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  1. Are you sure your estate agent’s passed on all of the relevant details to you ? Maybe this latest offer could actually be more favourable from your point of view, despite being lower (eg if there are no strings attached and it’s not ,for instance,o conditional on her getting a mortgage or selling another property.
  2. Special guest appearance by The Hand from Dr Terror’s House of Horrors
  3. Surprising that Brown’s middle name isn’t shown as Bomber and disappointing that McCormack's Isn’t actually Cowboy
  4. So was it the fact that your parcel was left in a bin , or the fact that the bin was described as an outbuilding that got on your nerves ?
  5. Nope, none of those. Nope, none of those. Underneath a trampoline ? In or behind a wheelie bin ? Under garden furniture ? Under a barbecue ? In an old cabinet or old white goods or some other furniture?
  6. Can’t agree with that comment about GMS. He surprised me during his time with us at just how resilient he was , as he took a helluva lot of clatterings.
  7. Dog kennel ? Rabbit hutch ? Bird table? Kids play house ?
  8. I got annoyed at an Asda checkout recently by having to turn the product upside down so that the scanner could read the barcode on the Reduced-to-Clear label. It’s annoying me now that I can’t remember what it was , but it was something that suffered by being turned upside down. Still bought it, like.
  9. I often download the podcasts of the hour long midweek programmes , but I’ve reached the stage that if it’s David Currie presenting or John Hughes is one of the guests I probably won’t bother listening to it.
  10. I don’t like it when a player who’s just scored runs over to the corner flag and carries out some sort of assault on it
  11. Unless you have ever been a moron, you wouldn't understand how to be a fucking moron. Is that the Ayrshire variation of the “Takes one to know one” retort commonly heard in primary school playgrounds ?
  12. Contrary to many posts on the C***s on the Train thread , I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a passenger talking to someone on the phone ........as long as they’re not any louder than they would be if they were speaking normally to someone beside them. Of course , what they’re saying might well flag them up as a complete bellend , rather than the mere fact that they’re speaking but the same goes for anyone speaking to another passenger.
  13. Saying that a football player has won a game or championship or even the World Cup ,single-handed
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