup. Only a couple of players turned up to post match hospitality.
  3. Darvel more or less out of the title race. What do they do next? Bring Ferry on board to chuck even more money at it next season.
  4. Angus Gunn was awarded man of the match yesterday.
  5. Massive game next week. Have to get 3 points. Another great attendance yesterday. 948. Amazing for a league two side, fingers crossed you stay up!
  6. Spartans so close to a huge 3 points tonight. It opens the door for Stirling & Tranent to close the gap tomorrow.
  7. Who decides the ticket prices? I know in earlier rounds its up to the two clubs to agree on a price. Is the semi final decided by all 4 clubs coming to an agreement? If this has been the SFA who has decided, it looks like they have opted for the option of making as much money as they can from the Sunday game. But basically holding two fingers up to Falkirk and Inverness fans in the process. The sensible pricing should be something like below: £25, £15 for North & South £20 £10 for East & West
  8. Not a rose fan, but I would personally rather play in a league of 10 which does not consist of any B teams!
  9. How do Kelty fans asses the season so far? It looks like you will pick up points here and there and finish in 8th place. At the start of the season, I would of fancied you to get in the top 4. Are you expecting more next season? or have you found your level in league 1 just happy to consolidate?
  10. Bonnyrigg have been a lot more competitive in recent weeks. Unlucky on Saturday not to take home a point. Can see them scrapping away to get enough points to stay up. Straight shootout between them and Albion Rovers.
  11. When is the draw for the semi final?
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