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  1. It’s just a pity that the broadcasters involved , BT in this case and the BBC don’t take more of a stand against them. Instead these broadcasters seem to be prepared to allow them to discriminate against certain individuals without much , if any , protest. BBC Radio Scotland , in particular, come across as being very weak by still devoting as much airtime and discussions to them , despite being treated like shit by them. Personally , I think the BBC would be justified in keeping the reporting on all Rangers games , not just those at Ibrox, to the bare minimum ......the scoreline and nothing more.
  2. Agree with all that. And bear in mind that Hedges season-ending injury last season came hard on the heels of the loss of Scott Wright, who was our only other similar player.
  3. Bit of a stretch too, saying they failed at the last hurdle. They failed at the first hurdle in both competitions they were in. They didn’t clear any of the hurdles.
  4. The Red Shed singing “You’re just a fat Peter Pawlett” about Pawlett himself at the recent game at Pittodrie was quite humorous
  5. Agreed 100%. I’ve said for ages that McLean is not only useless as a radio commentator , but actually extremely annoying. With that penalty shoot out today , I had to try to work out whether each pen had been scored from the crowd noise rather than waiting for McLean to tell us.
  6. And bear in mind it's the Football Writers who vote for the manager of the year. It's not too much of a stretch to think that most of them see Scottish football as having only 2 teams worth bothering about.
  7. I doubt if Martindale was paying JET's wages. And I'd imagine that McInnes was involved to some extent in the contract dealings with Ferguson and/or his agent. I don't know if Ferguson's contract extension was made before Cormack took over from Milne. If it was during Milne's tenure , though , then I wouldn't be surprised if Milne gave McInnes at least tacit authority to give Ferguson some sort of unwritten agreement about any future transfer. All speculation and guesswork on my part. I'm pretty sure , though , that even the thickest of players wouldnt need his agent to point out that an unwritten gentleman's agreement isn't watertight. Ferguson doesnt strike me as being particularly thick. Comes across as having head fairly welli screwed on, to me anyway.
  8. Maybe if there was some sort of gentleman's agreement with Ferguson , it was done with McInnes , in the same way as JET's agreement/understanding with Livvy was apparently made personally with Martindale. If so then AFC could be taking the stance that with McInnes gone , all bets are off as regards the unwritten agreement with Ferguson. That scenario could well leave Ferguson and his agent somewhat pissed off.
  9. Barring another global economic meltdown , at least the timing of it means his value shouldn't be adversely affected (for a few months anyway) by getting injured and/or his playing form taking a nose-dive a la McKenna and Cosgrove.
  10. I mind thinking the same about Andy's comments. Also felt his pain in the same game when he said "I got a red card for that last week !!" speaking about a challenge on a Dons player that went unpunished. Can't say I enjoyed much of the RedTV coverage , but possibly due mainly to so many of the games being awful. t I thought Fraser Fyvie was , by far, the best co-commentator with Willie Garner being the next best. Shinnie was the worst commentator , with Rob McLean being the second worst
  11. I think that’s probably an understatement , and my suspicion is that AFC are in a much worse position financially than they’ve been letting on. Not through any mis-management , but a combination of “perfect storm” circumstances on top of the catastrophic loss of income (eg hardly any of our players being out of contract at the end of the 2019/20 season, meaning that we had to keep on paying them, even if only on a deferred basis, Cosgrove and McKenna’s stock falling meaning that we didn’t get nearly as much for them as we might reasonably have expected). Whilst we might not exactly be at the fire-sale stage , I don’t think we’re going to be playing hardball when it comes to selling any of our players. We can’t really afford to run the risk of any of our saleable assets running down their contract and leaving for nothing or next to nothing , as has been the case in recent years with the likes of Shinnie, McLean , Jack , Wright. So it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Hedges is sold at the first available opportunity unless (or even , if) he signs an extension to his contract which , I think has only another year to run. I reckon the days of us being the highest wage-payers , in comparison to our main rivals (ie Hibs and Hearts) are pretty much gone , at least for the foreseeable future, I think Glass has been brought in as part of an overall cost-cutting exercise and that anyone expecting marquee signings of a higher calibre than the players we’ve been linked with recently is going to be sorely disappointed.
