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  1. Not sure if it can be classed as common but I can’t stand couscous.....and by no stretch of the imagination am I a fussy eater. It’s the texture that’s the problem. Love most seafood , but not cod roe. Again , the texture more than anything.....and again , maybe not all that common Also , as mentioned on another thread, Cottage cheese is disgusting. Lumpy, sour milk in a tub.
  2. G Absolutely. There aren’t many savoury dishes or snacks that aren’t enhanced by some cheese , especially melted. Excluding cottage cheese which is fukkin rank.
  3. Is disliking someone who posts a picture of somebody that I don’t know , on this thread without saying who it is , a proper reason for disliking the poster ?
  4. I. did the same and just listened to the commentary of the last 10: minutes or so of extra time and the penalties. For me the best bit came after we’d won and Liam McLeod had done his spiel reeling off the details of the finals we’d missed and the wee jingle had been played........ I was expecting something similar from Richard Gordon but instead there was just a pause and then a massive sigh and laughter from Craig Levein. It summed it up perfectly and no words were needed. Lump in the throat moment for me.
  5. Hibs have had more than their fair share of luck and the benefit of dubious refereeing decisions so far this season. Notably their last minute penalty winner against StJohnstone wihere the ref didn’t spot the foul by the Hibs player after Saints had a goal wrongly disallowed. Lucky to get a penalty v Killie last week. And Accies missing a penalty that stopped Hibs from dropping points. I reckon they’re about 6 points better off than they deserve to be.
  6. Or maybe Mrs Morgan didn’t knock the loudmouth Doc back ?
  7. Not quite all standard stuff.....an unusually barbed comment aimed at Tommy Docherty.
  8. Big Joe’s generally very good for us and ,with the notable exception of Danny Ward, he’s a clear upgrade on what we had for the previous decade or so. But he throws in the odd absolute howler and lets in a fair amount of soft goals .....which explains why he’s not playing at a higher level. Even before his heroics yesterday , I’d have to say that Craig Gordon is the best keeper outwith the Old Cancer.
  9. Aye , the Falkirk v Everton tie was packed with football and showbiz royalty ....Ed “Stewpot” Stewart being the Everton guest fan. There’s a mention of Stuart Hall latterly being the referee/presenter. My old man was old school, in that he always supported every Scottish team against foreign opponents , including Quizball. Long before Stuart Hall was outed as a nonce , my dad detested him purely because of his performance as the ref in a Quizball tie between Celtic and English opponents. For years afterwards until he kicked the bucket , my old man could never see or hear Hall on tv or radio without mentioning ,with genuine bitterness, that Hall ,as the Quizball ref, had cheated Celtic.
  10. On this topic generally , I really don’t get why so many folk leave a game in which the scores are level or there’s only one goal in it, before the end. And without any evidence whatsoever to back this up , I’m guessing they’re also probably quick to moan about the costs involved in going to the game. I get it for those who have to get to work or catch a train. But they can’t all have other more important things to leave for. I can’t understand either the hundreds of Dons fans who leave early in those rare games where we’re winning comfortably, and can relax and enjoy the luxury of a guaranteed victory.....maybe even with the possibility of more goals for us....without the usual nail-biting, game-management-induced expectation that every loss of possession will inevitably lead to a defensive calamity or , more likely , a penalty being awarded against us by Thomson, Collum , Madden or whichever particular ref with a history of bias against us ...(Steven McLean being my own hate figure of choice).
  11. My abiding memory from that game was Craig Brown’s post match interview where he stressed how positive we’d been in the closing stages by trying to win the game rather than just settling for a draw. Seeing as we had to win to have any chance of making the top 6, it pretty much encapsulated his over-cautious mindset that settling for a draw even entered his thoughts.
  12. Very rarely leave early. The times I have though are typically a combination of me being frozen and the Dons being at least 3 down. Can also remember clearly the first time I left a game early. I was 10 years old and I had no choice because the mannie that had given me a lift in to Aberdeen decided to leave early.. The Dons were getting humped 3-nil by Hearts. A weird looking fvkker called Willie Gibson scored twice , the third goal coming about 10 minutes from time. As soon as the third went in the driver stood up and said “ Right , that’s enough ....let’s go”. I hated him for that. Hoped we’d crash on the way home just to spite the c**t. He did f**k all but moan all the way home too. Kept on saying that Hearts were streets ahead of Aberdeen...it was the first time I’d ever heard that phrase. Always been wary since then of relying on others for transport in case they turn out to be fair-weather traitors like thon mannie.
  13. I agree wholeheartedly with the first paragraph of that post. The rest , however , is absolute shite.
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