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  1. If anything I’m slightly less optimistic about catching Hibs, purely because our margin for error in the remaining games has reduced simply due to the amount of games running down. I still think Hibs’ll drop more points , but for us to catch them , we’re probably going to have to win at least one of the remaining games against the ugly sisters. And with our almost complete lack of creativity after losing Hedges and Wright added to our uninspiring strikers I’m thinking that’s highly unlikely. Celtic have been very vulnerable and pretty much there for the taking in both our recent games, but despite periods of dominance we’ve hardly worked their keeper. Hibs better goal difference is also worth an extra point at this stage
  2. St Mirren tannoy guy clearly has a sense of humour.......currently playing That’s Entertainment by The Jam at half-time
  3. If you’re meaning “full” in the North-east , Doric vernacular (ie foul, filthy , manky, minging etc) then its hard to disagree with your point.
  4. Most Scottish referees are members of their local Orange Lodge , Masonic Lodge and Rangers Supporters Club. And the others are priests or employed at the local Catholic school.
  5. Hibs’ll drop enough points before the end of the season for us to catch them but the odds are against us being able to do that. Far too early yet for us to give up on third though. No way that McInnes will experiment with young players any more than he has done previously until the final league placings have been decided. I’m clinging to the hope that Hibs’ luck , and in particular , their benefit from refereeing decisions , has to change sometime. Obviously , though it’s too much of a stretch to think that we’re going to get anything more than the very occasional lucky break from the refs.
  6. I agree with you about the Maradona goal, but the ref in that France -West Germany game was perfectly positioned with an unobstructed view. No reason for him to miss the assault whilst still being able to see where the ball was going. And from memory , I think the commentators realised quicker than the ref that it was a shocker of a challenge by Schumacher.
  7. And even before that they were robbed in the World Cup semi in 1982 when the ref somehow missed the West Germany keeper’s assault on Battiston.
  8. Dons cult hero Lee Richardson became , and still is , a leading sports psychologist ....Liverpool FC being included among his clients.
  9. Not sure if it can be classed as common but I can’t stand couscous.....and by no stretch of the imagination am I a fussy eater. It’s the texture that’s the problem. Love most seafood , but not cod roe. Again , the texture more than anything.....and again , maybe not all that common Also , as mentioned on another thread, Cottage cheese is disgusting. Lumpy, sour milk in a tub.
  10. G Absolutely. There aren’t many savoury dishes or snacks that aren’t enhanced by some cheese , especially melted. Excluding cottage cheese which is fukkin rank.
  11. Is disliking someone who posts a picture of somebody that I don’t know , on this thread without saying who it is , a proper reason for disliking the poster ?
  12. I. did the same and just listened to the commentary of the last 10: minutes or so of extra time and the penalties. For me the best bit came after we’d won and Liam McLeod had done his spiel reeling off the details of the finals we’d missed and the wee jingle had been played........ I was expecting something similar from Richard Gordon but instead there was just a pause and then a massive sigh and laughter from Craig Levein. It summed it up perfectly and no words were needed. Lump in the throat moment for me.
  13. Hibs have had more than their fair share of luck and the benefit of dubious refereeing decisions so far this season. Notably their last minute penalty winner against StJohnstone wihere the ref didn’t spot the foul by the Hibs player after Saints had a goal wrongly disallowed. Lucky to get a penalty v Killie last week. And Accies missing a penalty that stopped Hibs from dropping points. I reckon they’re about 6 points better off than they deserve to be.
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