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  1. Oh, can you get them now ?...... top work by the AFC marketing department
  2. I had a Forfar Bridie at Station Park , Forfar before the Dons cuffed them 4-nil in the Scottish Cup about 7 or 8 years ago. It was fvkking superb. Nice and peppery. Pretty big too. Some of the Forfar loons on here might know which bakers supplied Forfar Athletic with their bridies at that time. Whoever it was.....that’s my answer to the original question.
  3. 3-0 defeat at Ibrox round about the time they were trying to get McInnes as their manager. Andrew Dallas allowed the Hvns to commit a multitude of cynical, dangerous fouls , without booking them. But applied different standards to our players for minor offences. Christie got two yellows and was sent off.
  4. Your usernames apt, I’ll give you that. Full of shit.
  5. I know what you’ve said. But you still haven’t told us how you know. My 30K per game comment was sarcasm, numbnuts
  6. So how do you know Rob McLean and Derek Rae are both on at least 30K ? .....and is that per annum or monthly or per game or what ?
  7. Can’t see any specific figures there. Surely ,you , of all posters ,tirelessly campaigning for honesty and openness , must know the figures.
  8. How much are AFC going to be paying Rob McLean. ? And how much were the previous guys getting ?
  9. Same here about the Cyprus game , which I was at. That’s the only Scotland top I’ve ever had.
  10. I wonder if some sort of Throbbergate scenario was played out among the McCanns and their dining companions on the fateful night ?… Did Gerry storm out in a foul mood after one of the group interfered with his calamari ......?
  11. Nah. It’s already gone way beyond that. At the very least, a strongly worded letter from Throbber’s solicitors is called for. Demanding compensation for distress , pain and suffering. If Leslie Deans is involved that’s gotta be .....oooooh....let’s see..... eight million quid sounds about right. Plus the fiver that Throbber chucked in to the kitty.
  12. Tosh McKinlay just about to start his Highland Fling for the judges And it had completely slipped my mind that Sergeant Bilko , behind Craig Burley , was in the squad
  13. My take on the guaranteed access is that it is referring to entitlement to watch via RedTV all home league games which are played either behind closed doors or with a partial crowd. If it was entitlement to get into Pittodrie as a spectator in a partial crowd I think they’d have mentioned “guaranteed entry” or something like that. When it was announced several weeks ago that Sky had agreed to allow season ticket holders to watch home games in the 20/21 season , I think it was stated that it would be limited for each club to the number of season tickets they’d sold in the 19/20 season. Which is , I think , the significance of the 7,500 figure if that’s the number of season tickets we sold for 19/20.
  14. Non-football related maybe. Even your user name is disgusting to all right-minded folk.
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