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  1. It was after this that the club announced they would consider opening two turnstiles for really big games
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Lionel Hutz’s closing line as Denis Nilsen’s defence lawyer in the murder trial
  3. Can’t help feeling that if i tried that thing with eggs and a bottle , it wouldn’t end well. My pet hate with eggs is that when I’m wanting to fry it , no matter how deliberate I am at cracking them open , the yolk often breaks. But if I’m going to be making scrambled eggs , I could probably use a pneumatic drill to open them and the yolk would still come out intact
  4. Are you sure someone in the property would have heard the bell or knock at the door ?.... plenty times I know there’s somebody in , but they don’t come to the door. And it’s rarely deaf, old duffers
  5. Agreed Stand free , wherever you may be, we are the famous Zaberdeen....
  6. Hardly ever watch it these days , but nobody comes close to that wee nyaff ,Willie Carson as far as being an irritating tosser goes.
  7. A change in your sense of taste has been mentioned as one of the symptoms of Coronavirus. Shame. You seemed like quite a good cvnt. For a Hibee, anyway
  8. You can apply to the Council for a larger green bin
  9. Me too apparently. Although , I have to say , I’m not sure that delivering stuff from (mostly) Next and Amazon is essential for the nations’s welfare
  10. I mind watching this classic match live. I think it kicked off about 11pm our time and was slap bang in the middle of my exams at Uni. Started watching it , telling myself that I’d only watch for a wee while before going back to doing some more revising for the exams. But ended up being unable to tear masel away fae the game because it was so good. Think it went to extra time as well. One of the goals , by Belanov , is one of the best strikes I’ve ever seen.
  11. Hard to argue with that after the wee bit of the show I heard today. I think he said that for Celtic not to win the league they’d have to lose 5 of their remaining 8 games. Which is complete and utter pish. If they lost both games against the Hvns and , for instance ,either lost 2 or drew 3 of the other 6 , the Hvns could overtake them by winning all of their games. What was maybe worse though was that neither David Currie nor Tom English picked him up on that comment. And apart from anything else Hartson deserves ridicule for being unable to pronounce “huge” or “future” properly. Unless “hooodge” and “foootcha” are actually right.
  12. Can’t say I’d regard him as leaning towards either of the Arse-Cheeks more than the other. He panders to them collectively. And as if watching Scotland on Sky wasn’t bad enough , him and Provan together make the experience even more miserable.
  13. If I was Ash Taylor , I’d try to copyright that line
  14. 8 There is no debate. A decent pie deserves due respect. And there is nothing more disrespectful than bunging it into the microwave.
  15. Can’t understand why anyone could reasonably criticise Stewart for his question to Wishart . And both Richard Gordon and Neil McCann pretty much said that as well. Can’t understand either why Wishart couldn't just give a straight answer. Which , in my opinion, should’ve been to say that he’s paid to look out for and give advice to members of the Players Union.
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