  12. If we had the power to re-write history , would any Dons fan want to swap the outcomes of the two 11th of May games ? Winning the title at Ibrox could probably never be topped on the domestic front. But , for me , the European trophy trumps the Premier League title.....even clinching it in a decider at Ibrox.
  13. A player who lives out of a campervan alternating between the respective carparks at Pittodrie and Cormack Park , depending on which is the next day's workplace. And his mother must have been artificially inseminated with the defrosted sperm of Joseph Montgomery Harper, Steve Archibald , Mark McGhee , Eric Black , Eoin Jess, Hans Gillhaus , Duncan Shearer and Adam Rooney.
  14. Could be an instinctive striker getting a shot off quicker than most other players would be capable of. Might be deflected on the way in , but even the keeper might have saved it , if there wasn't a deflection it could still be said to be a good finish/good striker's goal. Just not as aesthetically pleasing as an undeflected finish.
  15. Cosgrove useless......blah blah.....Sale of Goods Act....blah blah.... not fit for purpose....blah blah.... Birmingham kept the receipt
  16. If he’s a Kenny McLean type , then that’s exactly the sort of player we’ve needed since McLean left. More than any other position.
  17. Still one of the finest footballers I ever saw play. Graceful almost balletic. And about as much use in a 50/50 challenge as your average ballerina
  18. Scott Severin. I didn’t hate him before he came to us , as to be honest I’d hardly been aware of him.....but within a few games for us I was already rating him very highly. And , to me , it simply demonstrated just how far we’d fallen below Hearts in the pecking order in that he just about instantly became our best player but had only been a bit-part/fringe player for them.
  19. You don’t remember correctly , if you’re meaning goals for the Dons. He scored only one with his head which was a late winner at Brockville. And his only other goal was a shot from the edge of the box at Ibrox.
  20. It’s quite simple really. Hibs take no more than one point from their next 3 games. Not entirely unrealistic seeing as they’ve already lost to the Hvns , Livvy and the Saints this season. Meanwhile , we win our next two , including the game against Celtic which we win with own goals by the strangely lethargic Scott Brown and Leigh Griffiths. We then go into the second last game against Hibs at least point ahead of them and beat them 1- nil with a controversial penalty to clinch third place. Ref Willie Collum reminds himself of the cliche about decisions evening themselves out over the course of a season and duly awards us a penalty during the warm-up when Niall McGinn stubs his toe on Martin Boyle who is merely practising his diving routine. Boyle gets a straight red for his part in the incident. We then go to Ibrox on the last day with no pressure and give the Hvns their first league defeat , winning 3- nil with goals from Paul Wright , Oooh- Aahh Van der Ark and a Jim Bett free kick from 35 yards.
  21. Can’t argue with that. I think they need to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of the various pundits. Willie Miller , for instance is , in my opinion , decent as a co-commentator but absolutely hopeless on OAM. Sometimes when I’m at Pittodrie , I’ll also listen to OAM and on countless occasions there’s been some action that Willie just doesn’t bother mentioning. I know they seem to come in for a lot of flak, but I actually think Allan Preston and Billy Dodds are both pretty good on OAM. For the most part they’ll only pipe up about the game they’re covering when there’s an appropriate incident. And when there’s a goal they don’t waffle on before telling the listener which team have scored. The female who does the games at Inverness and Dingwall is possibly even worse than Chick Young as far as getting round to stating which team has just scored and what the score is now. Heather Dewar usually takes so long telling us about the tieam lineups that almost inevitably she’ll be interrupted by someone reporting on one of the other games.....(not Willie Miller) Pat Bonner doesn’t have any strengths
  22. Debatable. The more games we go with our players performing poorly and the opponents being fairly comfortable against us , the more I’m thinking McInnes was actually a miracle worker getting this group to fourth place in the league.
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