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  1. Bonnyrigg have scored a lot of goals in the remaining ten minutes, never seem to give up!!
  2. Yeah, have quite a bit of depth already in the position he plays. Can’t see him playing regular
  3. I can’t see much of a future for the BDO. Couldn’t give tickets away for this nonsense
  4. Fair play to Bonnyrigg, got a title race on here
  5. Tynecastle just needing another couple of wins to have the league won?
  6. Do Gretna 2008 still have the same sort of numbers that follow them as what Gretna did previously?
  7. Managed to get one through the second ballot that took place luckily. Our CSC never got many as expected.
  8. Bonnyrigg Clyde could possibly be looked at for TV
  9. Great news for the Glens. It was only a few months ago that certain people were questioning the Glens joining the senior ranks. What a turnaround in fortunes. Well done to everyone involved for making this happen!
  10. I don’t understand what the big deal is here. Kelty have a great infrastructure in place. They have not just invested in the first team. The community club they have is top notch, from kids of 5 to under 20’s. Yes, they might have one of the biggest wage budgets in the league. What’s the problem? If it’s affordable it’s not an issue. The way it’s looking it could be a major benefit, as the club looks to reach its goal of promotion. I would be more concerned about when your going to get rag dolled of your highland neighbours. Not that you will play them any time soon...
  11. When does the draw get made for next round? Possibly a wee fife Derby on the cards
  12. Penicuik - Stenny could be another shock on the cards. When will this be rearranged?
  13. I’m surprised that talbot didn’t have at least four figures at the game.
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