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  1. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    He needs to get some sort of keyless card entry device. The peasant that he is.
  2. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Get a keyless card entry car. Peasant. Get a keyless card entry car. Peasant. Do you not still have to find the card and put some sort of pressure on it for it to work ?
  3. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Get a car without needing to physically open it you peasant. Explain please
  4. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    The alternative of trying to carry everything out to the car without a bag , stuffing as much as possible into pockets ends up equally annoying when you’re trying to fish your car-key out of your pocket Which is another thing that gets on my nerves ........that I usually have to delve into several pockets on my trousers/shorts/ jacket before finding the key I’m looking for either for the car or the house
  5. Stewart hasn’t been helped by the inconsistency and absence of our other creative players, so I can’t agree that picking him has de-stabilised the season. You’re probably right about the cup game at Ibrox being our best result , but I don’t think it was our best performance this year. We played very well against Hibs when we won 2-1 and should really have won far more convincingly. We had loads of goal attempts and wasted plenty good chances and situations. I was very optimistic for the rest of the season after that game, although admittedly Hibs were in turmoil at that time. Stewart played well that day and it was maybe significant enough that Cosgrove had to go off injured quite early. GMS has hardly featured since that game and I think if he’d stayed fit and focussed, we’d have got more out of Stewart playing in the same team as him.
  6. In reverse ? Unnecessarily risky and the driver’ll get an affa sair neck.
  7. Quick Question Thread

    Query about petrol ...... is there any significant difference in quality between the various brands ? eg is the Shell Premium Unleaded any better or worse than the Tesco equivalent ? And is the Shell Premium Unleaded really much better than their plain Unleaded ? Or is it all just a marketing con, and , in effect , you’re just paying extra for the name ?
  8. Line of Duty.

    Apologies , tried to comment in such a way that only folk that had opened Rugster’s spoiler would know what we were on about
  9. Line of Duty.

  10. Line of Duty.

  11. Calling Cards of Morons

    Or even worse .......”here , here”
  12. Line of Duty.

    Been watching all four series over the last couple of weeks. All still available on I-Player at the moment. A few observations/predictions :- First time I'd seen series 1 and I reckon it was probably the best of the lot. I agree with a lot of folk that the formal interview scenes are the highlights. Best single episode - the first one of series 3 when Daniel Mays was outstanding Worst bit - the ending to seies 3 from the moment Dot Cotton's accomplice , an armed cop, started shooting in the AC-12 HQ to help Dot escape. A "jump-the-shark" moment for me . Reminded me on "Between the Lines" which was a similar BBC drama from about 25 years ago. The first two series of it were brilliant , and well worth tracking down on You Tube. But after that it went more action-and-adventure , than police internal complaints procedures. Hastings can't be bent , can he ?........but I think his Masonic links could be played on a lot more in the next series Dot Cotton's dying declaration about "H" is a red herring. He was clearly a very bad apple , so it's obvious that he was actually trying to say "H-E-A-R-T-S......if you cannae spell it....." The closing scenes in series 4 didn't mention Jamie being disciplined or sent down or anything like that. Or even that he changed his name to Max Lowe and joined the Witness Proection Programme in Aberdeen on loan from Derby. Anyway , I wouldn't be surprised if he features again somewhere down the line. Hastings will get into Kate Fleming's knickers before too long as she's got the hots for him. That's what the furtive looks between them at the end of series 4 were about. I'd love to se the wee scrote who was Tommy Hunter's gopher in series 1 get his comeuppance. The one who was going to cut off Arnott's fingers with the bolt-cutters. Order of widness - 1 Arnott's girlfriend - the cop 2 Georgia who got flung out the hospital window 3 Jill Biggalow / Polly Walker 4 Jackie Laverty / Gina McKee 5 Kate/ Vicki McClure 6 Denton/Keeley Hawes ......Only because we know from other programmes that she scrubs up a lot better than Denton

    Nah. Definitely flesh and bone.
  14. Calling Cards of Morons

    Automatically thinking of the driver's penis on seeing a large car. Maybe more disturbing than moronic, come to think of it......(and he quite possibly did)
  15. Probably cleaner than the pigeon-shit infested hospital that was in the news a wee while back