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  1. He’s okay for sometimes giving Stewart a relatively safe option for a pass and occasionally Stewart will actually complete that pass adequately. But Ramadani himself can be a bit hit or miss with his passing. I don’t see him as being all that much of an upgrade on Ojo in that role sitting as a deep midfielder in front of the defence. Minds me on Cato Guntveit.
  2. That’s not the Highland League. Think it’s maybe under-18’s. Unless Stonehaven and Hermes (Evri) have been parachuted into the Highland League mid-season.
  3. Daniel Craig once he’s a few years older and can’t be arsed maintaining the suave James Bond image any more
  4. I wasn’t watching the game, but that doesn’t seem the most brainless suggestion to me. We we’re struggling and the immediate priority was simply to win the tie. If Watkins coming on was an option then you can rest assured Goodwin would’ve been slaughtered if we’d lost and there was a perception that he didn’t want to risk an injury.
  5. Not at all. I recognise that a minoriity of their fanbase will actually have a genuine local community based affinity for Celtic. The majority though are just taking the easy option of latching on to a successful team. Same goes for the other arse cheek.
  6. You’re missing the point. No surprise , though as glory hunters just don’t get it
  7. Mainly because of socially inadequate glory hunters who choose the nailed-on cast iron guarantee of regular success and trophies rather than supporting their local team.
  8. Thinking of you , United With deepest heartfelt sympathy and condolences Funso Ojo
  9. A very one-footed creative midfielder if that goal against Blackburn is anything to go by.
  10. Please clarify.....are you talking about the show ?....or the posters on here who bang on about Cowan's musical taste ad nauseum ?
  11. Got any specific example of Broadfoot misrepresenting what others have said ?.....or using rhetoric and soundbites? I think he's usually a worthwhile contributor with his inside track on the workings of the Scottish football authorities. Certainly more knowledgeable than some of the ex-pros on matters to do with the governance of the game , as opposed to actual football chat.
  12. The amount of time and effort spent in posting about Tam Cowan’s taste in music on here every week seems to be far greater than the time devoted to it on Off the Ball itself. Can’t say I’m a fan of the Engelbert Humperdinck/Tony Christie type stuff that he likes. And some of the old Motown/Northern Soul stuff that Stuart Cosgrove clearly loves doesn’t do much for me either. But so what ?.....that’s their taste. And a relatively small portion of each show is given over to their musical tastes.
  13. Seriously ?..... Leaving aside the question of whether being co-presenter of Off the Ball counts as sports broadcasting.....he's become an unfunny ignorant bore who re-hashes the same anecdotes and opinions on an increasingly tedious basis.
  14. She said Dundee United twice when she was meaning Dundee. I don't think I've heard that from a Scottish football pundit or presenter before. Sort of thing you expect from an English-based show. And all she had to do today during the commentary game was score updates from the other games every 15 minutes or so...... God only knows what an arse she'd have made of trying to deal with Open All Mikes
  15. Bound to have been mentioned in relation to the golf ....but shouting out something inane a split second after a player hits a shot. I'm not sure what it is the morons are shouting, but I think I could make out a shout of "Mashed potatoes !!" in an American accent (probably put on) immediately after Dustin Johnson struck a tee shot a wee while ago. Deserving of the spiked sole of an old golf shoe being swiftly administered to the moron's knackers.
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